The Winter's Tale

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Baba Yaga

It was warm outside, but Baba Yaga froze a little. She dressed her warm shawl, made from goat hair and sat under a magic oak. Baba Yaga tried to read the fairy tale "Snow Maiden". Thoughts of Baba Yaga flew it is not clear where. She glanced at another book, the detective «Death on Paradise Island».


Her gaze returned to Snow Maiden or Snegurochka again. Baba Yaga could not understand what does it mean «it was snowing». It was winter now, but in a magical land it was always warm and there was no snow. Well, may be sometimes in some neighboring fairy-tale kingdom there was snow, but they definitely didn’t have the New Year or holiday with Snow Maiden. Baba Yaga already read it in another book from real word.


Yesterday the Military man again accidentally came and gave books to read to Baba Yaga. He said that she hadn’t read such yet. So Baba Yaga decided to read them at her free time.

The Military man accidentally get into a fairy tale country, when he was gathering mushrooms in his real world at his weekend. The Military man Henry drank tea with gingerbread cookies in a cheerful company consisting from Leshy, Kikimora, Elf woman and Baba Yaga - the owner of the hut on chicken legs.  Kikimora lives in а swamp and can turn invisible at will. Leshy is Guardian of the forest. 

There Henry met Baba Yaga and her black cat Vasiliy. Baba Yaga knew about him that Henry has a good career in his world in the role of a military man or super agent. He was handsome. Since he spent a lot of time at his work, he had no wife. And as Henry was so smart, he guessed how to get to a fairy-tale country. And Henry sometimes came to Baba Yaga for tea to speak.

The eyes of Baba Yaga again glanced at the detective’s page, where the investigation was underway, there was a secretly secret mafia, special agents and there was also a fatal beauty.


But Baba Yaga turned her head to the fairy tale "The Snow Maiden". It was written there: grandmother and grandfather found the girl Snow Maiden in the forest in winter.


She sighed again. BabaYaga remembered how, 28 years ago, she saw a big black cat near her hut.


Baba Yaga did not know this breed of cat. In some ways, the cat was similar to the Maine Coon breed in human’s world. And a basket stood  close to this cat . It was all in exquisite white lace. A little girl was lying inside and scolding something. Baba Yaga looked everything around, even the diaper of the little girl, but she saw no one and no note was found either.

“Miracles,” said she.

Baba Yaga waved her arms. She asked:

"Or are you a witch in the guise of a cat, or who sent such miracle to me? May be a small girl accidentally got here from the real world of people?"

Baba Yaga pondered for a long time. Then Baba Yaga took the girl to her hut. Baba Yaga gave the name of Lillian, short for Lily. This name directly derived from lily, the flower. And the black big cat mysteriously disappeared. They never saw this black cat again. The cat Vasily touched Lillian with his paw, snorted, but in general he liked her. As time passed, the girl grew up, she was already three years old.


The girl was very active. She poked her nose everywhere. Everything was interesting to her. She enjoyed talking with a black cat Vaciliy. Liliana happily looked at a plate with a magic apple. The magic apple rolled on a plate. And the plate showed any place in the fabulous kingdom. Baba Yaga watched with tenderness as the girl looked at the pictures on the plate. On day Baba Yaga took away a broom from a girl. At that day Baba Yaga decided to clean the room in her house. And since she had a lot of work to be done, she snapped her fingers and the broom began to clean the house. Baba Yaga sometimes treated the locals with herbs. Therefore, Baba Yaga went to collect useful herbs to the forest. So she left the child at home. When Baba Yaga returned, she was very surprised. The little girl rode on a broom, and the cat cheerfully ran after them. Baba Yaga tried to hide from Lily the flying mortar with a broom. Baba Yaga looked to another side a little and the baby tried to fly in a mortar, not knowing how to manage this mortar and not knowing magic words. Baba Yaga also hid medicinal herbs and potions that were in glass small bottles. A curious girl could sometimes create such an unusual thing. The girl wanted to learn how to conjure. One day, the girl mixed the potions. Baba Yaga treated goat with herbs in a local village. The girl secretly poured the mixture on the goat. And the goat turned pink. The girl wanted to learn how to treat, but nothing has worked out for her. Baba Yaga sighed and said:

“You will learn. Then I will tell you about herbs.”

Baba Yaga conjured and the goat turned white again. Baba Yaga loved the girl as a daughter. Baba Yaga told Lily fairy tales so that she would fall asleep. Sometimes they sat near the hut on chicken legs and Baba Yaga taught the girl to cause clouds and rain. Baba Yaga once took Lily with her to meet with a big black dragon. The black dragon sat importantly and looked at them. The girl was not afraid, went up to him and touched his wings. Lily looked at the dragon with such curiosity. Baba Yaga decided to ride her on the dragon. She put the girl next to her on the dragon. And they flew. Mountains and rivers were visible below. The wind blew over their faces. It was an extraordinary sense of freedom, flight and something fabulous. Another time, Baba Yaga went to the forest. She sometimes fed wild animals. Suddenly, a white horse with a horn on his forehead came out to the clearing. It was a unicorn. The girl was very happy to saw the unicorn. So Baba Yaga put Lily on a white unicorn. Baba Yaga ride her a little. The girl liked all this very much. Baba Yaga also took Lily to chatted with mermaids and Vodyanoy - a water-keeper. Mermaids with long hair lived in the river near the reeds. Mermaids had  hilarious cheerful talking  with a girl and Baba Yaga.


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