Thief of Thoughts

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Chapter Fourteen

Not to my surprise, the police found nothing.

Nothing was taken. Nothing was vandalized.

All that'd been left was the single note burning a hole in my pocket.

They'd quickly left me alone after that, telling me to call them if anything happened again. They reasoned that whoever it was probably was just breaking and entering to steal things but left as soon as they'd realized they weren't alone.

The other issue was that the door hadn't been broken into. No, it'd been opened the normal way. Which meant I either forgot to lock it, which I never did, or this person had the key.

And seeing as a note had been left previously the same way, I had a feeling that whoever this was had somehow found a way in my house.

Definitely time to amp up security.

Jonah sat on my bed while I finished packing up my things, more solemnly this time. He'd come as soon as I'd texted him what'd happened.

"Why the hell would someone do all that, though? I just don't understand thieves. Like, why go through all the effort of breaking and entering an actual house? It just seems like a lot of work for a somebody else's possessions," Jonah complained, resting his head against my bed's headboard.

I just shook my head sadly. "I don't know..." I wanted to tell him about the note, but something stopped me. I wasn't sure what. I did totally trust Jonah, but...

He was the only one with access to my house. What if he'd accidentally...I don't know...made a copy of my key or something? But why would he ever want to hurt me? He seemed quite honest right now. He'd been horrified when I'd told him someone had broken in.

I sighed.

"So, are you planning on telling me your master plan for this weekend? Or is it still a surprise, even for me?" I asked, trying to lighten the mood.

He smirked. "Hey, don't think you'll be getting any special attention just because your my best friend. You won't be."

I chucked a pair of my jeans at him.

He caught them.

"You need to learn to stop being so violent. Gosh, Eliza. What if I accidentally die one day because you pick the wrong thing to throw?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot how easy it is to accidentally throw a knife at someone," I replied sarcastically.

"Hey! There are many things that could severely injure me other than a knife. Like that hideous dress. I'd vomit if that touched me," he joked.

My mouth fell wide open as I held the dress up to the light. It was made of denim with a small denim rose at the belt. I just shook my head slowly. "Oh, you're dead now."

He grinned back at me, just before I balled the dress and pegged him in the head with it.

What ensued was a massive clothes fight that pretty much undid all of the packing I'd done before that moment. It ended with both of us in fits of laughter, me entirely unprepared for the trip that we were supposedly leaving for in less than an hour. All of it was so refreshing.

And somehow, it managed to get my mind off the letter.


Hours later, Jonah and I approached his destination, me in the passenger seat. The drive hadn't been too horrible. Jonah allowed me to have the aux and choose all of our songs. He couldn't help but scoff when I began going through the entire Hamilton original soundtrack.

I was extremely tired, but couldn't help my curiosity as drove down a dark road bordering a large lake. I wasn't sure what lake. It was surprisingly not frozen over like I'd expect. Actually, it wasn't too cold outside at all.

Finally, we turned a corner, and I saw one of the prettiest things ever.

A giant mansion overlooking the lake with a dock, yacht, and plenty of glass windows to have a nice view outside. Lights lit up the white marble sides of it, with large oak doors opening into its foyer. It reminded me of a legitimate castle. A part of me wondered if it'd been a castle at some point.

I stared at Jonah, mouth agape. "Are you kidding me? What the hell is that?!"

"It's my Gatsby style lakeside home," he replied, smiling to himself. "Ah, how I've missed it."

Even though I knew he was rich, it was hard not to wonder how on Earth he could afford such a thing. This seemed way too good to be true.

Plus, I was starting to realize that my bathing suit may come in use after all.

"So...mind explaining the plan for this weekend?" I asked, still gaping up at the mansion as we entered the roundabout driveway and Jonah parked the car.

"Ya tonight, go skiing  tomorrow, maybe throw in some skinny dipping and a casino night." I just shook my head in amazement. I couldn't believe he'd planned all this. No wonder I hadn't spent much time with him recently. "Oh, and by the way, tonight's royal night. You better be dressed up properly. We're having a ball." He said the last words using a terrible British accent.

I just shook my head. Okay, maybe I hadn't planned for everything. I definitely didn't have any princess-style poofy dresses fit for a freaking ball.

Excitement filled me as I stepped out of the car door and mentally prepared myself for the weekend of a lifetime.

Julia Hope

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