Vampire Chronicles

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True Colors

Nicole lightly patted his head as he continued to lay on her chest leaving half of his body sitting on the  bed.

"Why did you attack me Charles...?" she said looking away feeling a bit of pain that escaped from her lip. Charles slowly sits up from his position looking at her with such agony in his eyes.

Charles seemed a bit surprised by her asking that question, he thought it was best to make a excuse believable enough for her to fall." Everything was so...dark Nicole. I was going to tell Jasper that he was the lost prince of Snow kingdom. I suddenly became anger...the time he spent with you, that could of been me ,us darling. I been agresssive with you, I must tell you the truth its a bit crazy but it was assignment I had to do for theatre. I gotten a script to play this character. My teacher wanted me to play a prince that cared nothing but himself, those around him, especially women. Once he finds someone that he likes, he wants her alone nothing else mattered to him. My teacher thought it was best to get in character never break out of it, every where I went he was watching me."

Charles looked down at his words, he knew she wasn't going to believe so he decided to bring his script to memorize his words better. Nicole shook her head in disbeilf, prince Charles to play a part for a theatre class? Charles handed her a script with his name on it.

"Prince Charles.....why is your name on this script here?" She looked at him slightly confused.

" I had to play as myself but I had to be a mean prince. No one likes a prince who treats his people unfairly. The reason why I did it was because I became to gullible an people betrayed me time after time, I needed people to fear me so they know I'm not always willing to be nice to them. I am terribly sorry for my actions, in a million years I never once hit a women. I'm so ashemed...I am the monster that people fear. I don't know if you will ever forgive me..." he lightly touched her inner thigh working is way up making her blush a little as a soft moan escaped from her mouth. Charles smiled at her as he hovered over her fragile body .

"I see u liked that, shall I take you away my sweet Nicole, I am man after all an you are a women who hasn't been deflowered yet..." Charles gave her butterfly  kisses that made her body tremble as slowly went up her gown getting inches away from her breast.

"W-We can't do this Charles, I want to wait until I get married! It might take a while for me to trust you...I don't know who you really are and what your like out side of character " she said stopping his hand from going any further to her chest. Charles eyes became pitch black dark as day, removing his hand from under her gown.

" My apologies sweetie I just found u captivating. All I cam say is that I'm sorry..." he blushed slightly. " when the time comes I'll be waiting for you...forever " Charles sat up looking at the time it was pass dawn for all vampires to head to homes and families since it was a new law that been placed by Percy. Charles decided to stay with Nicole taking care of her when she needed it.

He voulnteered at the hospital the same day when he saw Nicole again. Charles had hope again he wasn't depressed anymore very yet not willing to take his life as well. Charles made sure to pour every once of love to her until she was willing to forgive him, how can she forgive someone who lied about who they was for what? Whenever Charles tried to touch her , she would flinch an cover her arms with her face to protect herself. He emotionly traumatize this poor soul, he's doing the best he can to make her happy again.

He decided to let her write in her diary letting out emotions that she built for the pass couple of days. Charles never once left herside he has been with her day and night. Nicole was starting to think of him more of a boyfriend then just a regular friend. He stopped trying to be so...aggressive and vile, she thought Charles similar to Jasper. It was still very weird to her but she's coping with his change.

Jasper comes time to time, his work load increased once Percy became king and it made him stressed. The stress was away once he saw Nicole smiling face, she was beauty even with her battle scars.

" Tired Nicole, I know u must very hungry..." Charles said putting a warm blanket over her body.

" A little... But I'll manage... I wish mommy and brother was here..but..she left me and my brother..." she started to tear up, everything was falling apart around. Charles kisses her lips softly, he loved her so much he never want to see her cry. Her days should be filled with nothing but happiness and that's what he is going to do for her.

"Well, I have pudding if you want some. I know your having trouble with certain things, but I'm here for you. I promise this time to make you happy...." Charles smiled at her as he gave her the pudding.

"Thank you your to kind Charles...Thank you for taking care of me. " she said eating her chocolate pudding. Charles sat in the chair right beside her holding her hand. Though she was injured he truly cared for her as if any man would treat a women.

Hopefully he gets an award for being a good actor who maintained his character throughout the pass several months of his journey . It was hard but he made it, he was just thankful to be with Nicole. Nothing else was important  but her, she was reason he is still alive,  she is the reason he gave up so much just for her.

Yet she felt the same, she truly loved Charles. She hopes they can be together forever. Deep down inside she had loved another man and not Charles.

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