Untold Story

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Pain And Struggle

 (Bella Addington point of view)

                                                           10:47 am

     "Bye Eva..." I ran down the dorm way to the elevator. Before opening the door I panted. I was exhausted even though I ran half a minute. I get on the elevator.

     I was facing the mirror. I touched my skin, disgusted and pale. I smirked. 

     "Things are about to change. Soon, everything will change."

     I came out of the building , looking up, where my room was , from outside. I whispered to myself under my breath.

     "I am sorry Eva. You shouldn't know the truth about me. But someday you will. But right now I can't loose you too."

     I stepped out of the college to get on the bus which arrived right after five minutes I came out the college. I sit on the front seat, I rolled up my left sleeve. Again, I touched my hand. So many black spots I was disgusted with myself. 

     'why do I have to suffer for a long time. Can I just go away. It's just painful to suffer from inside every single day. This is not the life I wanted.'

     I got off the bus and went straight ahead to the hospital. Philippines General Hospital. I went in and talked to the receptionist.

     "Hello... I have an appointment with Dr. Smith." I said and the tall lady asked for my name. I replied "Bella Addington" 

      "Yes, please follow me."

      After five minutes we stood in front of Dr. Smith's office. She smiled as I came in and I smiled back.


     "Hello... Bella... how are you feeling today?" I just smiled knowing I'm only getting worse and worse. Dr. Smith's face got tightened. She knew what I was thinking. I burst into tears. I tried my best to hold my tears in. Every time I close my eyes, Eva and Smith are smiling at me. And at the back he smiles. Fred. 

     "Bella we need a guardian for you. You just can't put it off. I took the responsibility as your doctor and I tried to be your guardian too but it's not allowed to me. There must be some one out there. One person who wants to make you her or his family."

     I just nodded. She grabbed my hand, hugged me. I cried as long as wanted in her embrace. She pecked top of my head.

     "Are you ready?"

     I said yes. I was ready for every test ran through my body. I just wanted to keep trying. That's all I can do. Keep trying and trying. 

     Feeling tired I went back to the college. It took me ten minutes to be back at the college. I stood in front of the room door, put on my fake smile and opened the door.




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