Under the Dark Clouds

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Chapter 7 part one

"Alright come on," Edwin says, wow it sounds funny to call him that. We arrive at this dark alleyway and there are lots and lots of motorcycles and......Oh my goodness he brought me to a motorcycle race! And what's worse these things are illegal! 

"Alright lets race!" Edwin yells and everyone cheers. "No! These things are dangerous!" I yell as he gets on the motorcycle. "Oh darling, you are going to hate it even worse." He winks and I look at him confused and I see girls sit back to back with the guys driving and they are getting strapped on and Edwin is the only one without one. 

Duh space is for you! My conscious yells and I think a turned pale.

"Come on!" He yells. "No! I am not risking my life on something so stupid!" I yell back and he sighs and gets up and whispers something into one of the guy's ear and they nod and he walks up to me. 

"Come here." He says and he hugs me. "Everything is going to be okay." He says and next thing you know he is tying my back to back with him. "No! No! Let me go!" I yell and he chuckles and picks me up on his back and I swear he is very....very strong! 

He sits down and I am forced to sit down. "Please get me off this thing! I don't want to die!" I scream but the motors just cover it. "Calm down and relax, this is going to be fun." He laughs and they start and I scream my lungs out and he was just laughing. 

All I was feeling was the wind hitting the back of my head and all I was seeing was lights pass and pass and pass by lighting speed and my hair is in my face. My heart was literally in my throat right now and all I could do is scream and beg Mr. grey eyes to stop but he won't. 

All I hear is ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM! I feel the motorcycle go up and I see myself falling downward and I scream even louder and he laughs even more. "Stop! Just stop! Stop right now!" I scream and he does stop but I noticed he had won and they let us go but I could not move at all and I was shaking like an earthquake. 

"Aw come on." Mr. grey eyes say I don't know why but I feel better calling him that then "Edwin." He picks me up and carries me to his car and sits me down and I did not talk at all the entire ride and as soon as he parks, I literally jump out the car and start walking back to my house.

"Damn your that mad?" He asks me. "Yes and I clearly told you I hate those things and you took me against my will!" I yell and he comes closer and I try to run back but he hugs me and I shake in his arms and I let a few tears out. "I'm sorry, that I'm not sorry because that was probably the best thing I had ever done and secondly we both came back alive." He smiles and I smile back. 

"Come on don't you think it was just a bit fun?" He asks looking into my eyes. "No." I pout and he chuckles. "I bet you did and I bet you want to laugh at the way you were screaming too." He mimics my screaming and I giggle and he chuckles and wipes my tears away and kisses my cheek and I inhale and he smiles. "See told you, you wanted to laugh." He says and I smile up at him.

"Just promise me you will not do it again," I whisper and he laughs and shakes his head. "I can't promise you that.....sorry." He kisses my forehead and moves apart from me. "Goodnight Boo." He smiles. "Good night Mr.Grey eyes," I say walking up to my house and my dad was waiting for me. 

"Um hi dad," I say awkwardly. "Where have you been all day? Sophia has been here all day waiting for you!" He yells. "I was hanging out with a new friend, plus you can't be mad at that because even you told me to go out and have fun.........well there you go and sorry I didn't call or anything but I'm back and safe. So nothing to worry about." I smile and hug him and kiss his cheek. 

"Good night daddy," I whisper and he smiles as I go upstairs. "Good night sweetheart." I hear him say and I enter my room to see Ruby wide awake and I see the time and it was 11 pm already, thank god tomorrow is Saturday. 

"Where were you?" She asks. "Who were you with?" She asks. "Okay well, I was with Mr. Grey eyes and You sleeping over tonight?" I ask and she nods.

"OMG like a date?! Did he kiss you?! How is he?! Is he a great kisser?!" She asks jumping. "No, we just hung out and he told me his name even though I feel that isn't his name, something tells me it really isn't tho." I say and she laughs "So you hung out with him, just to get his name?" She was laughing by now. "Yes, and his name is "Edwin." "I say. 

"Why quotations?" She asks me. "Because I don't believe him," I say changing into PJs. "Oh, why don't you believe him?" She asks. "I don't know but he did promise to tell me his name, so I guess I should, its probably because the name doesn't fit him." I shrug and she laughs.

"Alright well Let's go to bed." She says throwing a pillow at me. "Okay, good night," I say and I go to the bed and I fall asleep instantly.

"One! Two! Three!" I hear and I turn around and see motorcycle lights in my face and they pass by me in slow mode and I see Mr. Grey eyes and he winks at me but I felt this pain in my heart. As they pass by me I turn around and I see Mystery Man, then I guess they aren't the same person.


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