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Chapter 10 : Finale

Chapter 10: Finale


  “P-P-Please…” Kal’s breath gurgled deeply. Ulvarg moved towards Kal, kneeling at the side of his body and placing his hand on Kal’s wounds to inspect. There was no way that he could help this man, preventing a quick death would only leave this man in a state of torment. The customs of a warrior state that a man dying by battle is an honorable death, but Kal was maimed.

  “Why should I?” Ulvarg questioned, something about this man-made him feel sympathy, yet it felt like this man was only pleading for his life because of fear.

  “I-I-I can… Help you-u.” Kal turned his head to see Ulvarg more clearly, his eyes stiff from the will to stay alive.

  “Are you the one who was in charge here?” Ulvarg questioned, raising himself to see if the creature would return to life, then kneeling again to speak when there was no movement from the decapitated demon. There were enough moments left for Kal to speak. Ulvarg felt a premonition that if he chose to save this man, there would be dire consequences.

  “N-No. Olaf is the l-l-lead-er. I-I-I-I am just the messenger.” Kal stuttered from the pain. To fathom that it would feel as terrible as this was an understatement.

  “That does not answer my question. You see, my friend was tortured, brutally, and I have no sympathy for you or anyone here. Those who followed Olaf will not have another chance at living. I can hear the fire burning on the surface, which tells me that everything alive up there, are dead. There were only three beings here able to wield some form of fire-related abilities, you, me and that.” Ulvarg altered his body to be human-like, pointing to the creature while there were still a few flames crackling around them. Kal’s eyes broadened, for Ulvarg would not assist him.

  “I was instructed by Olaf! He is up there, waiting in an ambush for you! I can h-HELP!” Kal pleaded, gobbing some blood and saliva out. Ulvarg responded with a chuckle, stroking his beard with one hand. Kal had to figure out a way to bend Ulvarg to his will.

  “The D-D-Dwarf! He has been l-l-lying! You can-n not t-trust h-him!” Kal quickly said the second Ulvarg appeared to be disinterested.

  “Why is that?” Ulvarg curiously asked, wondering when this man saw Skjall. He placed his hand which stroked the beard in the deep wound of Kal’s stomach. Kal cringed with a dead stare into Ulvarg’s eyes.

  “HE BUILT THE CONTRAPTION FOR YOUR BROTHER!” Kal accidentally spat, breathing increasingly more when Ulvarg squeezed harder. Ulvarg forced his hand deeper into Kal’s wound, twisting inside to exact revenge in case something happened to Skjall.

  “You should speak while you can!” Ulvarg demanded, grabbing with his index and middle finger a part of Kal’s innards.

  “AAAHHHH! Your brother found him and built a portal to the other realms! That is why you fell from the sky at his house, that was the same place you went to all those winters ago!” Kal gulped and then vomited some blood due to the increasing pain.

“What!? Tell me more!” Ulvarg could see that Kal was almost at his limit to snap, extracting information was a priority for now. He could always deal with Skjall a bit later when things have settled down. There had to be a reason why Skjall did not explain things to him, yet the more he knew about Skjall, the less he wished to.

“W-w-we were instructed-D to find f-f-f-f-f-four items! Igor knew where they were-e-e! But he only t-t-t-t-told us of only o-o-one!” Kal cried from the pain, wishing that he still had limbs to numb the pain with an incantation. Ulvarg pulled his hand from Kal’s innards.

  “That is good. I do not care what you speak of the dwarf. You said enough to me to know that our fates would never intertwine again. Good luck on this path and send my regards to my enemies.” Ulvarg mocked, spitting into Kal’s face and then walking to a boulder which could lift him to the stairs.

  “W-w-w-wait!” Kal cried.

  “No. You made the first mistake to lie to me. Your clothes are more valuable than this prison. Which meant that you are the one who tortured all these beasts. Make your peace with the Gods, it will not be a quick death for you.” Ulvarg snickered, feeling rather righteous at the choice he made.

  “W-what!? P-p--please! I c-can HELP! Don’t do this! T-there is a p-p-potion in m-m-my t-t-tower w-w-which can h-h-heal me! If-f you help m-m-me then I w-w-will t-take you t-t-t-to Olaf!” Kal pleaded for an opportunity to aid him in cheating death. This was the worst way a man could die, tortured and brutalized in a battle to be left for dead.

  “I will keep that in mind, thank you. I can use that potion on Igor then. Fuck you are useful, it is a shame I don’t want to keep you. Mhm.” Ulvarg’s sarcastic answer made Kal furious. Ulvarg walked to the boulder leading to the stairs, placed one foot on to leap. It would take acrobatic skills to reach the top, thankfully most of the rubble left from the fight left a large enough passage to the exit of the giants.


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