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Chapter 9 : Fight Fire With Fire, Added With Fire

Chapter 9: Fight Fire With Fire, Added With Fire


  “Watch the flank!” A guard yelled desperately while fighting head-on with a troll. Smoke filled the air as some guards were possessed by the demons held on the third floor. Echoes cried for help when some brave men ventured into the prison building to hold off the beasts. Giants broke rocks from the cave overhead and threw it towards guards underneath. The rampant old man ran around biting and slicing all for his amusement.

Kal took no chances in allowing any surviving filth, burning all in his path as they came to him. Some guards focusing on the trolls were soon the victims of gruesome death, Kal threw fire in all directions to prevent any flank planned on him. He saw a man hiding close to the lookout tower, behind a tree and four crates. The crates were stacked with two on each other and two being on either side. He conjured a mist that took control of the guard hiding, forcing him to charge head on to the rampant man.

  “Do not let these beasts escape! Kill them where they stand!” Kal instructed furiously, throwing fire towards the giants overhead. The flames missed a female giant just as she was about to throw a boulder, concealing the area to escape in a wall of fire. Most of the men and beasts alike screamed from the injuries they obtained fighting. Those who were possessed were soon burned into a crisp before they could escape, forcing the spirits to be stuck in a body with no able movement. Trolls which first enjoyed killing found themselves lying, cut into pieces or burned to the bone.

The rampant man charged towards Kal, laughing hysterically with a knife. He took a stab at Kal’s throat, missing just enough so Kal could still counter him. The rampant man managed to scrape a piece of Kal’s main artery, but it was not enough to stop Kal. It made Kal so furious that he drew energy from those around him and then exploded with fire, engulfing all who were in a radius of two hundred meters. The buildings were set ablaze, the lookout tower’s stairs were also set ablaze, due to the wood. The giants could not do anything, rushing back to their cell in fear of burning to death. Kal found himself exhausted after that. There were no living creature or man to be seen around him. The smoke soon thickened as the trees and stock of the guards were pillars of flames. The sight made Kal chuckle, inside of his mind he could feel the gods bowing to his will. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and laughed.

  “The world will be cleansed with fire!” Kal’s rage did not end there, he had to feel more power, he needed to prove to Olaf that he was indeed the most powerful soldier in his command. He had to feel the fear of others. The giants were a perfect target, to think, one young giant burning in front of its parents would satisfy his needs drastically. He walked towards the prison building, kicked away the dust leftover from the corpses. There was still one guard alive, dragging his broken body through the flames to a place where he could find peace in death. The man pleaded to the Gods to aid him, he cried knowing that his family would never be seen again, fearing that he might never see the hall of Valhalla. Kal found this guard a disgrace and used his hand to draw out the nerves and muscles from the man, leaving him to lay alive without any movement. In Kal’s eyes, when a warrior does not die in battle, then he should die a fool’s death. Kal walked towards the door close to him, entering the building to execute the giants in their cell. There were dungeons of monsters and humans which he could experiment on, not too far from here. As he walked passed the blood-stained walls, he could hear a thick voice running and panting.


“Come you f-at bastard!” Skjall grunted as he pulled Igor up the stairs with one hand, the other held the torch firm enough to almost bend the metal handle. He heard Ulvarg and the creature fighting brutally, then silence to take form, then it began again for a few moments. He was unsure what exactly could happen, unsure if Ulvarg was victorious or not. It scared him to a point where he does not wish to look. He almost reached the gate to the giants. He threw the torch into the corridor out of their way and then rushed with Igor to the gate. The massive gate was bent, just enough for a large man to walk through. The cell was more of a palace, with thick chains snapped in half. The room had eight massive pillars on each side with chains attached to each of them. Skeletons of giants laid around scattered, stretching to the other side. Skjall saw the giants hiding in the darkest corner. There were two torches on each pillar, at the end both torches were dead. He dragged Igor to the opposite side, praying that the giants would not rush to attack them, but they did not. They just stood tight against each other, holding each other for comfort from their worst fear, fire. The giants were not as massive in scale as the tales told. They were just a little higher than his barn, with almost human-like features. Giants had a strange face, with a nose like a human, eyes like an elephant and a mouth almost like a gorilla. They grunted to one another to feel safe, holding the young giant far in the back, pampering and stroking each other. They had skin just as a human has, with arms thicker than a tree. The blue and gray skin was a condition the giants would obtain when they did not see the sunlight for a long time.

  “Hello…” Skjall awkwardly greeted when he compared the scale of him and the one male giant staring at him.


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