Vampire Chronicles

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Nicole couldn't sleep, too much was on her mind about what happened just a minute ago. A knock was heard as Charles opened the door wearing his night clothes.

"I see your still awake, whatever is on your mind  you can vent if you like." he said as he sat on her bed as she lays back down. Charles was trying his best to play sweet, any women would fall for that even Nicole. "What happened back there? You was very upset, once I saw your eyes turned back to there regular color.  Is it my doing that your so upset?" Nicole hugged the pillow tightly in her arms anxious at what he was going to say.

Charles leaned over to her  laying body as he kissed her deeply placing  his hand on her thigh rubbing it making her push him off of her. "Charles us taking it slow remember!?" he nodded in agreement as he sat up from his position. 

" I couldn't control apologies. No I'm not mad at you, just something's didn't see go my way. Surprisingly vampires and werewolves are starting to team up to come against me . Anyways  I am a spoiled boy that gets what he wants. Im still hoping to grab that hearts of yours so you can be mine already." Nicole looked down not wanting to look at Charles after his comment.

" I wish you a goodnight" he spoke kissing her palm as the blows out the candle leaving thw room dark making him disappear.

Nicole touched her forehead with frown she didn't have any desire to be with Charles, she just wanted to leave from here but she knows guards are everywhere. She shook her only to think of him as friend, could she see herself with him as more than just a friend? Though it was nightime she wanted a nice hot bath for herself. Nicole shook the bell as Jasper knocked on the door letting himself in. "What do you need miss Nicole. It's late at night is there something that troubles yiur mind. " he said walking up to her.

"Nothing troubles my mind Jasper I just want A nice hot bath" right now I feel dirty. she spoke in a weak voice as a sign that she was getting a little tired. Jasper clapped his snap his finger as the maids appeared getting her bath ready with a silk night gown for her to wear to bed.

"Enjoy your bathing Nicole the maids will help you with everything so just relax for now." Jasper bowed walking out the room.

The maids helped her out of bed they removed her clothes as they put her in the tub. "Please relax Lady Nicole this shouldn't take long at all." one of the maids said as she started to rub Nicole's back with a cloth.

"Thank you very much. I know you don't like humans but I'll behave."

Nicole closed her eyea daydreaming of herself  dancing with soul and fire singing to her hearts content.  she didn't understand why some peoole hated music in the poor part of yhe main lands. There was only one was small theater she would go to perform and make money it always gave her a good feeling inside.

"Once the maids was finish with her bath, they put Nicole clothes on and put her into bed wishing her a goodnight.

Nicole looked at view outside seeing the moonlight reflect on her bed she slowly falls asleep.

The next morning she gets a knock at the door as Charles opens it. "Good morning Nicole,  I see you slept well." he said as he puts her breakfast on her night stand. Charles picked up book and laid it on desk as he walks over to her petting her head. Nicole purred at he's touch suddenly it was odd for her to do something like that. She sat up from bed as she grabbed her breakfast eating it quickly . "don't eat so fast, we don't want you getting sick." he said as he wiped her mouth.  

"What about school? " she looked up at him as she ate her food.

"For now you will be tutored by Jasper, I don't feel you will be safe at school. Seems like your center of attention there. Let things settle down and you shall return to school darling." he said as he opened his book up.

Nicole took a sip of her tea as her eyes widened and smoke began to appear around her sending her into a eternal sleep she felt as if they world stopped in front her. A seal formed around her arm casting the spell as she was transformed in to her toddler self. " Nicole! " he panicked as he fanned the smoke away seeing her as toddler maybe five or six years old child it was hard to tell what age she could have been.

She had a stuffed teddy bear in her hands as she looked up at Charles with a sweet child like  voice "Charles?" he couldn't help but blush at her cuteness as Jasper came in shock. Nicole had two ponytails in her hair with cute ruffled bows as she wore a silk pink night gown. Her tan carmel skin  and her cheeks was ever so red leaving her with small lips. Jasper came up to Nicole as he bowed to her holding her hands. This is the little girl Jasper had talk to Nicole about but for her to actually be the child he dreamt of seeing again filled the void in his heart.

"There is nothing to fear little one, let me take a look at you." jasper examine her body as he noticed a seal rapped on her arm "Sir she has been placed under a spell... How is that possible?" jasper looked up as Charles to see he was no where found. He looked back at her hugging her tightly as she rubbed his back.

"My don't you look pretty little lamb so adorable."

Nicole covered her face being shy around Jasper. She had the mind of a child not an adult, so she remembers him perfectly before the terrible events took place.

Charles walked up to his mother and father's throne as he sat in the middle discussing what happened to Nicole. The king and queen of lilth kingdom looked at him with worry. "It might've been a witch Anna, no vampire  can cast a spell and just leave the palace. Everything is guarded from top to bottom." the king said as he looked through the documents about any where abouts of witches lingering in this period.

Charles finished his glass of blood as he shatters it leaving glass in hands .

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