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Duke  got put of his bathroom wearing his favorite sweatshirt and jeans, drying  his wet hair with a small towel, when he was done he spread it on a chair and took his phone from his drawer, almost instantly his stomach grumbled, he sighed, he hadn't eaten all day since he left for work. Walking to the kitchen he softly hummed to himself, his phone beeped. 'Yo bro, two days to go' the message was from a group which consisted of himself and his friends, Mike, Edmund and Shane. The message was sent by Mike, quickly texting a reply he dropped his phone and started to prepare PB&J sandwich . 'chill man, I'm working on it' he had sent. Mike was quick to respond 'suuure, we told you, you couldn't do it.. Just admit it man, its been two weeks already' Duke chuckled to himself ad he read it, once he was done with what he was doing he took his plate and phone to his seating room and got comfortable before replying 'what do you mean I couldn't? Bruh, I got her number the first time I approached which you couldn't even do' 'whatever, all we know is that by next tomorrow we want proof, if not our 100$ each' this time the message was from Edmund.  'Oh please, you know I never lose a bet' he replied taking a bite out of his sandwich 'well yeah, but she's diffetent' Shane sent, then two more messages came in right after another 'exactly, she doesn't seem like the type who would put out' Mike sent 'yo Shane, my girlfriend said that  Talia said she forgot her jacket at your place' Edmund sent  'damn.. did she? I was hoping we wouldn't meet after the other night' Shane instantly replied 'she's clearly looking for a reason to come over' Mike sent joining in on their side conversation 'dude I warned you to stay away from her, you know she's crazy and clingy ' Edmund sent. Duke read the messages while eating, once he was done he went to the kitchen,washed up and then went back to the couch, he already had alot of messages, 'hey, lay off him Ed.. You know crazy is his type' Mike sent 'well can't deny facts' Shane sent 'LOL' they both instantly replied, Duke stopped reading half way and sent Bridgette a text then got back to the group,  'where's Duke? Did he run away?' Mike sent with a laughing emoji 'yeah, probably trying to avoid the conversation about little Ms. B' Edmund sent with a smirking emoji 'still here' Duke replied and went out of the group to reply Bridgette then back into the group' 'what were you doing' the message came from Shane 'eating, anyways how about this, if I finish the bet today, I want 200$ each' 'he's crazy' the reply came instantly from Mike 'are you in or nah?' He sent a smirk playing on his lips, he got out of the group and replied Bridgette, then returned back to the group, checking and replying while responding to his friends 'this just got interesting' Edmund sent 'FCK it, I'm in. Mainly because I find it impossible that you will be able to achieve that tonight and I'm down to getting 200$ after you lose' Shane replied 'fine, I'm in ' Mike replied 'and you Ed?' Duke sent 'dont even have to ask me, I'm for sure in' 'so what's the proof gonna be?' Mike sent, 'a pic of her after we've done it?' Duke replied immediately 'I don't trust that, you could simply ask for nudes' 'okay a selfie with her in the background?' Duke replied again 'dont trust that either, you could simply Photoshop that' 'oh cmon! You're impossible' 'hey. I gotta get my moneys worth here' 'how about a video?' Edmund sent stopping the back and forth between Mike and Duke 'lol now it'll look like we're buying porn from Duke made by Duke' Shane sent 'here's one even better, you guys get to watch it live' Duke sent with a smirk on his face 'ooh fun, live porn' Shane sent 'enough with the talk about porn Shane and Duke explain' Edmund sent ' I could connect you guys to my CCTV' Duke sent 'now you're talking' Edmund replied instantly 'wait, so how is that gonna work if you're going to her place?' Mike sent, the other two agreed, with a smirk still on his face he sent a screenshot of Bridgette offering to come over and laughed as the fast responses came in 'FCK, I'm reconsidering agreeing to this bet' Shane sent 'same' Edmund replied 'you devil' Mike sent ' no take backs y'all. Haha' Duke sent with a full blown grin on his face 'alrigt alright. We aren't  so sure I'll happen yet so let's not get his hopes up yet'  Shane sent ' time for me to start preparing. I'll connect you guys soon'. 

After sending the last message he stood up and stretched, humming happily to himself as he made his way to the kitchen. He put on and took his time setting a table with empty plates, a candle two glasses and champagne. He  walked back and stared at the table 'too bad...we won't get to use you' he thought to himself and walked to the stove, keeping a pot on the stove he walked to the frigde and grabbed the groceries he bought on his way home and washed them, then he proceeded to take his time cutting them all perfectly, still humming to himself. Once was done he washed all the utensils and kept them on the counter to dry, then he poured water and the vegetables in it along with the spices. He smiled, now it was time to wait. Walking to the sitting room he sat on his couch and opened his laptop then switched it on, a few seconds later he connected his CCTV to his friends and sent them a message. Almost immediately his door bell rang, he got up and smirked at the CCTV camera then walked to the door.

Sage Greg

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Story about: tragedy, lust, blood

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