Twisted Red Sparks

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The mild wind was blowing easterly that afternoon when Kathy was staring out the window at her son Nicholas, she smiled thankfully for the gift she got from God. Nicholas was all she had now after losing her husband, Michael Domingo, a top businessman in town, her better half and ray of sunshine. Kathy has been having nightmares about her late husband’s murder. Six months have gone by since his death and it has been traumatic for Kathy Domingo. “Ma’am, agent Reiley is here to see you.” Maria the maid announced in her soft voice.

“Let him in Maria.” Agent Reiley was the chief investigator handling Michael’s murder case, he had come to talk to Kathy about her late husband’s connections; for the first time, since she had been unable to discuss it rationally.

“Good day Mrs. Domingo, how are you today?”

“Pretty fine and you agent?” replied Kathy in an energetic tone.

“Like the morning sun” he replied,

“How can I help you agent?”

“Mrs. Domingo, I actually came to ask you about your late husband’s connections, you know, his business rivals or associates or those he didn’t really get along with?” he began.

“My husband agent- “… she paused as if to catch her breath “my late husband agent Reiley – well, he never wanted me to worry about anything but our son. So, he never discussed his business affairs with me nor tell me about any potential enemies. But Joe was his best friend and surely, they discussed everything. He’s been very supportive and he’s like an uncle to Nick, they spent most of their time together and you could have sworn they were blood brothers. I’m sure he’ll be glad to help as he also wants the ba - bastards, to be nailed.” she said, murmuring the word.

“Mrs. Domingo can you tell me where to find this Mr. Joe” agent Reiley said rolling his eyes

“He is Joseph Ferguson and lives in Dunkeld, it’s an hour’s drive from here, he’s a busy man and usually travels, but right now he’s at home since he wanted to make sure that we were coping here.” said Kathy with her arms folded

“What business is he in Mrs. Domingo?”

“He owned Dimensions Incorporated a media and advertising management company and was an executive, board chairman and shareholder at New Developments Advertising Agency.” Maria came in with two glasses and a jug of passion fruit and lemonade and some Irish home baked biscuits and poured for them both.

“Here you are ma’am, and here sir, please enjoy!”

“Merci Maria!” she said with a smile

“Pleasure ma’am” she replied as she left the room.

“These are lovely tasting biscuits Mrs. Domingo, if I had to live on these every day, I’d look like a police officer stuffed with doughnuts.” said the agent laughing at the thought.

“Yes, that’s one of Maria’s treats, I’ll remember to thank her on your behalf.”


“Back to where we were Mrs. Domingo,” he said with a focused facial expression after a brief moment of savoring his biscuits and drink, “can you please give me the address for Mr. – uhm – Mr. …” he tried remembering

“Mr. Ferguson, agent. His address is 18th Brick Avenue Number 030 in Dunkeld North.” Kathy corrected the agent who was writing it down on his notepad and motioning to stand up.

“Thanks for your co-operation Mrs. Domingo, I’ll keep in touch.” He said, holding out his hand towards Kathy for a handshake.

“Thank you, agent.” She held out her hand too while standing up “Please find these animals and bring them to justice agent Reiley!” she pleaded with him,

“I’m going to do my best Mrs. Domingo.” …

“Can I call Maria to see you out?”

“No thank you, I’ll see myself out ma’am.”

She stood there looking at agent Reiley disappearing through the hallway. She was hoping that they’d find the murderers soon, as she started reminiscing about her old times with Michael, Nick flew right in unexpectedly

“Mommy look what I got you!” he showed his mother the rose he picked out from the garden “Honey it’s beautiful, thank you very much!” she said as she hugged him

“I love you mommy.” He said with a smile

“I love you honey!” Nick is only six years old and he was very understanding for his age and was supportive to his mother and tried to be the shoulder she could lean on; he had brown hair and a tanned skin with blue emerald eyes just like his dad

“You know baby, you remind me so much of daddy, the hair, the eyes, and your face’s shape. I will always be here when you need me understand?”

Nick nodded and said, “Mommy I will always be here to support you and remind you of daddy too.” He smiled up at his mom.

“Nick, you’re so dirty, go get Maria to clean you up, go now!” she said tickling him and he rushed off to find Maria. Kathy laid down on the couch and tried to relax her body. She was right, Nick was all she had now besides the money left by Michael. She told herself that she’s going to live for her son and wouldn’t let anything keep them apart – while lying on the couch thinking, she dozed off and was woken by Maria’s voice,

“Ma’am, the sun has set and dinner will be ready in an hour.”

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