Until I Met You

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I almost fell on her and she lost her balance. I caught her waist and our eyes met each other. As I touched her I felt a new feeling . It was a magic. A magical spell. I observed her fully.As she felt my touch her cheeks turned red as cherry. Her enticing, constellation - blue eyes gazed at me, she had a pair of arched eyebrows looking down on sweeping eyelashes and honey sweet lips.Her hair was sunrise gold. She was a natural beauty. It all mesmerized me.I have never closely admired any girl's beauty as I admired her's. Well it was all heavenly. I was awe struck. I tried to clear the silence and asked her if she was at the temple this morning. Though I knew it was her I wanted to initiate a conversation between us. For which her lips maintained only silence but I could read her eyes. I asked for her name and my sister crashed my dreams by saying "we don't know you so she will not say her name."with a evil smirk.I have got the World's worst sister I thought.She grabbed my angel's hand and rushed out. I stood there still in a mesmerized stage. I hugged Rahul for his only useful act and I knew I am going to be the laughing stock today but I don't mind as far as it was for her.




Ananya's POV :
          In the evening we reached our hostel. Though I wasn't  tired, I climbed on to my bed and closed my eyes.Rubi got in and played songs in her phone.I don't have much interest in hearing songs. But as the song played, today's scenes with him flashed in my mind.I got up with a jerk.Anjali smirked at me as if she knew what was running through my mind.I sat on the bed leaning against the wall playing with my hair. A smile appeared on my face. I took a novel and started reading it. Almost 2 hours passed like this.We all went to the mess for dinner. There wasn't long queue as it was just 8. About 15 girls were there. We got our food and sat in a circular manner.Anjali stood up on the chair making an announcement that now all will share about their love. Some shared about their first love which was unforgettable and some about their everlasting love. It was Rubi's turn. I thought this little crazy dumbo doesn't have even a crush." She cannot choose a dress for her how she will choose her partner in life",Anjali whispered in my ears and we started giggling.Rubi looked at us with a smile, actually her blood was rushing up to her face .It was clearly evident that she was feeling shy.She didn't even start and there she was blushing, her cheeks and eyes were turning red. She slowly started to narrate about her love 😍 😆...."We first met when we were in twelth standard.He was a new comer.I have the habit of talking to any newcomer to make them comfortable and that's how we first spoke. All would say he is a good boy unlike others. He respects girls and all girls were running behind him. He started to talk with me through whatsapp and I felt that he was really good and after some months I felt he was one in a million then I thought whoever is going to marry him is very lucky. As time passed I really found him unique and my heart wanted me to be that lucky person.He proposed me on the new year eve and that made a perfect ending of the last year and a beautiful beginning of the New Year and he brought happiness to my life and made me feel special in all ways. So I would shout to this whole world that I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD AND I HAVE THE WORLD'S BEST AND CUTEST BOYFRIEND " She stood up on the table making it a point. She was blushing narrating her fairy tale love story and we three sat there not able to believe what she had just told. 






Harshini Vaskan

Edited: 02.03.2019

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