Truth Or Dare

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Chapter 11: Please

"I can't believe it..." I whisper in disbelief, my whole body dropping a few degrees as an icing fear takes a firm grip around my heart. "It's you... it was you all the time."

Noah glances at me, his eyes soft, and his lips curls upwards into a warm smile.

"Yeah, Linnea, it was me", he says without even trying to disguise his words.

"Why?" I ask him while forcing my body to keep still and not try to run. The door is right behind my back, taunting me because I can't slip out of it despite pressing myself against it.

"You're smart", Noah says, "I thought you'd figured it out by now."

I just keep staring at him, my eyes boring into his soul, and he takes it as a sign to continue.

"Remember that party a few weeks ago? The one Alpha xi lamba fixed? Remember the game we played?"

"Truth or dare", I reply cautiously, still not seeing where he is going.

"Do you remember what you did?" His gaze suddenly flickers to my lips. "You kissed me."

Images of that night flash in my mind and I gulp, knowing there's no point in denying it.

"It was just because of the game, Noah", I carefully say, afraid that he might snap if I choose the wrong words.

"I gotta admit", he starts, completely ignoring my words, "that I wasn't very fond of you to begin with. I found you quite annoying and childish, but the kiss changed it all."

"Noah..." I mumble, my head rocking back and forth.

"It wasn't love at first sight", he says. "it was love at first kiss."

He keeps ignoring my attempts to speak and suddenly, I'm the one snapping and not him.

"It was just a silly kiss I had to do because of some stupid game. It didn't mean anything."

As soon as the words are said, Noah's eyes turn completely black and his fist connects with the wall right by my head. A surprised scream escapes my lips and I can no longer prevent my body from moving on its own, and I try to slip past him, but his other hand immediately grab a hold of my waist and pull me back.

The air is knocked out of my lungs as I collide with his hard chest and it's not until now that the panic inside of me is starting to show.

I scream into the hand he places over my mouth and I fight and kick with my arms and legs while tears fall down my cheeks.

"Shhh..." He coos in my ear, the sound of my muffled screams being drenched by the sound of the metal music in the background.

"Baby, calm down." His soft and innocent voice is back, but not even that is enough to stop the fear and panic which is almost suffocating me right now.

I keep trashing around in his arms for what feels like minutes before I finally realize I won't get anywhere, and give up. My body goes limp and Noah carefully lower us towards the ground, my back being pressed against his chest, and I can feel his lips press against my temple.

By this point, I don't even have enough power to even try to move away and when he softly asks me if I promise to not scream if he removes his hand, I barely manage to nod.

He slowly takes it back and allow me to take a few, shaky breaths. During the time it takes for me to calm down completely and for my heart to go back to its normal pace, Noah is quiet, although I can feel his eyes boring holes into the back of my head. For a while, I just sit down with my back against Noah, letting the reality sink into my mind which tries to deny it. When I can no longer stand the thought of it, however, I try to slowly get up but Noah keeps me in place.

"Stay", he says simply and without any emotions in his voice whatsoever.

"I wanna go to Tamara", I whisper meekly, although all I want is to get as far away from him as possible.

"Are you going to tell her about me?" he then asks and I press my lips into a thin line. When I don't answer, he moves his hands to my hips and turn me around so that I'm facing him.

"Linnea", he says, "look at me." I can't help but think that his hands feel strange on my skin as his right hands move up to tilt my chin up. I'm no longer left with a choice and have to face him.

"Linnea", Noah repeats, his eyes locking with mine, "are you going to tell her about me?"

I blink. Once. Twice. "No", I bluntly lie. His grip around my chin immediately tightens and he laughs dryly.

"Really?" he says. "You expect me to buy that? I'm not stupid, Linnea. In love? Yeah. Dumb? No. Don't think that I won't think rationally because I happen to have feelings for you." I remain quiet and he lets go of my face.

"You know what?" he says. "I tried being nice, but I'm obviously not getting anywhere so screw it. I haven't been acting all sweet and friendly these past few weeks for you to greet me like this. You won't tell anyone about me because if you do, I make sure you'll regret it. If you so much as try to utter one bad word about me in front of anyone, you'll be sorry. Alright?

I stare at him in disbelief, not believing that I actually thought he was that nice guy I've been hanging out with these past few weeks.

"Are you threatening me?" I slowly ask him with fear leaking through my voice.

Noah tilts his head slightly to the left and studies me for a while before answering. "Yes. Now, are we clear?"

"Why are you being like this?" I think out loud, my arms sneaking around my legs to hug them close to my chest.

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