Under the Dark Clouds

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Chapter 23

"Bye Bo!" Cindy the store clerk says to me and I wave back at her, "Bye Cindy see you around." Cindy is a girl from school and we both met because we both opened the door at the same time in the bathroom and we both screamed and the girls in the toilet screamed and it was all just a one big scream fest but ever since we have been getting along and talking. 

Right now I was at this little weird Central place and I am walking around and I see a MMA studio and I stop and I look around. I think this is the one Zainden goes to. I open the door to hear punching sounds and I walk slowly around the corner to see Zainden shirtless and he has the punching gloves and he was all sweaty and even like that he stilled looked like a god and the sweat makes his body glow and shine. 

I sit down and I look at him and his coach or trainer fight. "Come on Zainden you got this and tomorrow you are going to beat your match and win! Hear me! Now come on hit me!" His trainer yells and Zainden sends a punch but his trainer is fast and he ducks and he punches Zainden in the stomach and Zainden grunts. 

"Come on Zainden your losing your game boy! Hit me! Come on stop being such a pussy and hit like a real man!" His trainer yells and Zainden punches him dead in the cheek and his trainer falls to the ground and he grunts. 

"Okay again!" His trainer says standing up, gosh he must be really used to it, if he says again and wants Zainden to hit him again. 

That's what trainers are for stupid! My conscious says and I roll my eyes. 

I look at Zainden and his trainer and they were both on the ground grabbing and punching and kicking each other and they both finally stand up and they continue and this time Zainden has his trainer in a headlock and he looks up and his eyes meet mine and he freezes and I smile shyly at him and I guess his trainer knew this was the perfect time because he elbows Zainden in the stomach and Zainden falls to the ground.

"You lose! Remember always keep your mind blank and keep your head in the game!" His trainer says looking strictly at Zainden and then he looks at me. 

"Let me guess you are Bo correct!" He yells over to me and he walks to the ropes. "Yes that's me." I smile sweetly at him and he smiles back and gets out of the ring and he walks up to me and grabs my hand. 

"Well you are nothing of what I had imagined." He says surprised. "Oh I see." I say and he looks at me up and down. "So what is a girl like you so sweet and innocent looking doing with a guy like Zainden because I mean come on you two are the complete opposite." He says and I laugh, "Opposites attract I guess." 

"Well he's a very lucky man, anyways I'm Anton, Zainden's trainer." He shakes my hand again. "It's a pleasure to meet you I'm Bo." I say and he chuckles. "Wow you two are definitely not the same at all." He laughs.

"Anton shut the fuck up will you and stop flirting with my girl before I beat the shit out of you," Zainden says putting an arm around me but I wiggle out of it because he stinks like sweat and he's all sweaty. "When ever you're ready," Anton says and I laugh. 

"So Bo you are coming to see Zainden whoop some ass tomorrow correct?" Anton asks me and I nod, "Yea of course. I'm just not too keen on this whole fighting stuff but if this is what he wants to do then go for it right." I smile and they chuckle. 

"Oh, Ryder how the fuck did you ever get so fucking lucky?" Damn and I thought Zainden talked profanity but no its everyone. "I don't know maybe because I'm not a fucking idiot and I know how to choose."Zainden laughs.  "Okay what ever I'm going to hit the showers." He says smacking Zainden's back and he jogs to the showers or locker rooms, how should I know. 

"So what are you doing here?" Zainden asks me. "I don't know I was doing some shopping and I came across this place and I decided to come in and here you were." I smile at him and he tries to hug me but I move away and he raises his brow. 

"I am not hugging you, you're all sweaty and stinky." I scrunch my nose and he grabs me and gives me a bear hug and I squeal and he laughs squeezing me. "So how about I be your trainer for today." He says letting me go and I look at him weird. 

"What?" I smile slightly. "How about I show you how to punch because you suck at it." He winks. "How would you know?" I gasp. "Well I saw you punch Silvia and you suck. So come on." He says running and jumping over the ropes and into the ring and I follow him except I go under the ropes and into the ring. 

"Okay now position yourself like this and make sure you hit right here in my hands." He says showing me how to position myself and clapping his hands where he had those black mittens on. "Okay." I nod and I swing and I hit it and he chuckles. 

"No like this make sure you always hit with the top of your knuckles or else you might hurt your hand and that is how you can make more damage." He says making my hand into a fist. "Okay try it again. Hit." He says and I swing and I hit it and he moves his hand and makes a face. 

"Okay, at least I know your strong. I would ask you for a match but I know I would win so....." I cut him off, "Oh its on! I know I can beat you." He smirks and he takes off the mitts and he puts on boxing gloves on. 

"Alright then let's go." He winks and I swing but I miss and he grabs my arm and he flips me over. "Please, you can do so much better princess." He says getting off of me and I stand up and huff. 


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