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Chapter 3: Ulvarg Unleashed

Chapter 3: Ulvarg Unleashed


“Master Dwarf… I want to thank you for taking me into your care. I can not seem to remember what exactly happened. Last I recall, I was on a farm where it was covered in snow.” Ulvarg cleared his throat, scratching his beard right underneath his chin. Skjall only raised his left eyebrow in response.

“Uhm… Is something wrong, Master Dwarf?” Ulvarg felt rather uncomfortable with the awkward eyebrow, unsure how he should handle this situation. He did not feel a need to become violent or rash, clearly understanding that it was this dwarf that brought him back to health.

“My boy.” Skjall turned his attention to his farmhouse through the window and then looked back at Ulvarg, clearing his throat while shifting into a comfortable position.

“You fell out of the sky… There was a large hole inside of your chest… Do you see where I am going with this?” Skjall threateningly questioned. Ulvarg placed his hand where the wound used to be, thinking of a way to avoid bloodshed.

“There was no chance at all that you could have survived it. But you did, how?” Skjall’s voice deepened as he cornered Ulvarg. He leaned forward while observing the living corpse.

“I have no idea, Master Dwarf…” Ulvarg tried to brush off the conversation with a chuckle.

“We both know that it is not true. You are from a different kind of wolf, are you not?” Skjall asked once again, clearing his throat while placing his hand on the ring. Ulvarg’s smile faded when noticing the sudden hostility he received. His eyes lowered to the ground as he refused to lie more, keeping silent for just a few more moments to find the right words.

“I will not tell anyone, my boy. I would only like to know the truth, are you my enemy, or my friend? We are friends are we not? We might not know each other yet, but I would like to know who you are. I already know your secret, so there is no point in hiding it.” Skjall confidently spoke, moving to the window and leaning against the wall to see how beautiful and peaceful the night sky is.

“My name is Ulvarg," Ulvarg responded, taking a deep breath and hoping that he can find a peaceful solution to Skjall’s intimidation. Skjall’s eyes widened, turning his attention in an instant to Ulvarg.

“I am guessing that I am on the other side of Midgard. I was dragged into a rift of some kind where I lost my best friend and wife, she was with child…” Ulvarg slowly said, counting his words to prevent any provoking sentences. Skjall cleared his throat and scratched his flaming head with a shaking hand.

“You are THE Ulvarg? The dark wolf? Are you who I think you are?” Skjall stuttered while questioning. Ulvarg felt confused about this question, shrugging his shoulders.

“Who might that be, Master Dwarf?” He politely asked as he leaned forward with a frown.

“The legendary wolf who fought against his brother to protect, Laufi, the city of immortality?” Skjall avoided the question he initially wanted to ask and took a different approach. He was trembling inside with fear when he heard that the brother of Ognar has returned.

“Master Dwarf… I did not save anyone, I could not care less about those men and women who enjoy feasting on other beasts. I only wished to save my wife from a vile demon. How is it exactly that you know about this, it happened only two nights prior?” Ulvarg scratched his head in anticipation of a clear answer. Skjall found comfort in the fact that Ulvarg had no idea what has happened.

“My Boy… You will be very disappointed with the answer I am about to give you. What happened in Laufi, happened nineteen winters ago. Everyone in Midgard knows about this! Even the late King Ragnar praised you with a statue in the city of Stormgard before his untimely death!” Skjall uncomfortably rallied to boost Ulvarg’s morale before it could sink, slamming his hands firmly against Ulvarg’s shoulders. The grip tightened as he lost himself in the confused eyes of the wolf. He had to gain Ulvarg’s trust before the truth came to light.

“It is unfortunate that you do not care about the people… But at least there is a statue…” Skjall awkwardly chuckled and shook Ulvarg’s shoulder. Those words did not put ease into Ulvarg’s mind. He pulled himself away, lowering his head despondently, praying that all of this should be nothing more than an endless nightmare which he should emerge from. It felt like a sword pierced his heart, twisting more and more to make him suffer for the evil he has brought into this world.

“Master Dwarf…” Ulvarg quietly said when he heard a stampede in the distance, overhearing some men wishing to capture Skjall. Ulvarg stood up and walked towards the door, inhaling the truth for just a second. His eyes filled with puddles of salty water as he tried to comprehend how he lost nineteen winters of his life. He did not know where to start searching for Andvil and his child, not knowing where Igor might be, not knowing where he can find Ognar.

“Do you know what happened to the others of my group?” A tear gently strolled down his cheek as he frowned heavily. The silence was too loud for Ulvarg and Skjall realized that this poor boy was not ready for the truth.


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