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His eyes fluttered open in the dark, the sound of something tapping frantically against his window dragged him out of his slumber. Groaning softly he sat up and looked at the time, 11:57pm, he stretched and stood up,he already knew who was knocking on his window, Bridgette Henderson.

She was a beautiful brunette with the bluest eyes he'd ever seen, smooth skinned and a beautiful smile that made his heart flutter and stomach turn. She was a librarian despite the fact she looked and was mistaken for a model or an actress at the first glance and the second, she was the heartthrob of everyone in the community and he was the only one who knew her deepest darkest secret. That,he was proud of yet never bragged about.

Rubbing the sleep away from His eyes he opened his window, there she was, the girl after his heart, in a state only he ever lived to see. She stared back at him with teary blue eyes that resembled an ocean in a storm, soft pink quivering lips and hands holding a knife covered in the blood of her recent victim, it was a sight he was used to already.

 "Is your your roommate home?" She asked in her British accent, she was originally from England but recently moved to America that year, she never told him why but he assumed her actions were catching up to her faster than a fire eating dry grass, she didn't move to America immediately though, she moved from country to country and settled in America which he was happy about. "No, he's gone for the weekend but he'll be back tomorrow for work" "oh good... Should I come in through the front door?" She asked timidly, he thought about it for a second, he lived in a rented home where all the houses looked alike, he also had weird lurking neighbours around who stay out late "no, just come in here" he said and opened the window then helped her into the room. Once she got in he left the window open so that the moon could illuminate the room and serve as a light, he held her bloodied hand and guided her into his bathroom and closed the door, then switched on the light. He blinked to adjust to the light then looked at her. He noticed three things, her hair fell over her shoulder which was unusual, he also noticed she had a little make up on her face that was smudged off and her knee length dress covered in blood. She was sniffling "calm down" he said reassuringly  as he lead her to the sink. Turning the tap he washed the blood off her hands and proceeded to wash his own, once he was done he turned off the tap and turned on the shower then he turned to her she was wiping her tears, her eyes red and a little swollen "get rid of the clothes, I'll get you something to wear" he said and walked out of the bathroom to his closet,picking out a comfortable onesie he walked back into the bathtoom. He was slightly taken aback by her lack of clothes and only underwear, he looked away with a blush spread across his features "sorry, I didn't think to knock" he said "its okay" she said, it took all his will to resist looking at her and hung the one piece clothing next to a towel kept specifically for her then he picked the dress on the floor and started walking towards the door with his head down, a blush still visible on his face and he could feel her gaze follow him as he walked away "Hector" she said he stopped and didn't look back at her "yes?" He replied "here" she said walking towards him and handed him a knife,he took the knife, that was a first. He walked out of the bathroom and locked the door behind him then made his way to the other bathroom, and  put her clothes in the washing machine and theb walked to the kitchen. After washing the knife  he prepared a hot chocolate tea and went back to his room, dropping both the knife and hot chocolate on the drawr besides his bed.

Hector sat on his bed, very wide awake. Who would still feel sleepy when a gorgeous lady was a bathing in their bathroom? He sighed and stared out if his window, he'll never get a chance with her he thought, she was way out of his league, he had his chance but also lost it. Besides it wasn't like she would go for him Sober. Sure, he was tall, had dark brown ruffled hair that fell over his hazel eyes which takes him nearly hours to fix every morning, some ladies may have called him cute and handsome but they never considered dating him, he was just a one time replacement for when one is bored and lonely. He'd come to terms with the fact that he'll remain single till he dies, he chuckled to himself "when they said engineers are forever single they weren't lying" he muttered. The sound of the bathroom door opening and closing snapped him out of his self deprecating thoughts, 'that was pretty quick' he thought and looked at her as she approached him. He couldn't stop staring at her, he was breathless, she was just about beautiful in anything and everything she wore, heck, even in blood. "Thank you" she said seating on his bed besides him, handing her the cup  he sat Indian style on his bed facing her "so, who was it this time?" He asked, she looked at the floor "Duke Harrell" she said softly, his entire demeanor changed "...Duke freaking Harrell...are you serious right now..." He said slowly "yes..." He closed his eyes and buried his face in his hands and cursed, putting his hand down he looked at her " save the story for later, what state is he in right now?" "As dead as he can be" she said handing him the empty cup which he kept on his drawer "of all the damn people in this state it had to be him?!" He muttered sighing in frustration, Duke Harrell was their age mate, he was the most popular guy in town, he was a doctor and all the girls wanted to be with him or even spend a night with him, and all the guys either hated or admired him. He was among the former, although as  much as he disliked Duke that didn't change the fact that his death would cause a huge commotion in the community. "Did anyone see you?" He asked "...no" she said her eyes filled with regret and tears "oh Bridgette... Why him of all people" he muttered rubbing his face with his hand in frustration "I'm sorry... You know well that I can't help it...I can't control myself" she said in a whisper, he sighed "I know.." " I think it'll be best if I stayed away from you...even I, don't know when I'll snap talkless of control myself, I don't know what I'll do without you if you were next" she said covering her face with her hands and sobbed "silly girl" he muttered staring at her, pulling her hands away from her face he lifted her chin up with his finger "how many times do I have to tell you that  I can take care of myself? Besides have you already forgotten how we met?" He asked softly, she bit her lower lip looking into his eyes through wet lashes and shook her head no.

Sage Greg

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