Under the Dark Clouds

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Chapter 7 Part Two

"What did you call me?" He asks grabbing my shoulder and I winch. "You heard me," I say sternly and he doesn't look at me. "Your name is Zainden isn't it?!" I yell and he leaves and starts walking on the road and I follow him. 

"You can't run! So why run!" I scream walking behind him. "Just go away, Bo! Leave me alone!" Whoa, Deja'Vu. 

"No! Now tell me is your name Zainden Elliot Ryder?!" I scream and he stops dead in his tracks and turns around and grabs me again but this time tighter, believe me when I say he is strong. 

"How do you know my name?" He asks me and I can sense his anger. "Why didn't you want me to know your name?" I asked ignoring his question because I really want to know why he lied to me? 

"Answer my question." He growls tightening his grip but I couldn't tell him I saw it in a dream, that just sounds weird and crazy. "You answer mine!" I scream and he laughs but evil and cynical one. "Stop changing the subject and answer the stupid fucking question!" He says louder than me and I flinch. 

"I.....I... heard people say it at the race," I say and he laughs. "You're such a damn liar!" He chuckles. "I'm not," I whisper. "Let me guess, you didn't believe me and started looking me up! Of course, your a nerd and that is what your special at! You are a fucking stalker and you had to find out everything about me huh?!" He screams and I get mad by that time.

"I would never do that to anyone! Especially someone like you!" I scream and I see pain flood his eyes but go back to angry in a split second. "Sure. No wonder you haven't had a boyfriend because maybe you had stalked them and scared them away and worse they never kissed you. Do you see you're just a loser who will die alone and be a nerd for the rest of your life because who would want a stalker in their life?" He says 

"Oh and you're a walk in the park huh? Because you push people away! And you just play with girls and throw them away like trash but the girls aren't the trash, you are! You're the trash that only dogs want and once they finish you they throw it up! And if you think you're going to end up being with a family and with an amazing family, your wrong because I bet you a thousand dollars you are going to end up dead somewhere because you end up sleeping with a jealous man's wife or something!" I yell.

"Your just a nagging bitch aren't you. I don't know how a fine girl like Ruby can hang out with a loser like you!" He spits and that's when I got to the edge and I raise my hand and I slap him the hardest I can and his eyes turn pure black. 

"You better leave before I forget you're a girl! Because no one has ever touched me before!" He says between his teeth and I walk away and I feel a tear fall down my cheek. Why did I think this was going to be easy and why am I crying?

When I get back to the party Ruby's car is gone and I am alone and I don't know where to go and I start crying even more and I start walking down the street. How can I be so stupid and start falling for him? And how can I believe he was the mystery man in my dreams?

Because he is a dumb butt! My conscious says and I shake my head and wipe the tears away. 

As I am walking I feel a drop of rain and I look up and it starts raining cats and dogs and now I am soaking wet and I don't know where I am and how to get to my house and my feet are hurting and I am wearing a short dress. 

"Thank you! What else you got for me!"I scream looking up at the sky and I take off my pumps and I start walking in the same direction and I can't stop feeling alone and scared and sad. I couldn't stop crying at all but I bet, you wouldn't notice because of the rain. Man, I am so lost, will a hole just swallow me up, please. 

"Why? Why me? Why are you punishing me, god? Is this for the time I got a B- on my test?" I ask looking up and as I do a car flies past me and it hits a puddle and it splashes me with mud and now I am wet and muddy and stinky and dirty and for my luck, the car stops and starts coming in reverse and I put my head down and speed walk. 

"Need a ride?" I hear behind me and I turn around to see him. He looked worried. "Not from you thanks," I say blinking rapidly because this rain isn't lightening up anytime soon. "Get in now!" He says getting out of the car and now he was drenched and his t-shirt is now stuck to his body and I need to control myself from not drooling over him.

"You don't tell me what to do!" I say and he gets closer to me. "Bo get in the car now please." He begs and I look up into his eyes and his eyes had worried and scared. "Why do you care? You should just let me die here and pretend you never saw me." I say over the rain and he grabs my face. 

"Bo, I care about you trust me." He says and something tells me he wasn't lying but I am not falling again. "How many times have you used that one?" I asked rolling my eyes and turning away but he grabs my chin and makes me look into his eyes. "Just you" He smiles. "Sure......I probably am going to die alone with 50 cats or something." I let the tears escape and he hugs me.

"No...No you aren't and don't pay attention to me, I only said those things because I was mad." He looks into my eyes. "You know drunk people and angry people are the same they say the truth and I can't believe you anymore," I whisper and he smiles slightly. "I know, you cant and if you would let me show you, you can, " He says and this damn rain isn't making things better.


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