Thee Amateur Love Part 1: Emerging Of Love

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I was so puzzled even after Roaming for more than fifteen minutes I couldn't find my classroom. I was so tensed that will I find my classroom on time. And suddenly I saw a tall young man wearing really impressive suit; basically it looked like Raymond, coming toward me. I thought he might be a teacher here.


I politely asked him, “Sir I am new to the school. I've been looking for my classroom from a long time. Can you please help me out?"


He in a strong voice asked me, “where do you want to go my child."


I answered, “sir to my classroom."


He in a laughing voice said, “YeahI know my child but which class. We have a lot of classrooms in our school. What's yours? "

I replied with a smiling face, “sir10th A”


Then he told,"Okay child, so you are a board student. Work hard my child. Now wait I'll help you out."


He called a girl standing near to us. I can never forget that day. Yeah that was her and it was her "First Appearance". That was the day I saw her the first time.


She was wearing thin glasses. Her face was partly covered with her hair. She seemed to me like a topper or something in the class as she was carrying a pen in her hand and the way she talked to the teacher was so disciplined. Her voice was partly sweet with a tone of nervousness. Her eyes were shining like that of diamonds. And her lips were so perfect like that of half moon in the sky. I really hadn't seen a girl like that of her even till now. I had just lost my mind at that moment. I was a kid at that time I really didn't knew what was going on that day.


Then suddenly the teacher told her to take me to the class. And she in a sweet voice said,"OK sir."


Then the teacher left and we were all alone. She in a polite voice asked me, “So you are new to the school. Welcome to our school. "


I replied in a shrill voice, “yeah thank you."

I don't know why I was so nervous at that moment. Maybe because I was blushing. I really hadn't talked to a single girl in my old school. I really just made a lot of difference from the girls. I didn't even liked to talk to girls. But this time it was not like that. Her voice was giving me some kind of positive vibes. But still I made a difference of at least 3 foot from her. I got back and standed like that of a statue there.


Then she asked me, “so you are in which class?".


I tried to speak in a heavy voice but suddenly it got all wrong, it came a voice as that of a parrot, " 10th... 10th A"


It was a funny scene out there.

The girl too started laughing. Her laugh was so deep, she was really loud. And that was the moment I came to know she's a perfect mixture of Childhood, intelligence and beauty.


That moment was really funny. I even myself started laughing on me.


Then I cleared my throat and spoke, " I am in 9th and my section is A."


She in a soft voice said, “Oh! We’re in same class what a coincidence. Maybe now you could make me laugh more with your voice."


I was smiling. Then we started walking towards the classroom. In a couple of steps we were in the class.


After reaching thereI just felt like laughing on me. I had crossed this class three times while looking for it.


Then in the meantime teacher entered the class.


I didn't even got to know her name. I don't think I was in love with her that moment. Its just that Iwanted to make some new friends. And she sounded me good as a friend.


So now another problem arose. Everyone was seating except me. I had no place to sit. Suddenly the teacher said, “OK child, sit with someone whose sitting alone."


I took a look of the class. And there was just a single seat vacant in the whole class. And I don't know was that a coincidence or something but it was the same girl who took me to the class who was sitting alone. I was so blushed that moment. I didn't sat with a girl in my class till now.


Suddenly teacher said," what’s the matter child? You can sit with Somi."


So her name was Somi.


So then I took my bag I sat with her. She was really kind she helped me out with the previous studies and notes.


The whole day we were together. Moreover in recess she introduced me to some of her friends and fortunately there were some boys too. Finally I made some friends.


Then the school bell rang and we started moving back to home. She did tell me that she live nearby where we have shifted. So she accompanied me while coming home.



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