Thee Amateur Love Part 1: Emerging Of Love

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After getting home. I called mom to serve me lunch. She gave me food and I told her about my day. I think that was my mother's blessings which made my day so good. I was happy. I made new friends and moreover I reached school on time. I told my mother about today's eve. I told her that I was going out with friends today to have a look of the city.


She was happy that I made friends. She told me to come back early before dinner. Then in the eve I went to the ridge.


The one thing I forgot to ask. I didn't asked her about the exact place where we were going to meet. I didn't even have any contact or something to call her. I was thinking of what to do. I walked further. Then I got in front of the church. I tried to look for her.


But even after a long time I couldn’t find her.


Suddenly someone placed hands on my face covering my eyes. I really didn't knew who was that. All I could feel some soft hands on my face. Suddenly a sweet voice came in my ears.


"Guess who's this ?"


I can't even forget that voice. Without even a fraction of time my mouth uttered. " Somi"


Yeah it was her. She opened my eyes. I turned back at her. And as I saw her I was totally stunned. She was just looking so damn beautiful. I really couldn't believe its her. She was totally different in the school.


Her white dress was perfectly suiting her personality.


Then she spoke, "Next time we meet here. Come at this place."


And then she gave a small white paper. "That's my number call me next time." She spoke in a smiling way.


Then without further delay she took me into the mall road. It was heavily crowded. Yeah it was summers that time and a whole lot of tourists had came there to spend some time.


I could barely walk in that crowd. Then she took me to the skating club. It was a big hall with loud music playing in it. We both wore skates.


I had never tried skating before that. But after arguing a lot with Somi I had to do it. Yeah I lost that arguing just because of her sad face. She became upset as she wanted to skate badly.


Then finally we entered the hall. The moment I took my first step to the hall, I was on the ground. And that was just starting. After that I fell several times.


After going down so many times Somi tried to help me out. She took my hands and told me to close my eyes. Yeah that sounds like some romantic movie scene but yeah that happened. And most importantly we were just friends so it was not really romantic.


Then after holding my hands, she politely said, "Take a deep breath."


I took a deep air in and then made it slowly out.


Then she told me to slowly move my feet forward one by one. And magically I was skating. It was a nice day. I learned skating that day. Then after some time we got tired so we left that place. And went to the nearby dominos to eat something. We eat three pizzas that day. We were so damn hungry. As I was goanna give the bill, She stopped me. She gave me half of the money and told to share the bill.


So yeah she was not greedy. She knew what to do and when to do really good. Then after that in the mall road we were walking back to the church. she wanted to go the church. So we walked fast so we could reach there before the church gets closed. We reached there just in time. We went in. I had never gone to a church before that. She told me to pray something I want. I really prayed something that even Icouldn't believe I prayed that. Then after some time standing there she told me to close my eyes. I had no idea what to do.


Then after closing my eyes for some time I opened them up. I saw toward Somi she still had her eyes closed.


I Was just continuously watching her face. And suddenly she spoke, " stop looking at me and pray something you want." I don't know how did she came to know I was looking at her. It was really freaky.


Then I turned my head in the front and closed my eyes. I couldn't think of what to pray.


Then I again opened my eyes, turned my face toward Somi saw her face and then again closed my eyes and prayed something.


I really couldn't even believed on my own that I prayed that.


Then we both opened our eyes. Took our steps backward and got an exit from the church.

Then we started going back to home. The whole way she asked me about what did I pray to the god. I really didn't wanted to speak that. But again she got upset and that face of her was so bad. So the moment we reached outside her home. I told her what I prayed. So what I prayed was that "we both remain friends like this forever."


The girl replied, "so sweet. Yeah we'll be friends forever. Don't you worry. " and she walked on smiling inside the house. Then I also moved forward to my home .


All I could say now is that was a really unforgettable day with her. The time we spend together is just a bunch of unforgettable memories.










Edited: 28.09.2019

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