Thee Amateur Love Part 1: Emerging Of Love

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We were walking together back home. It was after a long time we were coming back home together. We were walking so slowly that we didn't want to get home soon. We wanted to make the walk everlasting. As we reached near the ridge, she held my hand and we slowed down our moment. As we got near the bakery shop. She told me to stop. She said "lets eat something its been a long time we haven't sat together somewhere.


I replied, “actually am in a hurry so maybe some other day."


She said, " its my birthday Vishal. You can't say me no today. "


I couldn't resist her now. So I said her, " Lets eat."

We sat and ate some pies. After that we continued walking. Somi was continuously speaking. Yeah she had to after all we were talking after three or four months. Then she suddenly twisted, "you knew my birthday, right!"


I said, "Yeah I do, Even my mother too remembered it."


She started laughing. Then she suddenly stopped and spoke, "Do you know we are having a party today. I didn't even invited you so sorry."


Well Isaid, “sorry from me, it was all my mistake I was behaving like an idiot." Finally I got a chance to apologies.

She said," What had just happened to you. I was just so mad at you." She also started talking about it. She was not speaking about it before, maybe she didn't wanted me to feel embarrassed.


Then I told," nothing, will tell you some other time." I knew it was not the right time to express my feelings. So I hindered.


I somehow changed the topic by saying, " so what are you planning for today?"

she said, "its my birthday I’ll just enjoy my day. Will celebrate it and will get a lot of gifts." And by saying this she suddenly jumped in front of me and said,

"Hey I completely forgot. Where's my gift. You are my best friend, and you didn't even gave me a gift."


I said, "yeah. Yeah. You'll have your gift in your party. "


Then we continued walking and reached Somi’s home. As we reached her home. She held my hand and said, I don't know why you were behaving so weird Vishal. But please don't do it again. You're the only one I have idiot." And then she left.


I too started to walk home. I had to get ready for party and most importantly have to buy a gift for her. I hurriedly got to my home.


The moment I got home. The first thing I did was changing my clothes. Then I took my wallet and ran towards the City.


I went to the mall road. I got near a gift shop. There I saw a pair of shoes hanging on the mirror. Somi was so found of them. I had the same shoes and Somi would always say she wants the same shoes as of mine. I without wasting time got inside the shop and got those shoes packed. After all I thought that was the best I could gift her. Then I went back home. And soon it was 5,O clock. My mother and I were ready to leave. We both locked the house and went to Somi's house.


Soon we were At their home. As I got there Somi took me with her.

She said, "Where were you ? I told you to come early. I've been waiting for you from a long time."


She took me near her mother. We were ready to cut the cake. Then suddenly she held my hand and said, "lets blow the candles together. IWant to make my birthday special."


Then we both blew the candles off. And everyone clapped. We were all singing that 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY ' song. Then after eating so many patties and cake. She took me to her room. We sat together. We were just going to start talking that she took my hand and pushed me to the terrace. It was dark now. And as we got on the terrace. I was stunned. It was all bright stars shinning in the sky with the full moon standing in the side of them. It was just tremendous scene. It was so damn beautiful. We sat there and then she told me in a angry voice,


"Vishal !! Where's my gift."


I took the gift out of my bag I was holding. And as I got it out she just snatched it from me. She in a second opened it so hastily. And as she opened it she hugged me and the words from her mouth were continuously the same, " Thank you, thank you Vishal . I always wanted these."


She was so happy with my gift and in her happiness lied my smile.


Then we talked a lot with a lot of shooting stars in the sky. And suddenly a big shooting sky came in the sky and Somi said, "come on Vishal make a wish."


And I without wasting time took a wish. And so do she.


As the shooting star got disappeared she asked me, " so what did you asked cutie."


I said in a sarcastic way, " Nothing of your concerns"


And then she replied but my wish was of your concern.


I asked her, "what was that."


She by smiling said," I said..." Then by stopping a bit.


She said, " I said.. .. ...that..... ". Again putting some silence to create a bit suspense.


She said," I asked that we will always remain together."


And my smile came out.


Then again in an irritating voice she said, "Now tell me what did you asked."


Edited: 28.09.2019

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