Vampire Chronicles

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A New Beginning awaits

It was a early morning around year 1842,her school was small but she managed she dreamed of going to a elite school where people had high learning buy her mother couldnt afford it and better yet it was her very own race that allowed her to do such things.  

A loud ring on her clock ringed seven o'clock in the morning, she immediately got up and stretched herself out. She turned the alarm clock off. Nicole picks up the news paper reading it silently to herself, she often tried to find small jobs to make ends meet. Once the time was right she headed out her room she knocked on her brother's door to let him know that he had to start getting ready for school. 

RJ opened the door as he yawns "what time is it" he spoke with a croaky voice. 

"It's seven thirty am, we should leave the house around seven-fifty two if we want to get on the bus on time," she said looking down at her watch. Eager to get herself ready for the first day of school. 

"Alright" he closed his door, Nicole heads downstairs to see what to eat for breakfast. Normally she doesn't eat breakfast because she thinks she doesn't have enough time to do so even lunch once and a while. Which is unhealthy for a person like herself. It never fazed her eat properly anyways. 

" hmmm what to eat for today; you know what I'll go with a toast an a apple " she puts the toast on the pan cutting on the gas as  ate her apple letting the toast get crisp to her liking. Enjoying the delicious taste of the sweet and sour apple that hummed her taste buds. 

Suddenly her mother came out of her room she wasn't far from where Nicole was standing " you guys know I'm not taking you to school today I can't afford it that car out there is the only thing we have.  You guys need to start riding the busr you need suppose to be getting ready. I don't want you and RJ out there by yourselves with Vampire's running around out here in the streets." her tone was harsh & strict but she only did it out of love. 

Nicole nodded in agreement " I know mother sometimes I like going to school early they don't roam around much in the morning, we get it you told us this a thousand times me and RJ have everything we need to defend ourselves. its safe for us to  go out when seeing other kids like ourselves are out there." Nicole expressed annoyance but also a cheerfully proud voice in a way not being afraid to speak to her mother in a way she felt it was best to express herself.  If she was too harsh accidentally she probably would've been slapped by her mother. 

Nicole actually likes the pure-blooded Vampire's that she heard about in four kingdoms though there was more some fall into ruin which she didn't know why. They had more sense than humans that was turned into a vampire letting their hungry consume them which most people called them savages.  

Nicole quickly ate her breakfast and changed her clothes. She smiled at the mirror only to see her ugly reflection which she couldn't bare looking. Deep down inside she was a wreck, a miserable girl hiding her emotions from everyone but herself. She writes everything in her diary that was the only thing keeping her alive and well time an age was tough the world was a harsh place.  

Nicole and RJ were ready to leave the house getting her house key to make sure they were able to get inside the house in the afternoon. They walked out into the hot weather that dedicated their bodies with sweat. 

Once they made it to school she had to go to her homeroom since they came back from a two-month summer break. They came in July the thirty-first but school ended may the twenty fifth it didn't seem fair but from what she heard they get more breaks this year. She was finally a 3rd at her school though education was always strict she didn't mind a challenge.  

Nicole walks into her homeroom being the first person inside she thought to herself until she noticed a handsome male that she hasn't seen before looking at window silently. He turns around look at her with his icy blue eyes. She immediately flushed thinking to herself 'oh my he's stunning' the handsome male smiled at her thought. 

That lavish black flowing hair, those icy blue eyes. He seemed muscular from where she was standing. It pretty much caught her attention. He almost seemed too human to be real, she never seen a more good-looking man in her entire day even thinking of one makes her want to faint. 

She sat down a few desks away from him, wondering if he been here before or if he was a new student. He seemed new; she would have seen him before in either in class, lunch or in the busy halls that run to there next. class. 

The male student snapped his book shut that he held in his hand, slowly began walking towards Nicole with a beautiful smile on his face. Nicole looked down at her hand hearing his footsteps get closer to her making her freak out even more. 

"Seems like we're the only ones here for right now; may I ask what your name is miss?" he said looking at her with passion in his eyes. 

"My name is Nicole what is your name ?" She reached out to shake his hand. He shook her hand finding her cute in a way even though they literally just met. It wouldn't hurt to get to know someone new once and awhile. 

"My name is Charles my dear" giving her a kiss on her hand gave her goosebumps. 

Charles sat next to her as she began to ask questions about where he was from and what school he previously went to. He wasn't a student at the school he was only supervising it for the time being. It seemed as if they became friends instantly. They laughed and had a lot of things in common. 

"So you're simply just supervising the schools just to make sure its all well?" she looked at him with amazement knowing that he could possible be a prince. Only those who have royal stats was able to the these things they say it's better for a prince to come than some unknown commenter. she would be able to ask him questions about his work. 

"Yes, I have to make sure the school here is perfectly in good structure despite the  he chuckled slightly " I don't really know why I am here in the mainlands, I don't go here to often. I'm simply just observing this room an many more  I don't actually go here." 

"That's good u don't wanna be stuck in here with a whole munch of juniors." her sense of humor was terrible even her friends didn't laugh at her jokes. 

" I will rather be stuck here with u all day just talking with you. You really capture my attention Nicole. You are unlike any girl I met before. I want to know more about you. Do wanna meet in the evening." he closer to her making her nervous. It was  sweet and sudden for him to say such things, Nicole thought to decline his offer but he seem eagerly waiting for her to say yes. She felt a bit nervous, he could be a felon that recently got out of prison and ready to take his next victim.  Luckily she got knife in her bag for safety reasons only. 

"Sure I would like to meet up after  I finish school for the day!? she said cheerfully, Nicole is mostly a nice person once you get to know her. She is very excited to be hanging out with someone. She hardly ever went out due to her friends being busy with opening gigs to sing. Just for a few small coins she could get by an support her family . Her mother being overprotective and not letting her go to some places which she felt like she was being hidden from the world, late at night she would often sneak out the house to go the small theater for rehersal and performances. 

"That's great my dear I'll meet you outside the gate." he gave a charming smile towards her which made her blush madly as she turned the other way, trying not to show her embarrassed faced to him. 

The bell rings as students went to their first  class. Charles walked Nicole to class knowing that the students would stare becase of his royalty.  

Once she got close to her class Charles leaned in and whispered into her ear " I can't wait to see you after school beautiful" he inhaled her sent as if she smelled like fresh roses that been picked out perfectly. Her blood seemed perfect for his liking, he was able to control his thirst through blood tablets. 

"See you after school" she waved her hand goodbye as he did the same as she walks inside her classroom.

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