Truth Or Dare

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Chaper 28: Push

It’s been nearly two weeks since Thanksgiving, and I’m still living in the sorority house. Noah keeps reminding me about how I have to move out, but deep down, I believe he’s figured out that’s nearly impossible for me to do. Otherwise, he’d kept threatening me, but I guess he doesn’t see a point in scaring me into submission if it’s still doomed to fail due to the campus rules. I feel like I dodged a bullet, and I’m finally starting to come to terms with this being my new home.

Speaking about Noah, he’s been bothering me more than usual. Even though the rules doesn’t allow us to, he’s always sneaking me into his room late at night, and if I don’t stay the night, he insist on hanging out for as long as possible. I’m still trying to avoid being seen with him in public, because that’s where he’s most likely to try and steal some kisses or hold my hand. It’s hard, but what’s even harder is sneaking out to meet Chase.

Although it’s not official, one could say that we are dating now. We’ve met up a couple of times ever since our first date, and those times have been the best escape from reality ever. Being with Chase is so easy, and it pushes all my troubles into the back of my mind. It bothers me that I can’t tell anyone about it, though, and it’s starting to feel unfair to Chase. I don’t want to keep hiding him. I’ve delayed the inevitable for too long, and I know that if I don’t tell him about Noah soon, there’s a great chance that I never will, or not until it’s too late and grows out of proportion.

I’ve made plans to meet up with him for dinner at his place tomorrow, and I’m honestly terrified. I’ve barely been able to eat the whole day, and my mind’s been occupied with so many thoughts and worries that I barely can recall a single thing from any of my classes today. I’m a nervous wreck, but hopefully, it will all change tomorrow. Hopefully, Chase won’t turn his back on me when I confess my darkest secret. If he does, or if he chooses to ignore my pleas of keeping this between the two of us, I’m screwed. If he goes to the police, and Noah finds out, I’m sure he’ll make me pay for that mistake for the rest of my miserable life. I’m playing a dangerous game, and the stakes are ridiculously high.

“Hey, are you alright? You’ve seem a bit out of it lately.” The worried voice wakes me up from my deep thoughts, and I shake my head.

“I’m fine, just stressed about this big exam coming up.”

“Are you sure? There’s nothing else bothering you?” Noah’s eyes flicker from my face to my phone that’s thrown beside me on his bed. I know he’s been dying to get his hands on it, because even though I’ve told him everything’s alright, he still doesn’t trust me. I’ve kept myself glued to my phone, however, because I can’t afford having Noah see all my messages with Chase. I’ve put a six-digit password on it, but somehow, I doubt it would stop Noah from finding a way to unlock it.

“I’m sure”, I reply shortly as I rest my head against the cool wall behind me.

The feeling of Noah putting his hand on my thigh sends shivers down my spine, but to him, it’s a reassuring and comforting gesture.

“You know you can talk to me about anything. If someone’s bother-”

“Noah”, I cut him off,  “I’m fine. I’m just tired.”

“Lie down”, he says all of a sudden, yet still with a soft voice, “and I’ll help you feel better.”

“What?” I nearly shriek, my eyes almost popping out of its sockets.

Noah smiles at me and carefully places his hands onto my back. “You’re so tense. You need to relax.”

I gulp and nervously shake my head. “N-no, I’m fine. Really.”

“Don’t be silly.” Noah moves his hands to my shoulders and start to push me down. I try to squirm out of his grip, but the more I try to get away, the harder he push.

“S-stop”, I cry as he manages to shove me down onto my stomach on his bed. I feel his weight upon me as he straddles my hips, and panic hits me like a bucket of ice cold water as his hands goes under my shirt.

“No!” I shout, petrified.

“Relax”, Noah mumbles, “it’s in the way. I can’t massage you with your shirt on, silly.”

With newfound strength, probably due to the adrenaline that’s now coursing through my body, I manage to rip his hands off of me as I spin around on my back.

“Get off me!” I cry as Noah stares at me in chock and tries to recollect his balance. “I don’t want your filthy hands anywhere on my body.” By now, I’m full on crying, the tears smearing the little makeup I had to begin with all over my face, and in my bewildered state, I try to kick and punch Noah in a desperate attempt to get off his bed and away from him.

I manage to free my legs when Noah tries to calm me down, and in the process, I kick everywhere and nowhere, until my foot collides with something hard.

Noah curse loudly, and my whole body freezes as I just realized what I’ve done. Using my hands for support, I try to back away from him, but he quickly grabs onto my ankle and roughly pulls me towards him. His gaze is furious, and I cower in fear as I spot the angry red mark on his left cheek.  

“Please”, I beg, scared that he’ll hurt me. “Please, just leave me alone.”

“A little too late for begging now, don’t you think?” Noah snickers, but there’s no amusement in his voice whatsoever, only hatred.

Emlika M

Edited: 28.02.2019

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