Truth Or Dare

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Chapter 20: Hit And Run

It’s Monday morning, the day after I moved to the sorority house and thereby practically wrote myself my own death sentence. Noah is furious, and although I’d much rather skip all classes and stay underneath my blankets all day, I force myself to get out of the bed to get ready. Two out of my three new roommates are still in the room as I wake up, both of them getting ready as well, and I smile at them and say good morning. 

“Morning”, Ebele, whom I talked to a few times before, says as she adds some final details to her makeup. 

“Slept well?” Paula asks. I think she’s a senior, but I’m not really sure. I haven’t talked to her that much, but just like most of the girls in this sorority, she seems to be really nice. 

“Yeah”, I reply with a smile as I grab my hairbrush and start to deal with the tangled mess on top of my hair. As I’m done with that, I go and take a quick shower before I put on a pair of clean clothes and head downstairs to eat some breakfast. 

Throughout the whole time it takes for me to get up and get ready to go, I’m nervous. I’m nervous, scared even, because I know that as soon as I step out of the door of the sorority house, I’m a target. Noah will be looking for me and I can’t hide from him forever. I’m not even sure if I can hide from him at all. Actually, I’m fairly confident that I can’t. But if I can’t hide from him, I’m going to do my best to avoid him. 

I quickly pack my bag with all the essential stuff I need before I practically dart out of the sorority house and head towards my first class; Psychology. Luckily for me, Noah isn’t in that class and as soon as I get into the classroom, a wave of relief washes over me. 

I listen carefully to what the professor has to say, and I eagerly take notes of almost every single thing that leaves her mouth. I try to avert my thoughts away from Noah, and I’m doing so by not allowing myself to focus on anything else than the class. It works out surprisingly well, but by the time the professor announces that the hour has come to an end, the nervous feeling returns to the pit of my stomach. It’s gnawing at my insides and I can almost feel the sickening anxiety crawl up my throat and leave a bitter taste in my mouth. My next class is foreign languages, and Noah is in that class too. 

I walk towards the classroom dreadfully slow, practically forcing my legs to take one step at the time. I can feel my body starting to shake in fear as the room comes into view, and I take a deep breath before I gather enough courage to walk inside. 

Noah isn’t here. Or at least not yet. Luke, on the other hand, is already sitting on a chair in the middle row and I sit down next to him.  

“Hey”, he greets me immediately and I smile back at him. 


We talk for a while, up until my full attention is turned towards the door as someone enters the classroom. My body freezes completely as Noah walks in, almost painfully slow, and I make the stupid mistake to meet his gaze.

His eyes are black. Pitch black. Almost darker than his soul. I quickly look away, down at the floor, and he brushes past me and sits down in the chair behind me. 

I can feel his stare burning holes into my back, and I slouch down in my own chair and gulp. I’m not sure if I should be happy that he hasn’t spoken to me yet, or if I should take it as a sign to be even more terrified. How is he going to act? Will he talk to me? Will he pretend as if nothing has happened between us? I don’t know. I don’t know, and I hate it. I hate that I have to sit here, barely out of arm’s reach from him, and wait for him to make a move. I hate it, but that’s exactly what I do. 

I’m quiet for the whole class. I just sit in my chair, my whole body on edge, and suffer in silence underneath Noah’s burning eyes. I try to focus all my attention on the professor who’s talking in front of the classroom, just like I did in my previous class, but it doesn’t work this time. This time, all I can think about is Noah. I don’t want to think about him, and I try my hardest not to, but it’s impossible to ignore his presence. 

I shoot up from my place beside Luke as soon as the class is dismissed and impatiently wait for him as he slowly put all of his stuff in his backpack before he throws it over his shoulder and stands up. The other students are already piling out of the classroom, eager to have lunch, but I notice that Luke walks up to the professor as I follow behind him. 

“I’m just going to ask him a quick question”, Luke tells me, “I’ll be out in a sec.” 

I nod nervously and take that as my cue to leave. If he wants some privacy, I’ll respect that. 

I walk outside and silently close the door behind me, but just as I’m about to turn around, a hand clasps itself over my mouth. A scream immediately erupts from the back of my throat, but it’s muffled by the hand and I can feel an arm wrap around my waist as I try to free myself from the stranger’s grip.  

I’m dragged backward, to where I don’t know, and even in my frightened state, I’m amazed that the corridor is completely empty. No one’s here to see me. To help me. 

Suddenly, I can hear a door being opened behind me and before I know it, I’m roughly thrown into an empty classroom. The door slams shut at the same time my body comes in contact with the floor, and I groan loudly as the air is knocked out of my lungs. 

“You”, Noah says with a voice laced with hatred, “are pathetic.” 

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