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"What was that about?" She asked quietly as he walked towards the kitchen of Duke's home "getting rid of evidence, knowing a guy like Duke i guessed he definitely would have a cctv and I was right" he said as he stopped and turn to her, giving her a once over "I'm assuming those are not your shoes, get rid of them if I'm right"he said, she nodded as a weird feeling stirred inside her, Hector was never the dominating type yet him being assertive and authoritative made him more attractive, she shook her head 'not the place or time' she said to her self as she walked to the front door to retrieve her shoes, she'd forgotten to change earlier in her fit of panic.

Hector grimaced at the sight and strong smell that hit his nose once he got into the kitchen, the kitchen was a mess, the burning, now black pot on the stove was emitting smoke that started to fill the room. An idea suddenly struck him. He walked over to Duke's twisted body and grabbed his arm, lifting it up it was dead weight but not yet completely heavy, he knew he could manage. He looked around the kitchen and checked the cupboards, then he found it. An aluminium foil. Picking it up he went to the counter and grabbed a rag like towel under the counter which he saw as he reached it. He cleaned the blood off the counter and pushed aside the utensils around then kept the foil over the counter, turning to Duke. Using all the strength he could muster he picked up the dead body and kept it lopsidedly on the counter then proceeded to start moping the blood off the floor. Bridgette came in and saw Hector sweating as he mopped the floor clean, his face had a permanent look, his brows furrowed and his lips in a grimaced as he concentrated. She said nothing, she didn't want to interrupt him. She couldn't also help but admire him, here was a guy who was willing to go to lengths for her to keep her safe ' I don't deserve him' she thought to her self. Wiping away the sweat he washed the mop and returned it to its original place. Hector picked up the dead body and leaned it on the stove, then he increased the fire. "Bridgette, you need to leave now." He said noticing her presence as he turned around "what do you intend to do?" She asked staring at Dukes face which slowly started melting due to the extreme heat. The smell of burning skin mixed with burnt food was sickening, Hector fought the urge to gag 'focus focus focus' he chanted in his head and walked over to her as he couldn't bare it much longer "I'm making it look like an accident, now leave so I don't have to worry about your safety" "b..but Hector... What about you?" "I'll come back for you" Hector said , he wasn't sure if it was possible if he was being honest, but he was willing to try. Not knowing what came over him he pulled her to him by the waist " I always will" he said to put her mind to ease and planted a kiss on her lips, if he wasn't coming back then at least he'd have the kiss they had as his last memory. "But I'm making no promises, if for any reason I don't come back, remember me and stay alive" with those words he pushed her towards the door, her eyes watered and she touched her lips with the tip of her fingers, his lips still lingered in her mind. "Go" he said, she turned and ran out of the house, knowing better than to argue. Bridgette hide near the neighbouring houses in the dark,Hector and Duke lived in the same area, but their houses were a little far from each other, Hector's house was down the street while Duke lived near the richer zone of the town. Suddenly there was a loud explosion, her eyes widened in horror and a gasp escaped her parted lips. Duke's house erupted in flames, she searched with her eyes, hoping he would come out at some point but he didn't, tears ran down her face as she stared at the flames eating the house away mercilessly. 

One after another, the lights in the nearby houses switched on. It was chaotic. People were frantic, she started to walk towards the crowd but a hand clasped her shoulder and pulled her back into the darkness, she turned around and there he was. Hector. He looked bad to say the least, he was not only bruised up but his clothes where burnt, nevertheless he had a smile on his face. He gasped in surprised as she pulled him in a tight embrace " I..I..I was so worried.. " she cried into his chest, he smiled, ignoring his fluttering heart and wrapped his arms around her "its alright...let's go now, we don't have time" he said into her ear. And with those words they released and ran blindly in the dark night, holding hands. The sound of the ambulance along with the sirens of the police cars filled the air. They finally made it to his house and slide in through the window and lied on the floor gasping for air. " are you alright?" Hector asked sitting up, she nodded and sat up too " good let's clean up"  he said getting up, he locked his window and gave her his hand which she took, he pulled her up to her feet and they stared into each others eyes for a few secs " I'll wait, you go in first" he said and let go of her hand then walked to his closet to get some cloths for them both. After a few mins they got in the shower one after another,  Hector came out of his bathroom drying his wet hair with a towel "so much laundry to do tomorrow" he muttered to himself yawning. She stared at him, wondering if the events of the night had affected him at all, it looked like it didn't " goodnight, I'm going to crash in my roommates room" he said walking towards the door "Hector..." He paused "yes?" He turned to look at her "if you don't mind... Could you... Hold me tonight?" She asked softly, he shrugged like it wasnt a big deal to him and walked towards her,  but deep down he was leaping with joy, he would get to sleep besides her, not only,hold her and feel her breath on his neck, her heartbeat would be close to his own, he couldn't ask for anything better that night. As he sat down besides her she asked " are you okay?"  He nodded and smiled "a little tired but nothing a nap couldn't fix, why did you ask?" " well I thought you might be bothered about what happened tonight since it was the first time you've ever seen the aftermath of my....you know...since the first time we met…" "seeing you safe and okay makes me forget the horrible events of the night" he said honestly as he took her hands in his, she felt her heart warm at his words and entertwined their fingers " why do you even put up with me" she said softly, almost to herself but he replied her "I can't help it... And there's nothing I can do, I just gravitate towards you... You're pulling on me like the moon" he paused, a smile playing on his lips, she chuckled "I'm serious hector.. I know you're qouting the song 'lala by the cab' " "guilty as charged" he said looking into her eyes, he sighed as he saw the look in her eyes " I honestly can't help it... To be honest with you, I feel crazy about you, because of you...I...I  throw away my morals into the trash, and I do things I could never see myself do in the past..you make me want to protect you forever despite the fact that you're uncontrollable.. Despite the fact that I can do nothing to stop you...forcing me to take you as you are which honestly..I don't mind he said with so much sincerity in his voice that her eyes filled up with tears " hey don't cry" he said worriedly , he let go of one hand and touched her face, caressing it, she bit her lower lip " I can't help it..." She used her free hand to wipe her eyes "you.. " she started "you are the stupidest" she said with a small sad smile "I know,I'm sorry" he said with a sheepish smile. They were silent for a while, holding hands. "Bridgette" he started looking at her with determination in his eyes "im sorry" he started, she raised an eyebrow " sorry for?" "Falling in love with you" he said, she looked into his eyes, her heart pounding in her chest leaving her breathless, meanwhile Hector felt relief, he finally had the courage to tell her, something about that night filled him courage "I..I can't..if we go beyond this..I may kill.." She paused not wanting to say you "this friendship... It is killing me already, its killing me not to hold you, see you everyday, hear your voice, your laughter.. Its a constant pain in my heart not to be able to touch you"  he said, his eyes fixated into hers. She bit her lower lip looking away, he chuckled, she looked at him curiously " I really am stupid" he said chuckling again, she stared at him sadly "the reality remains that I can't control my desires though" " honestly, I don't care, at least I'd die knowing you were doing what you desire" he said a smile playing on his lips she sighed " okay okay, I will stop"he said pausing then continued " nothing will make me change my feelings towards you, not even the fact that you kill people" "stop me" she said "what?" "Stop me" she said letting go of his hands " what are you sayi-" she cut him off as she placed her hands in his shoulders and pulled him to her, kissing him. His eyes widened in surprise but he quickly eased into the kiss and pushed her to the bed, in a swift motion he pulled away, his hands holding her wrists firmly above her head as he straddled her " are you sure?" He asked, she nodded "promise me to stop me if I lose control" she said "I'll try my best" he said and leaned in.

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