Truth Or Dare

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I step off the flight with shaky legs. Gosh, I hate flying.

The sun nearly blinds me when I step outside into the crisp morning air after gathering my luggage, and tears of joy overflow my vision as I spot two familiar faces waiting on me with a big sign saying “Welcome home, Viking.”

I laugh at the scene, and before I’m able to make my way to the two people that will always have a special place in my heart, my best friend squeals in excitement and rushes towards me.

“You’re back”, Tamara shrieks, her arms wrapping around me in a surprisingly tight grip, “you’re finally back.”

I smile brightly back at here. “Have you missed me?”

She nearly smacks the grin off my face, faking being hurt. “Of course I’ve missed you!”

“I’ve missed you, too”, I reassure her as I hug her once more before making my way to the second person I’ve been dying to see.

I purse my lips, ready to greet him, but our eyes lock together and it’s as if no words are needed. The emotions flashing through his emerald green orbs tells me everything, and I throw myself into his arms, joyful tears glistening in my eyes as they’re caught by the rays of sunlight.

I kiss him, my heart craving to feel his sweet lips and delicate touch. We don’t pull away until our lungs are on fire, threatening to explode.

“Hey”, I breathe out against his face, taking in his beautiful features.

“Hey”, Chase grins back, his arms slipping around my waist.

It’s been two months, sixty-one days, since that night at the pier when Noah threatened to kill the man before me and ruin all my chances of a happily ever after.

The weeks following the incident were hell, but I managed to get through them with the help of my friends and family. Noah went to trial for murder, and the verdict came mere days ago; he was found guilty. There are no words explaining the relief that flooded through my entire being as the news reached me. He’ll be locked away for a long time, unable to hurt me or anyone I’ve ever cared for.

I decided not to press any charges against him for hurting me. I could bear meeting him again, even if I’d be in court. I know it pains him more than it pains me. I’ve seen the sadness in his eyes on the tv, where his trial been broadcasted across the nation. I’ve seen how the last sense of sanity’s been stripped from his body, showing the broken boy underneath.

“You ready to go back?” Chase asks me gently, bringing my thoughts back to reality.

“Yeah.” I nod confidently as I entwine our hands, Tamara coming up beside me and putting her perfectly manicured hand on my shoulder.

“This will be the best year ever”, she giggles, sending me a pearl with smile.

It’s already January, and my new year's resolution was to finally live out the dream Noah put to a sudden halt.

I quickly fled back to Sweden as his trial became a public matter, hiding and searching for comfort amongst my loving family, far away from the public’s prying eyes. My parents kept trying to convince me to stay, leave my life in L.A. Turn the page and re-write my story, but I refused to. I refused to let Noah ruining my dreams, crush them into nothingness. That’s why I’m back here, at the place where I hold some of my words yet best memories.

Noah’s a part of my past, and now when he’s out of the picture, I intend on making the best I possibly can about my future, starting right now.

“C’mon”, I grab onto my best friend and my boyfriend, practically dragging them away from the airport, eager to get going. 



Emlika M

Edited: 28.02.2019

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