Truth Or Dare

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Chapter 19: Understanding

“I hate you”, Tamara says and I laugh.

“Yeah, I’d probably hate me too if I were you.”

We’re sitting outside the coffee shop, and I’ve just told her the good news I found out about this morning; that I’m moving into the sorority house.

I texted Adanya, the girl from the sorority house who’s studying abroad for a year, earlier today and much to my surprise, she replied almost immediately. I don’t know her in person, I’m pretty sure that I’ve never even seen her actually, but I already love her - because she said yes. I asked her if it would be okay for her if I moved into her room while she’s away and she said yes. She didn’t even question me. She didn’t even ask why. All she said was “Sure, no problem :)”. 

Adanya, I owe you. Big time. 

As soon as she replied, I went to the sorority house and asked the girls’ there the same question. I thought they would have to think it over, or at least gather every single sister and vote on it or something, but they all said yes. Just like that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
    All I said was that I couldn’t stay in my old room anymore, and they immediately welcomed me into the house. No question, no angry glares. No nothing. 

“Does he know?” Tamara asks me from the other side of the table and I blink and return back to reality in an instant.

“What?” I ask dumbfoundedly and she playfully rolls her eyes.

“Noah, of course”, she replies, “does he know that you’re moving out?”

“Oh.” I take a deep breath before answering. “No, he doesn’t. Not yet.”

Tamara plays with the straw in her cup before giving me a pitiful look. “When are you going to tell him?”

I shrug. “I don’t know. I’m actually… well, I’m thinking about moving in today. I know it’s soon, but… yeah…” my voice trails off as I don’t really know what to say.

“Already?” Tamara says surprised. “Not even tomorrow?”

“We have classes tomorrow”, I blurt out, “I might as well get it over with now when I got time.” 

Tamara raises her eyebrows at me, but before she has time to say anything, I open my mouth again.

“Speaking of which”, I smile as I stand up, “I better get to it. Wanna help me pack? I could use an extra pair of hands.” Or a witness if Noah happens to be in our room. I have a strong feeling that Noah will lose it when he figures out I’m leaving our dorm and I do not want to face his wrath. 

“Sure”, Tamara says as she stands up as well, “it’s not like I got something better to do anyway.”

I clasp my hands together excitedly. “Great!”

As we make our way to my room, I can feel my heart beating harder and harder the closer we get. I’m beyond nervous, and I hope Noah won’t be there. It’s Sunday, so chances are that he’s out with some friends, but I don’t want to be alone in my room if he’s there against all odds. 

Tamara tries to make some small talk as we enter our dorm building, but I think she can sense that I’m not feeling it. I’m practically cold-sweating, that’s how anxious I am. If he’s there, I don’t know what I’ll do, but the truth is that even though it might be empty, I’ll still have to face him sooner or later. Thinking that I’ll be able to avoid him for the rest of my time here on the university is plain stupid. He’ll find a way to get to me, I’m sure of it. 

“Hey, Lin”, she says as we stand in front of my door, “it’s gonna be fine. I don’t know if you’re worried about moving in with our sorority sisters or moving away from Noah, but whatever it is, it’s going to be alright. The sorority sisters love you and Noah will understand.” Tamara smiles encouragingly at me and I try to mimic her and force a weak smile onto my own lips as well. 

“Thanks”, I say before I take a deep breath and slowly turn towards the door and open it.

It’s completely silent and I allow myself to relax as I notice it's empty.

“Alright”, I say as I pull out my suitcase from underneath my bed, “let’s just get this over with.”

It doesn’t take us that long to pack all of my stuff, which partly is because I’m very organized and partly because I packed pretty lightly.

Tamara helps me carry all my stuff to the sorority house, which is about a fifteen-minute walk from our dorm, and I’m anxious the whole way. I can’t stop looking for Noah, but luckily enough, I don’t see him and we arrive at the sorority house safe and sound. 

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