Truth Or Dare

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Chapter 3: Truth Or Dare

"That sounds great", I smile into my phone while I stare up at my boring dorm room ceiling. "I haven't sat my foot outside the campus since yesterday when I arrived."

"Then we better change that", Chase says from the other side of the line. "I can't let your new college friends take you away from me, now can I? I actually saw you first!"

I chuckle lightly and shake my head even though he can't see me. "You should know that I have a really tight schedule", I joke, "with a party tonight, new classes and tryouts and stuff, but I should be able to squeeze you in by the last Friday before Christmas, how does that sound?"

His contagious laughter fills my eardrums and this time, I imagine him shaking his head just like I did a few seconds ago.

"Did you say party? And tryouts?" he asks. "Man, you gotta tell me everything. I want to know the juicy details."

"You sound just like my new friend!" I say, thinking about Tamara.

"Well, is that a good or bad thing?"

"I haven't decided yet."

"Alright", he smiles into the phone, "now back to the subject. Tell me all about your eventful 24 hours since I last saw you."

It's surprising how easy Chase and I can talk. Time flies by without either one of us noticing but it doesn't even matter. I tell him about the event by the basketball field yesterday, about the tryout I'm thinking about going to and I tell him about the frat party me, Tamara and Lily will be going to tonight. When I'm done, we start talking about L.A and he keeps telling me he's going to show me around. He's talking about all different places there is to see with such passion I can't do anything else than fall in love with the places too, even though I've never seen nor heard about them before. That is how contagious his enthusiasm is.

Lily comes back to our room sometime when Chase is in the middle of telling me about this beach with great waves and she smiles at me before tapping the clock around her wrist, silently telling me that we better start to get ready for the party soon. I nod, telling her I understand, and then rise up from my bed, still with the phone in my hand.

I keep talking to Chase as I pick out an outfit, which is basically the first matching pair of clothes I find, and just as I grab a simple white tank top, Tamara burst through the door without knocking.

"Hey, I hope you ar-" she starts but she quickly shut herself up as she notices the phone in my hand and she turns towards Lily. "Who's she talking to?"

Lily shrugs but smiles. "I don't know, I think it's some guy she met on the plane yesterday."

I started talking to Chase before Lily left in the first place and that is the only reason to why she even knows that Chase exists.

"She's talking to a boy?" Tamara squeals. "And I did not know this why?"

I playfully glare at her before I turn my back to both of them.

"Hey, Chase", I say into my phone in an apologetically tone, "Tamara just came over and I think I better start getting ready now because if I don't, she'll probably throw my phone away and force me into an awfully short yet cute dress which she probably has in her own wardrobe. You might not understand how serious that is but trust me, it's bad."

He chuckles on the other end of the line while Tamara glance skeptically at the outfit I've picked before she dives into my drawers in search for something else.

"Alright", Chase replies, "I'll talk to you later. Bye and good luck."

"Bye, and thanks, I'll probably need it." I hang up and turn towards Tamara who has a bunch of my clothes in her hand.

"Put this on", she says and practically throws them at me and I react out of an instinct and grab them before they hit the floor.

I expect the clothes to be something similar to her own black crop top and shorts but they are surprisingly enough a perfect combination of what I'm wearing on a regular basis.

I quickly put on the cute white top and flower skirt she handed me before I grab a matching belt and a jeans jacket. I've already put on some light makeup earlier today and I see no reason to add something else and therefore tell Tamara and Lily that I'm ready to go.

Tamara's all done while we wait for a few more minutes for Lily.

If I thought that there was any possible way that Tamara wouldn't ask about Chase, I was wrong. As Lily fix the finishing touches of her makeup, Tamara throw question after question at me and I can do no more than answer them. She asks me if I like Chase and I answer honestly and tell her that I can't tell yet. I like him as a friend, definitely, but I don't want to rush anything and maybe our friendship will evolve into something bigger and maybe it won't. All I know is for sure is that Chase is a really nice guy who I want to have in my life, one way or another.

"Alright", Lily says after a while, "I'm all done, let's go."

Tamara squeals in excitement as I laugh at her reaction and she practically rushes out the door and down the stairs before she makes a sudden halt.

"Do any of you know where to go?" she asks us and both Lily and I look at each other before we burst out laughing.

"No." I smile before it fades and replaces with a frown. "Let's ask someone."

We grab the first living soul we can find and luckily for us, he knows where the Alpha xi lamba fraternity is and with his help, we end up in front of the door within ten minutes.

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