The Undying

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July 10th, Monday, 21:03 pm

John stood by the stove carving and slicing the vegetables for their next meal. The smell of wet and dull veggie skin covered the room with a sense of hunger and anticipation for Abby. She whisked the eggs a few times but didn't do anything further. She loves food but hates the process of cooking. 
"Did you hear from Stephanie yet?" John turns on the stove.
"I called Malcolm and he says she didn't come home yet," Abby slides on her phone.
"You think she might be in trouble?"
"It's Stephanie, I'm sure she is just sitting at some other guy's apartment."
"That's not supposed to be a good thing."
"No, it's not... But we can't change her now, it's too late."
"It's never too late to change."
"You sure, cause you seem pretty stubborn, even though it's not a good thing to be stubborn."
"Some things you have to be stubborn about... especially when your little sister complains all the time."
"Here we go again..."
"You brought it up sis," Abby stays quiet, "so how's the business going? Getting any new clients yet?"
"I'm surprised you care..."
"So just because I don't want to help you it automatically means I don't care about you? Is that where you wanna go? You sure?"
"What do you mean?"
"Aren't you the one who quit from the family business sis?"
"We can't be trapped here forever."
"We aren't trapped... Our great grandparents were trapped but they found freedom in this place. How could you say we are trapped?"
"Just because we started here doesn't mean that we should only stay here... We should grow and keep achieving more..."
"And how is that working?"
"How could you say that to me?"
"You deserve the truth. Your lucky you have me and this place or else in a few months you would end up in the streets."
"You know... and you still refused to help me?"
"If I had helped you, this place would be gone and we would have nothing."
"Your a fucking asshole..."
"No, I am just honest."
The light above the dinner table starts to flicker showing different shades of dim in the room.
"I thought I changed the light bulb," John puts the pans on the stove.
"Maybe you just suck at your job..." Abby glances at him.
He sighs, "don't do this Abby..."
"Do what?" Abby squints her eyes.
"I thought we were done with this," John throws the veggies and salads in the pan.
"Whatever John..." She continues on her phone. 
The light flickers rapidly mimicking a strobe light in one of those nightclubs. 
"Okay, can you take over for me?" John turns to Abby, "I need to change the light," she looks at him, "fine..." she says. 
John takes off his apron and hands it to Abby. She looks at it, takes it and sets it on the dinner table. John shakes his head and walks away to the storeroom in their apartment. 
The light burst, "agh, John! Hurry up!"
Abby used the light on her phone to maintain the food on the stove. It shone like a UFO's beam appearing from the skies, submerging on the helpless food. 
Her phone turned off, "what the hell... I thought I charged it," she heads for her bedroom. She turns on the switch for the light but its unresponsive. She flicked it on and off for a few seconds but the living room light remained hidden away in the darkness. The door that led into her bedroom across the living room was pitch black. A pit of nothingness staring at her. Lightning roared and flashes of light lit the room from its windows. Light blue flashes shone inside the darkness as streaks piercing through the leaves of trees at dawn. Abby stood still in freight of what could be standing in her bedroom. She felt a presence peering into her soul waiting for her to come to its jaws and devour her. She turned back to the Kitchen and decided to wait for John standing by the window right above the stove. The flashes continued to light the apartment every few seconds. 
"John! Where are you?"
"It's really dark in here, give me a second."
A creak sneaked up on her and she looked at the living room, the coach was shifted. 
"John! Hurry up!"
"Relax Abby I can fix it!"
A creak sounded and Abby looked once again to the living room, the coach has shifted even more. Abby opened the drawer with the knives and took out a fairly sharp one and held it close to her chest. The flashes stopped and all the light in the room seeped out, leaving the unknown darkness. Abby looked around, seeing nothing but black staring back at her. She knew nothing that lied in the darkness in wait for her. 
"I got it"
Abby screamed in response, "don't sneak up on me!"
"What were you looking for anyways?"
"A spare cord for the breaker, it burns out a lot so I always buy a spare."
"Where is the breaker?"
"In another part of the building, I will be back."
"Hell no, I am coming with you."
"Okay," John giggles. 
John holds her free hand and she gribs the knife with the other. 
"Did you shift the coach?"
"No I-"
A shadow stood in front of the door, a light shined into the apartment revealing his grey dirty jumpsuit but hiding his face in the shadow of the room. John pushed his sister to the back of him and balled up one of his fists. 
"Who are you?" he whispered. 
The man raised his arm and pointed to the back of them. 
John didn't flinch, "I asked you a question sir, who are you?"
Abby felt a breeze brushing against her back and quickly turned to look. Stephanie's figure is standing right of the storeroom. Her face is hidden by a shadow, a straight rectangle stretching over her face and a bit by her neck. 
The woman runs to her and the man runs to John. Abby covers her head and crunches to the floor and John armours his arm as a shield and waits for the impact. The light goes out and John toughens his body even more and Abby closes her eyes. They hear footsteps running around them in circles, starting and stopping. Their footsteps would fade in and out from their ears. John grabbed Abby and pulled her up. She started to whimper and John embraced her. 
"We have to go..." John whispers to her.
"But-" she whispers back.
"We have to go... If I tug you, we run," he whispers. 
John tugs her and they rush at the door. John's nails slightly touch the door knob and he is tacked by something that hurls him into Abby's bedroom. Abby gets pulled by John's grip but he slips and his nails dig deep into Abby's hand and leave long burrows of blood. She falls, banging her head on the wooden floor and cracks it, opening her head against the split wood. She rolls on her back and tries to block the blood gushing from her head. It pours out all the blood rushing to her open head like a faulty fauset overflowing with water and extreme pressure. The flashes start up again and Stephanie walks into the light from the shadows. Her mouth gaping open, tongue hanging out from her unhinged jaw and her eyes empty and cold. Her lower jaw is held up by the skin on her lips as it swings back and forth with every step she takes. Abby starts to blink and her eyes blur out of focus seeing a shadow creep on her from behind Stephanie as she bows and sits on Abby's stomach. 
"I'm sorry..." Abby mutters.
A loud thud disrupts the moment and John walks out of the pitch black bedroom holding a crow bar. 
"Abby!" John exclaims. 
He is rushed by the horde from the shadows in the apartment like a pack of wolves hungry for their first meal. One bites his neck, another bites his head, another chews on his hand and another chews on his knee, they all get a bite of the muscled John's flesh. He screams and then Grant rushes to bite his lips and rips them off as the others continue to bite and chew wherever they can. 
Abby cries at the sight of her brother's mauling and looks back to Stephanie's empty eyes. Stephanie bashes her head into Abby's and she raises her hand to block her attack. Stephanie holds down both her arms and sits on her waist. She lifts her head and crashes again into Abby's head. She does this repeatedly, a wrecking ball demolishing a building a swing at a time. Stephanie's skull cracks at various points and the cracks form into sharp knives that rip away at Abby's face and muscles and bone with each crash. John faints with tears flowing onto the ground mixing with blood and bites from his own body. 
The shadow stood and watched in the darkness of the shadows. 


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