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Chapter 7 : Haunted

Chapter 7: Haunted


The guard rushed towards Ulvarg, striking for his heart.

  “TO ARMS!” The other guard yelled just as he left the beaten dwarf. A garrison on the outside could be heard rumbling by command of a captain as they left their posts to pursue the threat. Ulvarg countered the guard and grabbed hold of the sword’s hilt. He began to thrust it towards the other guard, piercing the other guard in the neck and then pushed the first guard against the cell’s barriers, disarming the guard in the process. Skjall crawled to the corner as the commotion proceeded to a more violent phase. Ulvarg spun the hilt in his hands, smiled and then pointed it towards the uninjured guard.

  “You do not know what you are dealing with, You Filth!” The guard tried to convince himself that reinforcements would arrive before he would perish by the hands of a demon.

  “Those are the last words you chose? That is kind of cliché, don’t you think?” Ulvarg mocked, he did not need to go further than his limit. He felt comfortable enough being in a human form, yet the speed and strength were all that he needed. As a beast, true in his nature, he felt weak. Prey in the wilds of the wood, but as a human, he felt free. Free to roam wherever he wants, free to walk in a city without people having an unpleasant attitude towards him or his beloved wife. His eyes changed back to normal, lowering the sword and then nodding to the guard to run away. The guard’s eyes felt deceived, it was as if this animal toyed with his emotions.

  “Give me the keys to the prison cells on the lower level. Then get out of here, and shut the door behind you.” Ulvarg instructed. The guard withered as he pulled the keys from the back of his belt.

  “And now I am questioning you even more.” Skjall despondently sighed.

  “What do you want there?” The guard asked just as Ulvarg took the key.

  “You should get moving. I can smell the fear on you. I can smell the beasts that lurk deep inside. Do not make me change my mind.” Ulvarg turned towards Skjall. The guard looked at his companion. The two were always on the same shift, patrolling together and even torturing their victims together. He was the closest friend that he could ever ask for. The guard decided to move slowly towards his fallen friend, the closer Ulvarg went to Skjall. Despite the fear inside, Ulvarg had to suffer for taking his friend’s life. His arm reached closer to the sword, closer, closer. The guard raised his eyes to look at Ulvarg’s movement.


“I warned you.” The guard gasped at Ulvarg.

Ulvarg struck the sword down as quickly as the eye could blink. Skjall did not even have a chance to blink, just to watch the first guard’s body split in half. Ulvarg turned his attention back to Skjall.

  “Master Dwarf, we need to leave.” Ulvarg reached his hand towards Skjall. The dwarf gracefully accepted the offer and regained his footing as Ulvarg began to pull.

  “This is a shite show… We killed two of their men, or actually, you killed two of their men.” Skjall disgustingly said. The warm smell of blood and innards of the abdomen had an ominous smell to it. Ulvarg walked over the two corpses and turned towards the direction the guards first went. His mind lingered on the thought of being a monster.

  “Are we going to free your friend?” Skjall curiously raised the question.

  “Yes," Ulvarg answered with little focus.

  “Ahh, the plot thickens. A masterful dwarf and a godly wolf…” Skjall boasted with his hands turned into fists.

  “Shut up.”Ulvarg rudely interrupted. Skjall’s sensitive speech dwindled into silence.

  “You can boast when we are done. Now you should keep quiet and not disturb a single thing.” Ulvarg quickly said as they closed in on the door leading to the lower floors.

  “Are there dangerous things down there?” Skjall eagerly questioned. Ulvarg and Skjall halted at the door. Ulvarg began to look through the keys to find the lock of the door.

  “There are almost a hundred to two hundred guards ready to fight us. Fourteen of them are on their way towards us. I can smell giants and trolls down here. I can also smell others of my kind. Then there is this, sinister feeling, almost like many different beasts are merged into one. The smell is a little intimidating, to be honest.” Skjall felt impressed hearing that Ulvarg is indeed a beast but he is more human than any beast. The door opened. It had a small room with some torches and equipment for the guards on a table. The room was cozy enough for two people to move in. Skjall rushed to the table to grab an axe which hid beside it.

  “A dwarf without an axe, is like a pipe without some stacks… of tobacco.” Skjall chuckled. He reached for the sheathe which also lied beside the table and then sheathed his weapon. Ulvarg closed the door behind them and locked it. He moved over to the table and dragged it in front of the door. There was a small window high in the wall, just big enough to illuminate the darkness of the room. Ulvarg grabbed a torch and handed it over to Skjall.


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