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Bridgette stayed in bed all day long. It was a Saturday and her day off work. She was staring at her ceiling vacantly when her phone beeped, picking it up she checked, it was a message from Duke Harrell, her eyes lit up and she smiled as she read the text 'hey beautiful, being thinking about you all day'  ' oh really? Must've been hard to concentrate at work' she sent, the reply came in quick 'ah yes. Very hard my dear. You have no idea' 'if it makes you feel better I missed you too' she sat up and waitied for a response.

Bridgette stared into the space, a smile playing on her lips as she remembered how he came up to her, his mischievous smile, his light blonde hair that fell over his dark forest green eyes. The way he walked up to her with a book as she was about to close the library. She had guys approach her before but he was different. The dominating aura around him, the way he spoke and asked about her, the way he payed attention to her every word, she found her self handing him her number before she even realized it. Despite it being two weeks they flirted and spoke as if they were dating but they haven't even being on a date. 

The beep of her phone snapped her out of her  thoughts . 'It actually does. So how was your day?' 'It was boring' she replied 'without me huh?' The reply came in with a winking emoji, she smiled biting her lower lip as she considered her reply 'I don't know...you tell me' she replied with a smirk 'then yes, besides my day was boring too, because I didn't get the chance to talk to you all day' 'aww aren't you a sweetheart' 'only to you sweetheart. Btw, I want to ask you something' 'sure go ahead' 'well, this isn't romantic I know, but i was hoping to take you out or in, on a date' Bridgette's eyebrows shot up, she wasn't expecting him to ask her out so soon but then again he was Duke Harrell the guy who did what he wanted how he wanted it, she wasn't complaining, no, she was excited, she did like him. Pondering for a while on how to respond without seeming too eager she sent a reply 'sure, when and where?' The reply came in fast 'I'm assuming that is a yes. Now and wherever you want' she smiled a light blush on her face 'you decide' she sent 'well... How about I come over and cook dinner for you?' Her eyes widened abit as she read the message, there was no way she could let him come to her apartment, she hadn't had time to clean it all day, okay maybe she did and was just feeling too lazy to do it but that was besides the point, but also he was well known, anyone could recognize him coming into her apartment . 'Didn't go grocery shopping today, how about I come over instead?' Biting her lower lip she waited for his response, 'sure why not' the reply came in, 'so what's your address?' She sent then stood up and went to her closet and picked out a dress then headed for the bathroom to fix herself, wearing a dress that stopped at her kneecap she tied her hair up in her usual pony tail and put on some make up, taking a step back she admired her work and walked out of the bathroom to her bed where her phone was, picking up the phone she saw he already sent her his address, sending him a text that she was on her way she walked out of the room and made her way out of the apartment.

Duke opened the door wearing an apron over a white long sleeved sweatshirt and white jeans, he smiled charmingly "hello dear, come in" he said welcomingly as he opened the door wider, she got in and took off her shoes, then wore the ones he kept in front of her. His apartment was spacious and very neat, his walls were white, and so were most of the furnitures  which weren't much. It almost look like a hotel, it was obvious he rarely spent his time at home from the way the furnitures looked, or he recently bought them, either way she could careless. 'Like it?' He asked as he closed the door behind her and held her hand guiding her to his kitchen "yeah. Its lovely, you sure love white" she said with a smile, he chuckled "yeah, it is a soothing colour" he said and let go of her hand, she looked around the kitchen, it was also white and very neat, she noticed a table set already, with some candles , a plate on each side of the table with two glasses and a bottle of champagne. "Almost ready" he said, Bridgette walked over to him near the stove and stared at the soup "a doctor that can cook well, looks good and lives well. Well ain't that a package" she said chuckling, he looked at her, mischief twinkling in his eyes and a smirk on his lips "a free package, for only you" he said taking her hands in his and pulled her to him and away from the stove. Lifting her up he placed her on the counter and stepped between her legs, a gasp escaped her smiling lips, "look at those muscles on you" she said teasingly, he chuckled and shrugged His shoulders, one hand was around her waist and the other rested on her exposed thigh, his hands caressing her skin, she shuddered a little " you're lighter than you think sweetheart" he said softly looking into her eyes, she blushed a little "oh I doubt it" she said slowly, losing her train of thought as she stare right back at him, he leaned forward and stopped inches away from her lips, she closed her eyes, taking that as an approval he kissed her once and pulled back a little then kissed her again, this time more urgently. His finger drew patterns on her soft skin as they started to make out a few seconds later.

The hotter it got the more her mind got clouded, she couldn't think clearly,she was slowly losing control, she wanted him, she wanted him bad. Then she felt it, the urge, deep down her belly, a desperation, a need, a want, for pain, for blood. All she could think of was wrapping her fingers around his neck and squeezing, 'no!' She thought, but the voice in her head which was hers was louder, she wanted to watch him struggle to breath, oh how she wanted to see the light in his beautiful eyes slowly fade and turn hallow, she wanted to touch his cold skin and his kiss his pale motionless lips. 'NO!'  She screamed in her head, the urge grew bigger as the voice in her head, the irrational desire driven part of her brain narrated what it wanted to do to him, meanwhile her rational side tried to hold on, this was Duke, she liked him. She could be intimate with him without extreme violence 'NO!' her irrational thoughts cut in loudly, it was so loud it was almost deafening. She couldn't, she didn't want to, the desire for violence filled her. Her legs wrapped around Duke's waist pulling him closer and her hands wrapped around his neck, her fingers digging into his skin, he gasped but didn't stop, his lips pulled up into a smirk against hers. Her irrational thoughts filled her mind again, she wanted to take a knife off the counter and stab his heart repeatedly, she wanted to drag the knife across his skin as his blood spurt out of him bathing her, she wanted to see the pain  and terror that'll fill his eyes. The way he would scream and the way his lips would part as his last breath left his body. She wanted nothing more than to tear him apart, and let his screams fill her ears and the scent of his blood fill her nose.

Sage Greg

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Story about: tragedy, lust, blood

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