Truth Or Dare

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Chapter 26: Oblivious

I didn’t get a chance to see Wesley the next day. Noah seemed to be in quite the rush to get going, for what reason I don’t know. What I do know, though, is that I woke up this morning to find my bag already packed up. I barely managed to get a foot outside the bedroom door before Noah threw me a clean pair of clothes and told me to quickly get dressed.

I tried to find Wesley as Noah practically dragged me down the stairs and out the door, but he was nowhere to be seen. I’d hoped we’d continue the conversation from yesterday, but when I frantically searched around the house with my gaze, I realized that it was empty. I couldn’t even spot Noah’s parents in the kitchen as we rushed past it. When Noah opened the front door, however, I realized why. The sun was barely up, meaning that everyone was probably sleeping. Well, except for me and Noah, I suppose. The cold wind feels like a blow in my face as soon as we step outside, and I instinctively wrap my jacket tighter around my body as we walk towards his car.

“Here”, Noah says as I’m about to slip into the passenger seat, and I slowly look at his outstretched hand and take the sandwich and bottle of water he’s holding out. I don’t bother saying a word and simply place them in my lap. I’m still far too drowsy to think clearly anyway, which is shown quite clearly as I don’t even bother questioning Noah’s weird behavior. Instead, I rest my head against the window, and let the soft spinning of the car lull me back to sleep.

The next time I wake up, we’re on the highway, and I read one of the signs and figure there’s about an hour left until we’re back at campus.

“Good morning, beautiful”, Noah says with a smile as he glances my way.

“Mhm”, I softly mumble before I roll down the window and let the breeze wash the last trace of sleep off of me.

When I feel slightly more energetic, I turn towards Noah to get some answers.

“Why did we leave so early?”

Noah keeps his eyes trained on the road and shrugs. “Because I didn’t want to waste the whole day there.”

I raise an eyebrow at him. “So you decided that we’d better get up before the sun rises?”

He shrugs again, clearly not taking any interest in my curiosity. “It’s less traffic then”, he simply states. I take the hint and realize that he won’t give me any answers, at least not right now. Sighing, I reach for my phone in my front pocket, hoping that it’ll entertain me for the rest of the ride back home.

“You haven’t eaten yet”, Noah remarks as he realizes that I’m planning on catching up on some tv-shows on my phone.

“I’m not hungry”, I say without even glancing at the food. The sandwich is still on my lap, but the bottle of water has fallen down the seat. I don’t bother picking it up, I hate drinking water in the morning anyways.

“It doesn’t matter, you still have to eat.”

I glare at him, hoping he’ll realize I don’t appreciate his tone.

“I’ll just eat when we’re back at campus”, I reply as I try to not let my anger show.

“Linnea”, he sighs, and I can literally hear the irritation in his voice, “please. Eat the damn sandwich.”

“Fine”, I say in frustration and put my phone down. “On one condition.”

“What?” he snarls. I try not to be affected by his hostility.

“Tell me the real reason to why we left so early.” I cross my arms in front of my chest to show him that I mean business, and when he realizes that I won’t budge, he curses loudly.

“My grandparents were coming to visit”, he mutters, clearly not happy with me bargaining with him.

“Why is that such a big deal?” I question. “It sounds nice. I’d love to meet them.” Okay, maybe I’m overplaying it a little, but I’m sure they’re lovely people.

“Eat your sandwich”, Noah hisses.

“But wh-”

“I told you what you wanted”, he cuts me off, “now eat your damn food before I’ll feed you myself.”

I throw him another glare and reluctantly pick up the sandwich. Refusing to eat it now would probably result in him stopping the car in the middle of the highway just to forcefully shove it down my throat.

The rest of the ride is quiet, and as soon as Noah pulls into the parking lot on campus, I bolt out the door and quickly grab my bag from the backseat.

“Where are you going?” Noah shouts as I nearly sprint away from him.

Away from you.

“I gotta catch up on some homework”, I lie in a chirpy voice, “Bye!”

Before he has time to answer, I dart out of the parking lot and head towards the sorority house. I’d expected him to follow me, but to my surprise and relief, he didn’t.

As soon as I step into my room, I throw myself on my bed and close my eyes for a few seconds, enjoying the silence. My roommates are nowhere to be found, probably still at home. Classes don’t start until tomorrow, so I figure they’ll be back before the end of the day.

I decide to seize the moment and head down to the beach now when I don’t have Noah breathing down my neck. The excitement of spending the day by the sea grows stronger and stronger as I start getting ready, and a smile has literally plastered itself onto my face by the time I’m finally leaving. I’ve decided that school is gonna have to wait until tomorrow, and instead, I brought one of my favorite books to keep me company.

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