The Undying

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Finality Pt.1.

July 14th, Friday, 21:15 pm

The stars fled into the night, the insects hid into the ground, the wind quieted its whispers and the howls sirened into the skies. The shadows walked as men and they neared their truimph. 
A line of squad cars parked in a zig zag pattern across the bending road around the mountain leading into the woods guarded by a small troop of patrolmen waiting for the first encounter. They were the first line of defense as others sat in the woods and others close to the caves. They sat casually in their cars, some polishing their guns and some chewing on their breads and donuts. A small patter of feet warned them and one patrolman walked to the edge of the zig zag grasping at his rifle trying to catch a glimpse of the upcoming battle.  
The Legion took each step inching closer to the patrolmen starring attentively to their prey as they starved for their flesh. Their numbers had grown and their bodies diversified from child to mother, and father to father. They walked synchronized with one another not leaving a single space between each other. They kept a tight rectangle formation stretching from one end of the road to the next with each one holding a hundred men. They stretched from the city through to the town and then to the woods themselves all synchronized. Children held their mothers and fathers ripped and bony arms barely hanging on their flesh and cracked bone. They themselves had eyes dangling from their skulls and half eaten bodies, wobbling with every step taken, looking to crumble. Not all were torn up and brittle but some were even missing heads. Their blood dry and turned black spewed out of every wound and coloured the very path they walked.  Gaping stomachs and missing pieces as they marched towards battle. 
The footsteps grew in sound and the patrolmen all focused on the sound's origin. A group of ten stood by the edge of the pattern and aimed to the corner of the mountain that faced them. A wind blew slightly by and a leg appeared from the bend. Soon others followed and they appeared in a line marching to the patrolmen.
"What the fuck?" the patrolmen whispered to himself.
"Their just tryna scare us... Keep your aim."
"Scare us? Why would they spend so much time detailing their costumes and make up like that..."
"Psychos don't think like us normal men," the commanding patrolman walked forth to the front of the pattern with a bullhorn in hand.
The Legion stopped and starred.
"You guys can still leave this place unharmed! Just surrender and we won't treat you like your ancestors!"
They stood and starred.
"Look! You guys can even go to an insane asylum! At least there they can make sure you get all your food and your buttholes will also stay tight! No one needs to die!"
They all looked to the sky and the commander became baffled. He looked back to his men in line and shrugged his shoulders. They responded with the same action and firmly set their positions. 
"I think we should call the sheriff..."
"I think so too..."
He gave his bullhorn to one of the men behind him and walked to his car. He went for his police scanner and grabbed the walkie talkie. His lips opened and the scanner blerted out a sound. The legion immediately looked to the commander and watched him. He halted his words and took up his rifle. 
The Legion charged on them. The front line set their aim to their heads and fired. The first line fell but the rest came and flooded the pattern jumping to the armed patrolmen. They shot into the pile but could only get one out of many on them. The commander ran to the back of the last squad car and he trembled viciously and his aim only suffered for it. They continued to flood and he took one breath. One came from the side and swallowed his ear and half of his right face before biting into him like a ripe apple. The commander's screams joined the terror and it echoed throughout the woods and reached the caves. The snipers on the thick trees and in hidden branches awoke to the bloodfest and shot into a pile of frantic bodies. Limbs, organs and bones flew from one side to the next and mountains of men erupted with blood. The snipers only cost their position by shooting into the fray and they were ambushed from a multitude of sides and angles with no time to run. 
The screams went silent and only flesh squishing and tearing could be heard. 
The men in the woods readied their assault weapons and stood in packs of five. It went dead quiet and the patter began to encroach on the woods. The trees and branches blinded the fearing men as they aimed with panic. Their hearts beat in synchronization and it formed a choir of vulnerablility that the Legion could only enjoy. Footsteps of three tip toed around them and they turned effortlessly to face the noise. 
"They can't get us like this... We're covering all possible angles..." 
"What if we don't have enough bullets?"
"Shh! Maybe we can get the upperhand on them."
One of the five broke from the group and walked carefully to the nearest bush.
"Hey, Don't be crazy..." he whispered.
She turned, 
"We are not the crazy ones-" 
A hand stole her away and the four fired into the bush only finding leaves to be their victims. They all faced one way and the rest of the Legion attacked from the back and devoured their backs. 
The screams began again and each group faced more than their bullets could take. They fell one by one joining the dead and the screams went quiet again. 
The branches wiggled close to the cave entrance alerting all the sheriffs and deputies. They stood their stance and followed the moving bushes. 
A man flew out, 
"stop! Stop!" he raised his hands.
"What the hell is going on out there soldier?" Owen approached him.
"I don't know... They are not normal, Sir... They-Are-Not-Normal," the soldier eyes wide open.
"Mason! What the hell is going on!?" Owen yelled.
Six more jumped out of the bushes holding their guns, as a toddler holding his bottle, looking to their sheriff, Ray.
"My men never run from anything," Ray's eyes showed shock. 
"We should get inside with as many guns as we can carry..." 
Mason walks over to the barrels of guns laid around them. 
"Why?" Robby follows him.
"If we can narrow their approach and get them to appear from one entrance," Mason walks to the barrel of guns, "we can blast them all away before they can surprise us with their antics."
"Good plan," Robby takes up a shotgun and a sniper. 
"Mason!" Owen still boiling.
"Just get inside and I will explain everything to you in there," Mason got another. 
"Why the hell would we follow you after you led my men to their graves?" Ray came forth.
"Well you can stay out here and be their next victim," Robby intruded, "we will right a report for you," he smiled. 
They all grabbed a set of guns and bullets from the barrels and headed into the caves. Angelina stood outside for a second as she prayed and put on a necklace with a strange talisman to it.
The woods said nothing as they watched the Legion stalk their remaining prey. 


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