Vampire Chronicles

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Nicole  looks at the gemstone closely seeing its marvelous Blue color, she wished she got a chance to see the town more. She yawned wanting to take a quick nap before her mother and brother gets back home.

Several hours has passed as she slowly opened her eye lids. Nicole didn't hear a single foot step or door open .She didn't know where her brother an mother went. Its been a couple of  days that she haven't seen them, she was afraid to be all by herself in the home not knowing what lurks through the night time as for curfew it was in the evening. Vampires and other mythical creatures seems to come out at night. That would be the time she would sneak out to go to the small theater in her home town.

Nicole wanted to clear her mind from the fear of her family being missing. She looks over at her the small table seeing her diary missing. She decided it was best to start looking for the time being,  Walking out the room  Nicole see's a dark figure pass her as she turned around. "What was that?" she shrugged it off and continued looking for her diary.

Until the dark figure grabbed her neck throws her against the wall falling to floor ; In the process she was trying to figure out what just happened.

The dark figured laughed with its Sharp teeth , the creature was beyond words to describe. Fear immediately kicking in as it came closer to her. . It spoke in a deep tone" You ruined my plan Child, Do you know what your People have done to us. Should've died yesterday but I see it was a failed attempt to kill your kind. I'm surprised your still alive your injuries seemed to heal up very nicely if I rip your arm off I wonder if it souls grow back! Sorry , you shall die where you stand, I am going to make sure to eat every part of your body.. Don't worry your death will be  quick. " his hands forms into a sharp blade running towards her, she closed her eyes waiting for him to cut her up in little pieces.

Nothing happened, she opened her eyes to see the creature lying on the floor bleeding and screaming until she heard a snap leaving him limp. Charles slowly walked up to her bending down touching her face ever so carefully. Jasper stood outside holding one of his demons dog, letting the dog go it ate the creatures body quickly Leaving nothing behind.

"How did you get in here? Why did you save me." she spoke as she started to cough violently. "The door was opened so I decided to come a visit you , I'll make it up to you somehow deal?" he said as he puts her back on the wheel chair. "Deal..." she spoke softly as she coughed again. Jasper looked away from them as he pets the dog who obeyed his masters every command. Nicole noticed how distant Jasper was to them letting go of Charles she walked towards Jasper until she felt a strong grip on her arm. Charles Yanking her towards him as Jasper continued to pet the dog not knowing what was going on around him or pretented not to know.

"Why are you walking towards him? hmm?"

She titled her head "May you let go of my arm please. I would like to talk to talk to Jasper. Prince Charles"

His eyes narrowed at her "I can't let Jasper have you all to himself. Why not talk to me, I know you want to. No need to be shy Darling I won't bite one bit."

Jasper looked up seeing Nicole long struggle sired to Charles wishes. For some reason it angered him, she wasn't in control anymore.

Charles played with her curly hair as he spoke to her taunting Jasper who stood at the doorway. He looked at Jasper held no emotion looking at Charles with a frown that grew on his face.

"Jasper return to palace and get back to work. You are not needed at this moment."

Jasper bowed at Charles with a snap of his finger he was gone alone with the demon dog that he had with him.

"There's nothing for you to worry about little lady. I will make sure to have fun with you." Charles  spoke as looked deep within her eyes that was empty.

"Okay" Nicole was led into her room to rest, Laying here on the bed Charles leans over her body bitting her neck. She didn't scream nor struggle letting him suck her dry; she was struggling to fight for control.

"Charles please leave the Lady alone, your killing her."

Charles turned around seeing Jasper whos head was down not looking at Charles.

Charles gets up wiping the blood from the corners of his mouth laughing. "I thought you didn't like humans so much that you didn't care if one died. Do you understand this girl can help me with throne, once I get it she will no longer be off use to me. My best friend and my loyal servant, I saved you. If you disobey me again than I'll let my father punish you. "

Jasper clench his fist tightly apologizing to Charles for his action you stop sucking Nicole's blood. He couldn't understand what he was feeling though he had always held a deep hatred for humans but when he was with her he felt calm no hatred at all. Jasper didn't understand why he was being so nice to her even buying a gemstone for her necklace.

"Forgive me for speaking but will she be alright?"

Charles shrugged "I don't know, I was thirsty its not my problem if she lives or dies. Stop talking and let's go. I see you bought her a gemstone how sweet, Jasper I forbid you to buy this human anything let alone talk to her. You will only talk to her when I command you to. You must understand that it will look bad to see one of my servants with a human. Especially a poor one with that you understand don't you? Let's leave teleport us to palace, I'll bring her with me just this once."

Charles isn't your typical vampire, he had skills when it came to fighting but lacked empathy for women. Jasper had never expressed so much anger towards his prince it was obvious that he was mad rage kicking in his heart. As much as he hated humans he rather enjoyed Nicole's company at the palace, though he didn't like the fact that Charles used his mind to trick them and make a fool out of them.

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