Until I Met You

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Rahul's POV:
The celebrations continued but we were too tired to participate. We were having our desserts when Veera and Ananya went out to have some personal talk. After ten minutes the rest of us left to the parking lot. I planned to tell him about my love when we reach the parking lot.

Arjun's POV :
Only me and Rahul went to take the car as he was too adamant that no one else should come.We asked the others to wait outside the restaurant. " I am in love",I shouted to Rahul and he laughed looking at me. It suddenly started to rain and we ran towards the car. I started the car and used the wiper to make the glass clear but I regret doing that because the scene that I saw was heartbreaking.

"Hey Arjun look there, a pair is kissing. Isn't rain a perfect weather for romance",he showed me. Yes, the climate was too romantic and when I saw closer I knew that I have seen what I shoudn't have. "Isn't that Ananya?",I asked Rahul."You have gone mad. For your eyes everyone is Ananya",he teased me. I chuckled and pushed away my negative thoughts.
The boy was very tall. He had an umbrella in his hand that hid both their faces but one could clearly say they were kissing. The girl was standing on her toes to reach him and the boy bent as much as he can to reach her and he was having his arms around her waist. I unknowingly pushed the horn button and it made sound, disturbing the couple.

The girl turned around and both of them looked at us and I don't know the boy. I have never seen him but the girl was Ananya for sure. My dreams came down shattering. As soon as she saw us she bid bye to him and ran fast towards the car making sure she doesnot get wet much. Rahul was sitting in the back seat. She opened the door and sat in the passenger seat. She looked at me with a smile as if nothing had happened. I was beyond shocked. She turned to Rahul and was talking in actions.

Rahul's POV:
I never expected Ananya would do this but my heart didnot accept what I saw. I saw it with my own eyes but my heart says what I saw wasn't true. She turned towards me and asked if I had said Arjun about my love but she didn't knew what the situation was. Innocence in her eyes told me she was not wrong but before I could come to a conclusion I heard a thrashing sound. Arjun slapped Ananya. This should not happen. Ananya looked at him with confusion. He drove fast from there to the restaurant exit gate. Tears filled Ananya's eyes but she wiped it off as soon as she saw the rest of the gang. "Where did you go Veera bhai?",she asked him."I searched you but I couldn't find you so I came back",he said emotionless. Me,Anjali,Ananya,Naina and Arjun sat in the car and bid bye to others. Arjun started off slowly but I knew he would drive so fast as soon as we go out from there. " Why is your right cheek red?", Anjali asked Ananya and that was the match stick for the fire. Arjun started to drive fast and the girls started shouting except for Ananya, she was just starring at him all the time with tears in her eyes. After he drove a long way he stopped near a park. The road was empty and there was no sign of vehicles and it was still raining. He asked Ananya to get down but she refused. The love in her eyes was replaced with fear, the fear of dark as he turned off all the lights and there was no street light either. Sometimes he was so mean. He yelled at her and she got down this time. She looked at me seeking for help. I asked both the girls to get down but Arjun said all of us to stay in the car itself. She literally started crying and I was so bad as a brother that I couldn't help her.

Arjun's POV:
She got down as I yelled at her. I know I am behaving too bad but I am unable to stop myself from doing this after seeing her cheat me. " Why did you do this?",I asked her and she was clueless of what I was asking."Who is that boy?",I asked her."He is my classmate",she said and came closer to me. " What was he doing there? Don't lie.", I shouted at her. The other three from the car got down. I starred at them but did not say anything. "He came to have dinner.", she replied."Oh!,I thought he came to study.",I was irritated with that reply. She just caught my hand and I could feel her hands trembling. She looked up at me and all I saw was just innocence. Even in that dark I could feel her crying and see her eyes turning red. I hugged her and she hugged me back immediately as if she was waiting for this."Okay dear. Tell me.what were you both doing there ?", I asked her. "I was waiting for Veera bhai and that's when he came there. He was telling me that it was a pleasent surprise that he met me here and I sang really well. Suddenly he rubbed his eyes and said some dust went inside his eyes",I cut her off."Don't act smart. If you were just blowing his eyes why would you allow him to catch your waist?",I asked her."No. He didnot touch me.",she said immediately."Liar. I hate you. What you said at that time? Only after marriage. It is like only after marriage or after marriage only me and till then someone else? I hate you",I shouted at her. We both were still hugging each other and I hated it. I pushed her away and walked back to the car. " I will drive",Rahul said me and I accepted because I know if I drive it will result in an accident only. Anjali ran and sat in the passenger seat. I know this is all a plan. Naina made Ananya sit in the middle even when she refused saying that she feels like vomiting. I sat in the other corner. Everytime Rahul made sure he turns fast that I fall on Ananya or she falls on me. I would have loved it if this had happened a few hours before but now I just hate it.
Some times my friends could be worst🙁

Ananya tried hard not to cry but she could not stop her tears. It hurted me. It hurts to see her cry but it hurts more when she does not feel the same way.

The whole evening looked like a beautiful dream but I wish this to be a nightmare, unfortunately it isn't in real.

Harshini Vaskan

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