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Chapter 4 : The Wolf And The Fox

Chapter 4: The Wolf and The Fox


  “Why did you not just end his life, my boy?” Skjall questioned with fear as he walked over the many corpses on his premises. Ulvarg stood frozen in his tracks, gazing at the lifeless body before him.

  “I could not. They reek of my kind. I would guess that they were hunters of my kind perhaps.” Ulvarg responded unsure, inhaling deeply and then turned his attention to the star-filled sky.

  “He did not deserve such fate. You should have just ended it, that was inhumane!” Skjall said with a displeasing stare, tripping over a loose limb from the fourth man Ulvarg killed. He stared disgustingly at the leg, calculating in his mind how much power Ulvarg had to have to cause such a brutal blow.

  “I do what I wish. They came in a large number, which clearly says to me that they came to wreak havoc. I do not want to be reminded of my past and you feel grateful that I did what I did.” Ulvarg responded with a harshly, turning around to face Skjall with a despondent gaze.

  “There will be no Valhalla for those who can not fight honorably.” Skjall scoffed and frowned heavily.

  “Do you fear the same fate?” Ulvarg immediately asked.

  “N-n-n-no. The gods already placed me on a path where I will find honor.” Skjall stuttered, losing the frown in the sudden question. Ulvarg sighed and began to pick up the loose limbs on the ground. Some limbs scattered far away from the violent attacks, others went as far as to be located on the rooftop of the barn and the shed in which Ulvarg recovered.

  “Quite confident. I like that.” Ulvarg sarcastically said, getting a distinct feeling that something might be hidden within the dwarf’s heart. Skjall frowned at Ulvarg and then whistled to his wife.

  “I will find our light so that we can clean up this mess before others arrive.” Skjall distantly sad, trying to keep his stomach in check as he picked up the limb almost tripped over.

  “You should tend to your children, Master Dwarf. I can do this by myself. Before sunrise, the blood and corpses will be gone. There will be no trace of it, even if more of them arrive, there will be no proof that you had any involvement. Go find some peace within your home.” Ulvarg grunted, tossing the limbs onto a pile, reaching for the bodies which were closest to him and tossing them onto the pile as well. Skjall took a deep uncomfortable breath and nodded, feeling grateful that he does not need to spend the night cleaning his farm from the massacre.

  “Thank you, this is a real shite show. I will ask my wife to bring you a light and some rags.” Skjall said, turning around and rushing to the house.

  “Leave the light. Go enjoy your evening, Master Dwarf!” Ulvarg shouted as he picked up a heavy corpse. The mounts of the men panicked and neighed when Ulvarg came close. Skjall responded with a loud conformation hum. When he reached the door, Rine opened it. Her eyes staring straight at Skjall with intense fear.

  “D-d-d-does he n-n-n-need any help?” She stuttered. Skjall pushed his wife gently backward.

  “Let the boy take care of this. I believe we need to give him some peace. Everything will be all right, do not worry.” Skjall chuckled, kissing his wife on the lips and then closing the door behind him. He spotted his children staring through the window, amazed at Ulvarg which changed into a large wolf that walked on two legs.

  “I said that he needs peace! Go back to your rooms! We will have a very busy day tomorrow!” Skjall strictly shouted, scaring the children to stop peeping. The children ran to their rooms as fast as they could. Having an angry father was more frightening because they knew if Skjall slept upset, then he would make them plow the fields the whole day.

  “What is wrong with kids these days? Back in the day, we had to hide under tables or even in secret passages. Now the kids look through the windows like they are begging for trouble!” Skjall mumbled to himself and walked towards a comfortable bench he made for the family. He built this house for two winters in total. The house is decorated inside with fine cut timber and even a fancy fireplace made from marble. Two torches lit the interior of the house perfectly, revealing a comfortable couch in the living room where they were. Next to the living room was a small kitchen with many cupboards with all kinds of herbs and snacks. In the middle of the kitchen was a single round dwarf-sized family table with four chairs, prepared for breakfast.

  “Skjall… I am going to get some rest. I think that there has been enough excitement for one day.” Rine disappointingly said. Skjall turned to look at his wife.

  “Don’t you want to stay here for a while?” He asked curiously.

  “There is a beast on our land. I do not even know if he can be trusted yet, you act like nothing is wrong! Are you losing your mind?! You should have left when you had the chance!” Rine violently yelled. Skjall frowned at his wife as she scolded him.


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