Under the Dark Clouds

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Chapter 11

"We are going to have so much fun tonight." Ruby claps her hand and I laugh as we enter the diner and I walk us and Ruby gasps. "What?" I ask her and she points to the table and the boys were already there. 

"Oh dang look who's here." I act like I didn't know they were going to be here and Ruby actually bought it, right now I am giddy like a little school girl. "You know what lets go before they see us." She says. "Okay yea lets go. Oh shoot they saw us." I say and she looks at them and looks at me. 

"They did?" She asks. "Yea now come on we can't leave without at least saying hi and if they ask if we would like to join them we just say we already ate and we were heading out." I make up a plan and she nods and takes a deep breath and I giggle. 

"Where's that flirty girl I have known my whole life?" I ask and she giggles. "I don't know but I hope she comes out soon." She whispers as we walk to their table. 

"Look who we have here. Don't bad boys naturally go to clubs and stuff?" I ask Zainden and Reeper. "And I thought nerds were suppose to stay home and not be seen in public." Zainden smirks and Reeper oo's. "Haha funny. Anyways have you guys met my friend Ruby?" I ask them both and they nod. 

"Yea we see you hang out together every day and stuff. Anyways were are my manners? Would you two care to join us?" Zainden asks and I snort. "Oh, you have manners?" I ask and reeper oo's again. 

"Yea your right I don't, so now you don't have a choice and now you two are sitting and eating with us." He says standing up and grabbing my hand and sitting me next to him.

"You know I could have gone without the whole rudeness," Zainden whispers. "But it's what makes it all more fun," I smirk at him and he chuckles, gosh I have learned a lot from him the past couple of weeks I have spent with him and I actually like it. 

"So I have been meaning to ask you two. What the hell are you guys?" Reeper asks and we both look at each other and I shrug and he looks at me and shrugs too but his eyes seemed with lots of emotions. 

"So have you two ordered?" I asked changing the subject. "Um no we have been waiting for a waitress but they seem busy tonight, wonder why." Reeper answers.

"Oh, they were having a football game tonight at school and most every kid comes to this diner," Ruby says and Reeper just has all eyes on her and I smile, I need them both to talk because I know if they go out it's going to be the cutest thing ever. 

"So Reeper what are you into?" I ask him and he looks at me and back at Ruby. "Well I am into drawing and tattoos and parties and going on adventures." He smiles. "Oh that's cool what do you draw?" Ruby asks and score! There we go they are now going to start talking and how was I right they spent the whole time talking and I was just listening to them. 

"Nice one, you got them talking. I wouldn't think you were a scheming one, you surprise me every day." Zainden whispers into my ear and kisses my cheek. "I'm glad I surprise you then because that means every day is something different and not the boring same." I smile looking up at him.

"Yea who would have known the boring looking girl would actually be the super fun one huh." He winks and I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or something bad. "Yup." is the only thing I can say and we hear the bell ring as a group of guys walk in and I groan and look away and Zainden tenses up next to me. 

"Please just don't." I whisper to him taking his hand in mine and he looks at me and smiles. We just ignore them but they had to pass by our table and Derek sees us and he smirks, I guess he likes getting his ass kicked or it had to be something because he keeps coming back.

"Oh hey, guys were up? And damn Bo you are looking mighty fine tonight." He winks at me. "How about you walk away right now." Zainden growls and Derek laughs and touches my chin and Zainden stands up, Oh no here we go again.

"Don't touch her!" Zainden yells and I stand up. "Zainden calm down, people are starring plus this is what he wants. He wants to get into your head." I whisper.

"Yea Zainden better listen to your little toy or unless you want your secret to going out," Derek says and Zainden looks at him like he wanted to kill him or something. 

"What secret?" I ask and they look at me. "It's nothing, I don't even know what he's talking about." He says through gritted teeth and Derek laughs.

"So how much you getting out of it?" Derek asks and Zainden freezes and his eyes are pure black, now I knew something was up. "Come on tell me at least......" Derek gets caught off by Reeper.

"I suggest you leave now Derek and say nothing about this again!" The reeper looked mad right about now but I can never be more confused, why did this night have to get ruined? 

"Come on lets go to the movies or something." Ruby says and Zainden takes my hand and leads me to my car and Ruby was talking to Reeper.  

"What was he talking about back there Zain?" I ask him and he shakes his head. "Nothing its noting." He sighs. "Please.....I....I want to know." I whisper and he grabs my face and looks deeply into my eyes. "If I tell you its for your safety ,would you stop asking about it?" He asks me and I sigh and nod. "I guess if it's going to hurt me than I rather not know." I smile slightly and he kisses my forehead.


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