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Chapter 8 : The Heartless

Chapter 8: The Heartless


A few moments earlier…


  “Kal, you imperial ass-face, The hound is still unconscious. That dwarf, on the other hand, is as annoying as usual.” The captain of the guard said while entering the highest room in the lookout tower overlooking all of Harkenshield Prison.

  “Olaf would not be pleased when he returns. It has been quite a few days and time is running short.” Kal answered. He had a high pitched voice, wore a blood-red robe with ancient carvings inscribed on to it. The captain grunted and moved closer to see what the druid was planning. Kal stood at a table, paging through endless books and scrolls to search for the “Key” which Olaf wants. The captain has been jealous of Kal since the whole prison has been constructed. The Druid barely left his tower, always commanding those beneath him. The captain spotted a comfortable chair next to the hovering bed of the druid. His whole room was covered in thick branches and animal pelts, even some beast skin as decoration. There were two windows in his room, one above the table where Kal stood and another on the opposite side close to the stairs. From Kal’s perspective, the whole prison was in front of him. He mainly studied in the art of destruction, ranging from fire to darker spells and incantations.

  “Olaf will only find disappointment in you.” The captain expressed his dislike firmly. Kal did not care, neither did he have to. Olaf has always seen him as the superior officer at the prison. He was the mastermind instigating chaotic plans to his master.

  “When you are done being a child, let us speak of more pressing matters.” Kal sighed and snapped his fingers, commanding branches to clear the table for the time being. The captain rolled his eyes and leaned forward.

  “Did you find any information from the other hound, ‘Captain’?” Kal sniffed with a displeasing gaze.

  “He almost grew his limbs back, so we cut it off again. It is still the same story as usual, “I have no idea what happened that day…” and so forth.” The captain answered.

  “What about the other subjects?” Kal asked.

  “One of your pets below the hound began learning how to manipulate fire. They do not take commands from anyone. The elder on the fourth floor is still a daft cunt, he bit the ear clean off of one recruit. Your possessed freaks on the third floor made two other recruits commit suicide, jumping off the stairs to end their misery. The other two are still the same. The giants grunt and try to kill us, the trolls want to eat us.” The captain laid back in the chair.

  “What? ‘MY SUBJECTS?’ That will not do. Send two guards down to the sixth floor to remove them from this world. I was hoping that I could merge the blood of those beasts…” Kal disappointingly mumbled.

  “Why do you not go do it your self?” The captain pushed himself up to leave.

  “How dare you!?” Kal wrathfully questioned.

  “Send those two guards down, NOW! Otherwise, you will join your recruits!” Kal’s voice echoed through the tower and over the prison, awakening Ulvarg from his unconscious state. The captain spat towards Kal, cleared his throat and spat again before leaving. Kal felt furious with the captain’s disloyalty. He went to the window and overlooked the prison. There was a large wall around the prison, flat-surfaced and also high enough to keep giants inside. The prison had more than four hundred men working, fifty were cleaners and hunters, the other were guards and trainers. The prison was built against a mountain with four buildings inside the wall, one was the storeroom, one was the barracks, one was the prison itself and then the lookout tower. The face of the prison’s building was facing towards Kal. There was a single entrance only. Kal watched the captain walking to two veteran guards. They laughed for a moment and then the guards went inside the prison. Other guards were sitting around and some assisted the cleaners in fixing the cracks by patching the wall with mud, small stones, and sticks. There was still a large corpse in the far corner of the prison grounds. The cleaners struggled to cut the meat of this gigantic ogre. Outside of the prison were two farms, one chicken and one pig. The cleaners were instructed to take the meat to the pig farm to dispose of it. Kal turned his attention to the table once more, snapping his fingers for the branches to return his papers.

The captain walked to some guards sitting close to Ulvarg’s cell, hiding from the others.

  “What are you men doing?” He asked, catching the guards drinking while on duty. They hid perfectly behind a tree so Kal could not see them, now they made a mistake for being too reckless.

  “Uhh… Drinking captain.” The one guard nervously replied.

  “Drinking on duty? Well well…” The captain reached his hand out to the guards. These young men had a look of ‘shitting themselves’ all over their faces.


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