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Angel of Death

‘what if I don’t want to’

Said no angel of death ever.

I’m assigned to this girl. I hate killing girls because they keep crying and try their best but we both know it’s not gonna work out. I hear her name is Jess which makes me question everything I have done in the past. She sounds like one of those dumb blondes from mean girls. No, she sounds like a church girl who reads her bible everyday and uses a million highlighters to write her notes. But that doesn’t sound right, why is she assigned to hell?

I decide to check this girl out and not in a creepy way. I make my way into her room and now I understand why I am assigned to her. She has creepy paintings in her room. As for the girl, she’s the human equivalent of….. the colour black. And no, I’m not being racist. She’s currently listening to someone called ‘1975’ which in my opinion sounds boring. She’s getting out of her room and now she’s… hugging her mother. Poor girl, I almost feel sad for her, She doesn’t even know she’s going to die.


I think she saw me.


That’s not possible


She’s leaving her house. Finally, I was getting bored. She’s walking in the street looking down. Girl I need you to look up so I can kill you.

She won’t budge.

I have an idea. I turn into a raven and fly above her. Honestly it’s like trying to distract a baby. She looks at me for a split second and lucky for her, that’s all I need. I look at her and the poor thing is bleeding her heart out. But what needs to be done, needs to be done. I try to pull her soul out but it isn’t working. She doesn’t have a soul ?

‘hey ! that’s offensive’

I hear a voice behind me causing me to flinch.

‘what are you doing here ?’ I demand

‘I don’t know. Who are you and why do you have wings? Are we in a dream cause if so I would like to be woken up” she innocently replies and then closes her eyes as if she’s actually waiting for someone to wake her up. She’s here so that only means one thing. She has unfinished business.

‘excuse me, I would like to wake up now ?’

I internally face palm myself. What have I gotten myself into?

‘listen girl. I have to tell you something ‘ I wait for a moment . ‘ you’re dead’

Her eyes immediately widen and I think she’s going to throw a tantrum but instead she starts laughing “yeah no shit. I’ve been dead since 2012’

Apparently this is going to be hard. ‘no kid-

‘first of all tinkerbell , I have a name. its Jess”

‘ Jess. I regret to inform you but you’re dead’

She gives me that look like she’s heard this somewhere else and then says ‘that sounds like my Harvard rejection letter’

I try my best to be calm but this girl won’t cooperate. This is just getting annoying ‘as I was saying, you’re dead but you’re soul isn’t in hell because apparently you have some things left to do’

‘ I would just like to go home please’


She flinches like she’s actually scared. She just looks around us and then at me. For some reason I feel oddly uncomfortable while she does that. She manages to quietly whisper ‘am I really dead?’

I feel as if I should say something reassuring but I need to get done with this so I just say ‘yes’

She looks like someone told her santa isn’t real and honestly, the sight is terrifying. She just stares and that’s what I’m scared of. Wait. Since when am I scared of mortals. I regain my senses and give her a death glare (ha! Did you get it? Death glare since I’m the angel of death) ahm, anyway she looks at me for a long time and just when I was going to say something she says ‘what about my parents?’ I say this in a very matter of fact way because this isn’t the first time I’m doing this ‘your parents will have your body to mourn over. To them you are dead but you will living your afterlife in either heaven or hell . you were supposed to be in hell but the gods have made an exception . you will be given time in the realm of interference to fix a few things but when you are done you will be free to go’ I can tell this is a lot to take in for her because she looks like she’s going to pass out but she can’t. Cause she’s dead.

She looks at me one last time and she just says “okay I have been waiting for you all my life. WHERE WERE YOU?” she shrugs ‘lets just get this over with”

I look at her. And then I keep looking because there’s not much I can do except look at her and wish it wouldn’t be me who had to do this. She stops for a moment and then I think she’s done. But she says “I’m just really worried for my parents’ it sounds more like a request, as if she expects something from me. I want to tell her that I can’t really do anything. That all I can do is kill people but instead I say “don’t worry. They’ll be okay’

She just barely smiles and I think,

I get why her parents named her jess.


Hania Usman

#72 in Young adult
#30 in New Adult & College
#107 in Fantasy
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Story about: love, death, life

Edited: 15.07.2019

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