Truth Or Dare

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Chapter 5: Roses

"C'mon! I ain't got all day!" Tamara shouts from outside my dorm room. I sigh and quickly put on a pair of shorts before I rush to the door and open it, letting her in at the same time as I fix a button on my shirt.

"Relax", I smile at her and ignore the fact that she scrunches her nose at my outfit but I quickly remind myself that she's the one who woke me up barely three minutes ago.

I follow her with my gaze as she walks to my drawer and pulls out a white tank top and flower cardigan.

"Here", she says, "put this on instead."

I stick my tongue out at her as I grab them and turn around to change. I don't have a problem changing with her in the room, the worst thing that can happen is that she might comment my bunny panties.

"Better?" I ask and she smiles brightly as she eyes my outfit.


I check my reflection in the mirror and pull a brush through my hair a couple of times before I decide that I'm ready for the day. Tamara, for some reason, decided that we would have breakfast at a nearby café today but Lily could sadly not join us since she's at the gym with some girl she met in a class yesterday. I do not know how she has the strength and will to go up that early, seeing it's almost half past seven now and she's already gone, but somehow she manage to do it.

Today is the day for the basketball tryouts and thinking about that I'll probably go there later on today, I decide to skip makeup. My lips are plump and rosy enough anyways and my eyelashes somehow give a false illusion of being coated with a layer of mascara. Not that I'm complaining though. Not at all.

"Going all natural today, are we?" Tamara smirks as we walk outside and start on the fifteen-minute walk to the café.

"I am", I reply teasingly, "but not you."

She playfully punches my shoulder and we giggle at each other before turning our laughter into a full conversation. We arrive at the cozy café before we know it and the breakfast is amazing up until we have to leave.

"You know", Tamara says as we walk outside into the sun again, "I've been thinking, and I think we should try to get into a sorority."

"Really?" I ask her before my lips crack into a smile. "Sounds fun!"

I haven't mentioned it to her before, but I have actually been looking at sororities before I went here. I'm not gonna lie, the movies made it seems like tons of fun. And drama, but hopefully I'll be able to avoid that.

Tamara tells me she's been looking at a sorority named Delta Gamma Rho, which happens to be the exact same one I've been most interested in when I looked through the different options back home in Sweden.

"Then it's decided!" Tamara exclaims as we take a right turn into the campus area. "We'll try to join Delta Gamma Rho!"

I smile at her excitement and catch a glimpse of someone not too far away.

"Hey", I tell her, "it seems like your boy is sitting over there all by himself." She follows my gaze to Nadir, who is sitting all alone under a tree, hiding from the sun.

"You can't know that for sure", she says, "because what if he was the one sending you that note?"

I groan loudly at the hint of sadness in her voice which I recognize even though she tries to hide it. "We've already been over this", I sigh, thinking about the long conversation we've had about who the mystery letter I've received could've been from. "I don't think it was him."

"But he was there at the party", she says, "and you did kiss him."

It might seem like she's accusing me of kissing him but we went over that as well. She's not mad at me at all. In fact, she even admitted that she didn't know whether she was into Nadir or just wanted his friendship. But that doesn't stop me from teasing her whenever I see him.

All we did when we tried to figure out who it might have been was basically count all the people we know who start with the letter N. We don't know if the name belonging to my "secret admirer" even starts with that letter but judging by the only kind of signature the letter had, it's our only clue.

It could be Nadir, it could be Noah, it could be that guy from my English class named Nate or that girl from my psychology class named Nikki. The possibilities seem to be endless. It can even be someone who just tries to do a bad remake of being A from Pretty Little Liars, what do I know?

"He looked at you", I tell Tamara as we no longer can see him. "You should've said hi."

She blushes and tries to keep her head high. "I'll see him later anyway because there's no way I'll miss the chance to see all those hotties in action."

I giggle at her words and shake my head, but I'm still glad that she's going to be at the tryouts today even though she's probably not even going to touch a single ball.

Tamara keeps talking about hot guys for the rest of the way until we split up and walk to our separate classes.

Everything is going as normal as it can until after lunch when my phone vibrates, indicating that I got a new message. I quickly put in the four digit password and click on the small message icon.


From: Unknown

To: Linnea

Do you like roses?

- N


I furrow my eyebrows in confusion over the question and feel a little bit uneasy. I should be flattered, I got a secret admirer, but for some reason, I get a bad feeling about the whole concept of having some stranger taking a liking to me. After a while of thinking, I decide on trying to get some answer and I send a message back.

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