Under the Dark Clouds

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Chapter 22

"So when does your dad come back from work?" Zainden asks me as we are at the frozen yogurt place. "Around 6, I think why?" I ask putting a spoonful of frozen yogurt. It was Thursday and everyone at school knows me now ever since last Friday with Silvia and all and she still had a black eye it was more that ugly green-ish color but she hasn't messed with me since so I guess she learned her lesson. 

"Because I am tired of hiding from him, I want to meet him." He says and I laugh. "Zain you already know him." I poke his arm and he grabs my hand and he plays with it. "Yea but I want to formally meet him as your boyfriend not just some random guy living next door. He does know we are still dating right?" He asks worried and I giggle, "Yes he does, he asks me every single night." 

"How does he ask you." He kisses the back of my hand. "Well, he's like, So are you still going out with that bad boy." I laugh and he chuckles. "Well, I can't wait for tonight when he sees me," Zainden says throwing away his empty cup and I follow him and we exit the shop and he intertwines our fingers.

"Yea. I still think you shouldn't. I mean my father does know and all but it's just going to be too much and I don't know how he's going to treat you and all." I lean on his shoulder. "Hey, I can handle him, trust me." He says as we get in my car. 

"Okay, whatever you say. So how's boxing going?" I ask him as I turn on the car. "Pretty nice I have a match on Saturday." He smiles. "What your first ever match and you haven't said anything?" I yell excited and he chuckles, "Well I told you now." 

"Yea okay thanks." I giggle and roll my eyes and drive. "Your welcome, so you're going with Princeston and Ruby right?" He asks me as I pull over my drive way and we get out and I put my arms around his neck and he puts his hands on my waist. 

"Of course I'm going. I mean what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn't go and support you." I smile. "A shitty one."He smirks and I gasp. "Your right though, I would be a messed up girlfriend," I say and he laughs. 

"I thought you weren't going to want to go." He slightly smiles. "Why wouldn't I want to go?" I ask confused. "Well since you don't like violence and all." He chuckles. "Yea but I still want to go and support you," I said pecking his nose and walking up to my house door. 

"Good because I really do want you to go but I just didn't know what you were going to say." He says following me into the living room and I drop my backpack on the sofa and I plop down. "Well I would love to go but don't get me wrong because that doesn't mean I am okay with you fighting, I still get the eebbie ba jeebies about it," I say and he laughs.

"Eebie ba jeebies?" He asks laughing and I cross my arms and raise an eyebrow and the door flies open and it's my father. Ugh. 

"Oh hello." My father says looking at both of us. Thank god he didn't catch us kissing because I swear I would get grounded. "Hey, dad." I smile hugging him and Zainden stands up and clears his throat. 

"Hello, sir." He says shaking my father's hand and ugh please can this get any worse. "Oh hello, Zainden how are you?" He asks sternly. "Fine," Zainden says. 

"Um daddy Zainden wanted to introduce himself as my boyfriend." I clear my throat. "Well, how about you stay for dinner then." My father says. "Um, I don't think he actually ca....."

"I would love to stay for dinner." Zainden cuts me off and I sigh and roll my eyes. "What's wrong Sweetheart?" My dad asks me and I shake my head.

"Nothing, I'm just um.......so when's dinner?" I asked changing the subject and they both look at me and Zainden raises his brow. "In a while, I will tell you when it is." My father says and we both nod and we sit on the couch as my father heads to the kitchen. 

"So why didn't you want me to stay for dinner?" Zainden asks me. "Because I know where this is going and I don't want you to feel uncomfortable." I sigh and he puts an arm around me. "It's going to be fine." He whispers kissing the side of my head and I sigh. "Okay," I mumble and he laughs and we just watch TV.

"Okay look I am so sorry for what ever my father says or asks you okay," I say after 30 minutes into the show and Zain laughs. "Babe look why are you telling me?" He asks me. "Because I just want you to know that......."

"Dinner is ready." My father says interrupting me and we both stand up and he grabs my hand and we both sit down in front of my father.

We all start to eat quietly but my father was watching Zainden intently and can a hole just swallow me right now because the awkwardness of this room is killing me. I'm not even hungry and I just want this to be over. 

"So Zainden!" My father says pretty loud and strong and I jump and drop my fork and they both look at me and I give them a small smile. "So Zainden what do you do? Do you work?" My father asks him. 

"Um well right now I work at an auto shop, I know it doesn't pay very well but it's a start." Zainden offers a smile. "How about your life term goals? What do you plan on being when you grow older or better finish high school because you are in high school correct?" Oh my god, dad, please!


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