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Chapter 12 : Brotherly Lies

Chapter 12: Brotherly Lies



  “He said that you fought a giant not too long ago?” The recruit curiously asked.

  “We did! HAHA! Tell them about the story, Ul-uhh-Ulmand!” Ulvarg frowned at Igor’s failure of improvisation.

  “Before you do! Let’s introduce you to our brothers!” The young recruit stood up and smacked the table a few times to quiet down the crowd. The jarl and his wife grinned at the men and women feasting.

  “There is no need.” Ulvarg insisted, shaking his head side to side with an awkward smile.

  “No no no! Please, they need to know that the giant slayers came into our presence!” The young recruit climbed onto the table and kicked food aside.

  “Brothers! Two of our brethren came to join us on the travel to Kraken’s Cove!” The crowd hysterically cheered as they welcomed Ulvarg and Igor. Ulvarg began to eat while he had the chance.

  “They came from Harkenshield Prison! It was a tragedy that happened there. My uncle, Kal, the man who made that Prison what it was, fought and died bravely there. Igoth told me of their mission…” The recruit stretched out his hands and spoke clearly. Ulvarg frowned at the names Igor chose for them, in a sense it was too obvious.

  “These two brave men were tasked in retrieving a beast that broke out of the prison, when they arrived the prison was in ruins, with a giant still roaming! Our commander, tasked them to fight the giant! It escaped with its life, but they found it and slew it! These two men slew the giant Brokkvir!” They cheered and shouted at the recruit. The recruit sat down again and joined the feast once more. The crowd returned to do what they do best, fight, make noise and drink. A bulky dark-haired warrior pushed Ulvarg and Igor aside and then sat in the middle of them.

  “You should not tell this prick your tales.” The man jokingly said.

  “Fuck yourself, Bo.” The recruit chuckled.

  “His name is Leif. Not very creative in our customs, but he is good with a bow. So tell me, uhh…” Bo stretched his voice for a while so Ulvarg can introduce himself.

  “Ulmand.” Ulvarg answered disinterestedly.

  “Ah yes. How did it feel to slay a giant? Just the two of you?” Bo moved closer into Ulvarg’s personal space.

  “The same as it feels to kill a human.” Ulvarg coldly answered and turned his attention to Bo.

  “Hehe. Good. We can talk about this tomorrow! We have a very long four days ahead of us!” Bo stood up, grabbed Ulvarg’s cup of ale and emptied it. Ulvarg stood up and grabbed Bo’s hand just as he was about to throw the cup away. The crowd became silent.

  “Pour me another one.” Ulvarg’s displeasing tone made Bo feel that he made a mistake. Bo responded with a smile and walked over to his side to grab some ale, returning with a full flask. Ulvarg reached out for the ale.

  “Oops.” Bo intentionally dropped the flask on the floor, spilling all the ale and smiling menacingly to challenge Ulvarg.

  “Here take mine!” Leif quickly interrupted, holding a half-filled mug of ale to Ulvarg. The jarl indicated to the guards to be prepared in case a fight broke out. Ulvarg spat towards Bo and went back to his seat.

  “Don’t pick a fight with him!” Leif harshly whispered, placing the cup by Ulvarg.

  “I am not scared of him," Ulvarg mumbled and continued eating.

  “He is the most dangerous man here! He speaks directly to our commander, Torsten!” Leif went for the few pieces of the chicken carcass’ left, which had the most meat. Ulvarg and Igor discontinued their meal, lifting their eyes to look at Leif. The fat from the pork dripped off of Igor’s chin.

  “Torsten The Cold…?” Ulvarg concealed his question as best he could. This was not a good sign to him or Igor.

  “Yes… Some say that he is a wolf! He killed over a thousand people, do not let the same happen to you!” Leif felt uncomfortable with the situation but prayed that it would not lead them to Torsten.

  “We still have something to do before we leave tomorrow…” Ulvarg stood up and grabbed a few pieces for the road. Igor sighed and stuffed food in his mouth, then grabbed a flask of ale from the table and followed suit.

  “Where are you going!?” Leif questioned, rising from the table.

  “We were tasked at finding a spirit which hauls over the mountain at night!” Igor quickly answered and walked with Ulvarg out of the Mead Hall.


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