Vampire Chronicles

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Date With the Servant

The sun raised slowly as Nicole heard her  clock ring as she  woke up quickly. She felt Charles hand tightly grab her waist pushing her closer to his muscular body. She pushed him off making her ruin her little routine in the morning. You know the usually stretching and waking up her brother. Things where different now, no mom,family, sibling. It was just herself alone. Charles actions was not normal she just needed to keep up this gimmick so she can be left alone by Charles.

Charles groan not wanting to go to school but of course he had to go because education was important. He been to school and back for thousands of years  this was his last year attending a high school for the thousandth time.

"May I have kiss milady or may I have something more than that?"  Charles gets up from her bed walking to her as she steps back. He didn't back down easily. "I don't think now is a good time for a kiss or any sexual activities with you. Education comes first and that is that."

"I guess your right..." Charles said raking his hand in his long black following hair.
she checked off her calendar for the day.

Maybe family was a right about everything about her. To be a hollow shell. "Empty" she wrote on the calendar after scheduling her days to take her own life.

Charles stood behind her pressing his chest against her back ,touching the date she would commit suicide.

"Why do you choose to leave this earth knowing that you will leave everything behind." his eyes gave a painful look, " if you ever take your life an may happen to never wake up, then I shall take my life knowing that I'll be with the person I hold dear too." he grabbed the pen from her hands placing his name on the calendar above hers.

Charles stepped back walking out her room. She crossed out both of their names and puts "don't let people control your destiny" she nodded to herself letting a smile form on her face setting her pen down letting the words sink into her.

Nicole felt a warm hand on head as she looked up to see Charles  rubbing her head "good girl, its time that you stop with such ridiculous acts. Just live your life You are a stunning girl; any man could have you but I refuse to let them take you away." he put his lips on her neck sucking on her flesh leaving hickey.

"That proves that your mine, I marked you my dear. Cover it if you like but it will never go away" a smirk left from his face showing ever ounce of love to her hoping to see her something more than a friend a lover but a wife he will love for eternity.

"What if I didn't have feeling for you at all Charles.What would you do then.." Her voice became low nothing at Charles knowing just temper.

She waited for him to scream at her but he didn't he pats her head causing her to look up. he smiled at her and said "I guess that's not the answer I wanted to here. Don't worry I'll find some way to make you mine."

Sadly Charles had to go a meeting in a different kingdom discuss who would take the land of the lost snow kingdom leaving Nicole in Jaspers  care.Mean while back in the lilth kingdom, Jasper started to sort out documents as he looked up seeing Percy walk up to him with a grin on the corner of his mouth as he sits in the desk.

"Lord Percy good evening, I see your trying to replace me with someone else more suited for you taste? " jasper looked at him  tucking his hair behind his ears slightly laughing.

"Yes I already found assistant that will get my dirty work done. As king I order you to find the were abouts of the murderous thugs that took place two days ago leaving my parents in ashes. You are my little brothers assistant it wouldn't be be right to let you go, you have stood beside my family for years so I thank you for that. I know about you dirty past with for brother. Such a savage, how do you consider yourself a pureblood if you kill everything that moves. You must learn to have self control before its to late." Percy said signing paperwork as his assistant Sir Enguerrand whispered something his ear leaving Percy with a anger expression.

"Send that bitch to me I swear if  she-..." Percy clenched his fist as Kora came in thrown to the ground by the guardsmen. Sir Enguerrand felt no sympathy for Kora she was just a pawn from the start. Once Percy is finished with her he'll go to the next women he sees, its a endless cycle. Percy never once cared about a  maiden in his presecnce though he had bed Kora several times thinking to himself that he got a human pregnant but he didn't care.

" I thought we made a deal Percy, why am I not on the throne yet? You lied to me just to make yourself feel good. I knew you was no good from the start!!" Kora got up walking towards him holding up her arm ready to slap him, at that moment Sir Enguerrand forcefully grabbed her wrist.

"I bid you not to touch the lord, we don't need peasants like you touching my lord with your filthy hands . Leave the kingdom or you shall be put to death. Stupid human you actually thought we was going to place you on the throne and call you queen, such a delusional girl you are." Sir Enguerrand sadly wasn't pin the mood to play games, he could break her wrist any moment an couldn't care less if she cried.

From what people heard all over the kingdoms was that Sir Enguerrand was a abusive man with a vision nothing but destruction in his path. Kora made the wrong choice coming into lilth kindgom especially to be just a tool to lord Percy.  Especially to end up pregnant by him as well, it wasn't a good look for her at all.

Jasper couldn't do anything but stand there looking guilty for Kora. Why must these maidens feel so much pain when they are with slimy men that treats them likes dogs Percy was the example that. Jasper regrets not being able to save the queen and king, than that would have meant Charles would have the throne but his senses aren't in the right place nor Percy's.

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