The Undying

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Cult 86.

July 8th, Saturday, 11:30 a.m

They have all gathered around the dinner table, mindless of the dirty plates and half burnt cake. Mason still suspect about the sight of signs, waiting for the rest of the team he reminices about the fateful night of 86. 
"So have you seen anything like that before?"
"No, not personally but I have seen something similar, something close."
"What?" Kathy exclaims,
"Yes, it was 1986, the 23rd of August," Mason finishes his whole cup and sits upright in his seat, "I was 13 when it happened. The dreadful day of the attack. Me and my family were having a traditional family dinner. We always had one every week on a Monday to celebrate the days that we have survived on this cruel Earth. My mom always talked about how bad people were and what they were truly capable of. She never wanted me to play with the other kids fearing that I would be corrupted and turned into a murderer or rapist or something else of that nature. My dad used to be a priest. He quit right after the death of my baby sister, Katherine. My grandpa was an army man, a general and then turned into a cop, becoming one of the finest cops that this town has ever seen. It was a normal dinner, Mother ranting about another crime she saw on the news, Dad adding his two cents on what true evil really is and Granddad talking about him being a knight of justice, slaying away at Justice with his mighty sword of heart." 
Mason stops to smile and shed a tear, 
"...I was just listening in on their complicated conversations, smiling like an idiot and then the door rang. My Granddad wanted to get the door out of respect being a guest, but my Father refused. He insisted. They started knocking heavily and my Granddad got up. My Father calmned him down with friendly gestures and opened the door without even asking who was at the door. Before he could say anything, BAM. My Father got shot. His head exploded in reaction to the pump gun pointed at him. My Granddad pulled my Mother and threw me on his shoulders. He ran to the nearest room, which was mine but my Mother didn't make it. She was shot in the back and fell on the stairs. Lifeless and bloody. We got to my room and all I could do is follow my Granddad's orders and stay quiet. We waited and waited and waited as they bashed the door repeatedly and sporadically. I played the scenes of their death again and again, that's all I could do. Finally they left, my Granddad opened the door to check and told me to stay inside. The wait for him was long and scary, but he managed to be alright. He told me to stay in my room and just play with my toys. A few hours later I got out and all I saw were bloody stains, splat spots and signs drawn with their blood everywhere... I can never forget that day."
"I'm sorry," Kathy remarks,
"it's okay," Mason casually smiles at her.
"So what does this have to do with my son?"
"Well the markings in his room look similar to the case files photos and my house after the incident,"
"you are saying that, they are back?"
"I don't think it's them persay," Mason's scratches his beard, "it could be imitators who saw the signs and symbols, and decided to copy them."
"How can you be so sure?"
"Because my Granddad caught them a month later. They killed a bunch of people calling them sacrifices to some demon that helped our founders protect this land."
"Protect it from what?" Kathy clutches her cup,
"protect it from the ones who stole it, the Bradfords," Mason sets his gaze on Kathy and pulls her back into her seat.  
"Your not telling me what this has to do with my son," Liam questions.
"I don't know what it has to do with him," Mason turns to Liam, "like I said it could be imitators. All the cult leaders, members and those who were associates are dead and gone. My Granddad made sure of it."
"Well what the hell are we supposed to do? My son could still be alive!" Liam punches the dinner table leaving a bloody dent underneath.
"We can't just sit around any longer... " Liam looks at Kathy, "What if he is just sitting there waiting to be sacrificed or harmed or saved? We can't leave our son alone..." eyes filled to the brime with fright.
"If he is alive. We will do our best to get him back."
A knock disturbs the three. They all look at the door unknownigly, unsettled, unnerved. Three knocks follow the silence and they are all readied for battle. 
"Mason!" A loud average voice rings through their ears, Mason is relieved.
"Yeah! Come in!" Mason looks to the two calmly, "it's the cavalry."
Mason walks to the door to greet a thinly, narrow shouldered man with the same uniform but one lesser of a badge than Mason.
"What did you find?" Mason whispered closely by the door, 
"Nothing, it's a ghost town. There is no trace of footsteps, or blood, or some type of altercation, or anything that can push this case forward. It's already going cold before we even stroke the flame."
"Don't worry, we will find him."
The man walks in holding his hat to his chest, letting his thin spread hair dangle randomly and bounce to every step. His crooked smile made Kathy pay a bit more attention to him than Mason. Liam went over to greet him quickly,
"Hey, my name is Liam Chambers, let me show you upstairs," Liam's hand firmly gripping the stranger.
"I am the deputy. Deputy Robert Bradford." He smiled in response and Liam guided him upstairs. 
"Oh, you're a Bradford?"
"Yes, I am." 
As he walked up the stairs his sight still fixed on Kathy's hazel eyes twinkling to bright light peeping in from the front door. 
"This way," Liam said,
and Robert followed. 
Mason walked over to Kathy leaving the door open, "they are here", relaying to her as he set his jacket on the dinner table chair and went to greet the rest. 


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