The Winter's Tale

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And once Lily asked:

"Who is my mother?"  


Then for the first time they had a big dispute with the cat Vasily, but then Baba Yaga agreed with him. Baba Yaga sighed and went to the hut to get the magic cubes. Baba Yaga was taking several cards on which fairy kingdoms were drawing, and at the same time she took a map of the real world, maked her eyes shut and threw cubes on the cards laid out. The cubes lit up, rolled and stopped in one place - this was the name of the street and city in the real world of people.


Baba Yaga sighed. The cat was right. Lily shouldn’t be here, she needs to be returned to her parents and let her study at school and institute. She hugged Lily, looked at her sadly and went with her to her beloved portal. In the city, Baba Yaga changed her dress to the view of an ordinary woman. So no one has paid attention to Baba Yaga with her child. Then Baba Yaga come with the girl to her family to her good parents. When Baba Yaga left them, she made a pass with her hand. So Lily forgot about the fairy kingdom.  It may be easier for her, that Lily will live in the real world.


Baba Yaga thought about Lily and said:

«I’ll look at the magic plate with the apple. Well, I haven't seen Lily in a while.»

And the plate showed her the young womanl. Lily grew, painted her hair in purple color. She is already 28 years old. She has not harmony in her personal life and at her work.


It was January. Baba Yaga sighed, turned into a woman in a warm coat, counted her gold coins and took the bag with her.


Baba Yaga thought:

 "Small bad things" also need to be done wisely"

And Baba Yaga went into the world of people. The first thing she did was she planted  to Lily's pocket gold coins. Then she snapped her fingers and Lily's computer broke. And then Baba Yaga conjured with smile, that company sent a good decent guy to repair the computer of Lily. Then she arranged several more different meetings Lily with good men, according to the opinion of  Baba Yaga.  So that Lillian could had a choice.


She sighed.  Baba Yaga admired the beautiful falling snow and various colorful bright unusual garlands. And then she went to look at a large Christmas tree with toys, which glowed with blue lights. Suddenly in the crowd Baba Yaga pushed someone. Imagine the surprise of the super agent Henry when someone first stepped on his foot, and then also pushed. The woman pushing him looked at the Christmas tree in all eyes and rejoiced like a child, as if she had first seen the New Year tree. He looked closely at her; something in her face seemed familiar to Henry.

"So this is Baba Yaga! How did she get here?" thought he.

Then Baba Yaga turned to him and asked:

"And what does the Snow Maiden really give gifts? May be you can get me a dress of the Snow Maiden?"

Henry smiled at her, hugged Baba Yaga and said:

"You are so beautiful."

 Then he pushed her into the middle of the circle of children. There were kids of all ages. Baba Yaga muttered something. She disappear from world of people and quickly get to her hut by magic. She easily made many gifts, took the cat Vasiiyl and nice presents for children. Then  Baba Yaga appeared in the same place with gifts.

In the real world, nobody noticed the disappearance of Baba Yaga. She began to give gifts to all children. Baba Yaga said:

"I am snowy kind Baba Yaga from Santa Claus. I work in the snowy gift delivery department. Santa Claus works a lot and asked me to give this present to you."

Baba Yaga handed to some older children lanterns that unexpectedly appeared in her arms. They look like as Chinese lanterns. The guys liked this idea and they began to shine their lanterns in the late evening. Children began to help make small lanterns. Then Baba Yaga giggled again gaily, snapped her fingers, and then the knights appeared. They began to ride on horses. Another  knights  without horses made fights with swords, but not real, without blood. It was such fight, that the little ones would not be afraid.


Then someone from the crowd shouted:

“And in January we will have a happy holiday of Baba Yaga and she will give presents!”

Baba Yaga was embarrassed by surprise, red-hot and suddenly disappeared. At the same time the knights returned to the fairyland.


Firewood cracked in the stove and a happy Baba Yaga drank tea with black currant jam with a cat Vasiliy. Baba Yaga looked at the plate with red magic apple. She saw that Lily found her true love - her man. Though he was not from the guys, which she sent to her, but Baba Yaga was still happy.


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