Truth Or Dare

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Chapter 30: Waiting

I wake up by to the warmth of the sunbeams shining onto my naked face, turning the inside of my eyelids a bright orange.

“Good morning, beautiful”, a husky voice whisper seductively from my side, causing me to flutter my eyes open. The sun is nearly blinding, and I shield myself with my hand as I gaze at the man to my left.

“What time is it?” I ask, still drowsy from sleep.

Chase chuckles at the sight of me and cranes his next to the side, checking his phone on the bedside table.

“Nearly half past eight.”

I shoot up from the bed, all traces of sleep escaping my features.

“Damn it”, I curse as I search frantically around the room for my clothes. “My class starts at nine.”

Chase sneaks up behind me and wraps his arms around my still naked waist.

“Relax”, he says, gently kissing my bruise clad shoulder, “I’ll give you a ride. You’ll be there in time.”

I spin around with a smile plastered onto my face. “You’re the best.”

Chase meets me halfway as I lean in to peck his lips before I throw on the same turtleneck top as I wore earlier. He watches me with admiration, but I can’t help but see the hurt that flashes through his eyes as he takes in my bruised body. It pains him that someone’s made those marks on my body, and it pains him even more that we have yet to figure out what to do about it.

“What do you want for breakfast?” Chase asks as I try to straighten out my tangled locks.

I shrug. “I’m not a breakfast person, anything will do.”
Chase nods his head and peck my cheek before disappearing into the kitchen as I keep working on making myself presentable.

I never meant to stay the night, but it sorta just happened. I was having such a good time and time flew by in the speed of lightning. I felt so safe being in his arms and I’d wish I could’ve stayed in his embrace forever.

When I’m satisfied with my appearance, I grab my phone and light up the screen, only to find it being bombarded with messages and missed calls.

Some are from Tamara, some from Mike and most importantly, some from Noah.

I open the messages from Mike. They’re all from yesterday, asking me where I am and telling me that Noah is worried and looking for me. I furrow my brows and goes on to the messages from Tamara. They’re practically the same as the ones from Mike, asking me where I am, when I’m coming home and that I should call Noah because he’s looking for me. I’m a little surprised that Noah went as far as asking my friends where I was, but then I remember that it’s Noah we’re talking about. There’s no telling what he will and will not do.

I dread to open the messages from him, but I do it anyway, figuring that I’d better just get it over with. He’s left me over twenty messages and eleven missed calls, but since I put my phone on silent last night, I haven’t seen any of them until now.

He started off nice, asking me where I was and wondering if I’d go to the party, but as I didn’t reply, he got more and more aggressive to the point where shivers run down my spine as I read some of the later messages. Mike must’ve told him that I’m with a friend, because he left me some texts asking me about this friend, too. I received the last text at two thirty this morning, but he continued to call me for yet another hour until finally giving up. I can tell that he’s upset, but I’m determined to go through the day without any conflicts, which I’m confident I’ll succeed with as long as I keep myself surrounded by people at all times. Besides, he’ll probably calm down as usual. He just needs some time to cool off.

I decide to not reply to any of the text messages and slip my phone into my back pocket as I make my way into the kitchen. Immediately, I spot Chase against the counter with a plate and a glass of orange juice beside him.

“Help yourself”, he says and nods to the avocado toast, “we don’t get much time before we need to get going.”

I quickly thank him before grabbing the food and finishing it in record time. Chase only watches me in amusement and push himself off the counter as I put my plate in the sink.

“I’ll clean it up later”, he reassures me, “let’s go.”

We make our way out of his apartment and down the stairs. The clouds are a dull grey color as I look up into the sky, and I have a feeling it’s going to rain. I vaguely remember something about a storm passing by as I watched the news yesterday. I didn’t know Chase could drive, and therefore, I follow him like a lost dog as he makes his way to his vehicle. When we reach it, I start laughing.

“You’re kidding”, I giggle, and Chase shakes his head, smiling.

“Nope.” He brings out a helmet from the motorcycle and hands it to me.

I grab it, thankful for the little protection he’s offering me. It’s heavier than I expected, and when I manage to squeeze my head through, it feels like I’m about to fall over at any second.

Chase chuckles at me and slap the back of the helmet. “Let’s get going before you’re gonna be late. You’ve ever done this before?”

I nod, nearly losing my balance in the process. “Yeah.”

“I knew you were more badass than you let on”, Chase grins and gets onto the motorcycle. I don’t know whether I should take his words as a compliment or be offended, and I remain quiet as I get in behind him and wrap my arms tightly around him. Seconds later, we ride off. I squeal in excitement as we pick up speed, enjoying the wind brushing past us as we seem to fly forward. I might’ve a problem with height, but my fears only goes that far. I have no problem with speed.

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