Thee Amateur Love Part 1: Emerging Of Love

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It was six in the morning. The alarm clock was beeping so loud. I really didn't even wanted to get up. I just wanted to sleep for some more time.


Suddenly my mother came in the room, “child you are not even awake yet. Today is your first day to school and you're going to be late. Why can't you do something in time?"


I realized we were in Shimla and it was my first day to school. I even didn't knew where my school was. I got up and hurriedly changed my dress and took bread in my mouth and ran out for school. Suddenly I realized I forgot my Bag. I again ran back. After reaching home I took my bag and took that address of my school. I was really worried what would happen today. I thought I would be late and was in a deep thinking that will I make some new friends here. Then my mother in a sweet voice told that, “don’t fear child. You'll be in time and will make a lot of friends."


Those lines were just so ordinary but the way she spoke them made it so convincing.


Then again I ran for the school. But the problem was I didn't knew where the school was. I knew it was near the church but didn't knew the exact location. I hurriedly went to the church. As I reached there a priest was standing there. He was with a small girl. I noticed the girl was wearing the same uniform as of mine.


Finally now I thought I'll be in school on time.


I walked to them and told my story. The priest said, “Its all right child. We are also going to the same school, you don't have to worry we'll take you there."


Finally I was relieved. I with respect thanking him walked to the school with him. He told me that the school is just couple of steps away from here. We walked down slowly towards the school. On the way we had a great chat. The priest told me about the area and also helped me out for basic places like grocery shops, places to spend time and the nearby places I could go for playing.


He was really kind hearted and pleasant as that of priests.


In meantime as we were walking towards the school we came across the top of the hill. I couldn't believe that I had walked this much. Talking to him didn't let my mind think of getting tired. The view from that place was awesome. I could see every little to every big building from there. The whole city was visible to me. It was so damn good to see. The priest told me about every main building. He gave a lot of info about every common building like that of post office, police station. He told me that the red building which was visible from there was the building next to our house. It was really nice scene to watch.


In a couple of minutes we were in the school. Yeah walking down those hills was really tiring but the environment was really nice. Finally priest said me, “best of luck child. Work hard." And I said, “thank you sir." And he walked in to take the girl to her classroom and I also walked further to find my classroom.






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