Truth Or Dare

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Chapter 4: Secret Admirer

"Ugh, I got such a headache", Tamara complaints as we sit down at a table in the dining hall, having breakfast. It's the day after the party and she is having what I guess is a massive hangover and I can't help but laugh discretely at her. It's her own fault after all. Why pity her when she was the one who made the decision?

While she's complaining about her head and staring into the coffee in front of her, Lily and I are digging in on our breakfast.

"It's your own fault", Lily says with her mouth stuffed with scrambled eggs, "and that's why you drink water instead."

"But water is no fun", Tamara whines and wrinkles her nose. "How can you two even think about food right now? The mere thought of it makes me wanna puke."

"And whose fault is that?" I smile with a raised eyebrow.

She sticks her tongue out at me as an answer and for the rest of the breakfast until we leave, she continues to stare at her black coffee while Lily and I keep stuffing our mouths with food until it feels like we are going to explode. It's not until then that we exit the dining hall and say goodbye to each other because of the different classes we have on our schedule.

I would gladly wait a few more days until the classes start but sadly, I'm not the one deciding. The only power I got is the choice whether to attend the classes or not, but the answer is in my case already given. Of course I will attend. Why would I waste my money on attending a university only to skip the main point of it?

I glance at the map I've brought with me, you never know where you might end up, and after making sure I'm heading the right way, I put it back in my floral backpack.

I don't arrive early nor do I arrive late when I finally find the right classroom. A few seats here and there are already taken but I still have a great amount of spots to choose from and I end up taking a free chair pretty far back in the classroom. Five minutes before the class starts, the chair beside me screeches as someone pull it out and I snap my head in the direction of it.

A girl with short, brown hair and glasses looks at me with a shy smile playing on her face. "Is this seat taken?"

I return her smile and nod towards the seat. "Now it is."

She giggles nervously and sit down and judging by her whole appearance, she's really nervy at the moment.

"Nervous?" I ask her kindly and she chuckles.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Don't worry about it", I say, "you're not the only one." I gaze at the clock which is on the wall and notice that there are three more minutes until the class starts and the professor has yet to show up.

"It's just, I don't know anyone here, you know?" the girl beside me says and I nod.

"I know exactly how you're feeling. I didn't know a single soul when I came here two days ago and I'm honestly surprised at how fast I made friends."

"I hope I'll make some friends too. I'm just so damn shy, you know?"

I flash her a warm smile. "You can't be that shy. I'm talking to you right now, aren't I? You've already made one friend and all you had to do was ask if the seat was taken."

Before she has time to reply, the professor shows up and hushes everyone in the room. He strides over to the front of the room and something with his appearance is intimidating. I don't know whether it is his the way his wrinkles cause him to look bitter or if it is his bushy eyebrows or posture, but I do know by one mere glance at him that it is something about him that is scary.

As soon as he opens his mouth to scold a student who still has a phone in his hand, I know for sure that I don't particularly like my new history teacher.

After the class both me and Britney, who I figured out is the name of the girl who sat beside me, dart out of the room in the speed of the light. Both of us also start to hysterically laugh because we have been holding it in ever since the class started. Our new professor might be scary but he was proven to also be pretty awkward and to have a predilection for embarrassing students who don't pay attention to what he is teaching.

Our laughter is cut off short when a familiar voice decides to chime in.

"Someone's certainly enjoying themselves."

I turn my head to face Mike while I wipe away a tear which escaped the brim of my eyes as an outcome of the uncontrollable laughter.

"Hi, Mike." I notice three other familiar faces behind him and give them all a wave before addressing them as well. "Hi Colin, Noah and Nadir."

I introduce them to Britney and we chat for a few minutes before we all have to go to our next class. I expect not to recognize anyone in that class either and when I walk through the door and look around for a seat, I start wishing that I didn't.

Jason, the flirty guy from the café, is sitting in the far back of the room. He catches my gaze and smirk and I groan inwardly before I advert my gaze elsewhere. I chose a spot on the second row just for the sake of being far away from him but then I start to question my action and thinking about what Tamara said the first day.

He hasn't really been that bad, to be honest, but still, I ignore him completely. I don't like to be mean without a reason and I'm not sure he has given me a real one. Maybe I'm a little too harsh? 

I don't say I should follow Tamara's advice and give him a chance but a few words or a simple "Hi" won't hurt either of us.

Just as I think about being nice to him, someone pulls out the chair beside me and sit down without a word.

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