Vampire Chronicles

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Charles carried Nicole to her room in his palace. Since the Court will show up any day by now he wanted to make sure that Nicole blends in with maids and butlers in the manner. Charles decided that it was best for her to become a maid just until the court decides to leave. Once the play was finished Nicole feel asleep in Charles arms. Charles found it quite cute for a lady such as herself to give him this amount of love that he haven't felt in years.

Nicole cuddled up to the soft pillow. Charles sat next her seeing her sleeping form. It made him smile in a way that he couldn't explain ; the world will always be evolved around her nothing is important than the person he truly cats about. Charles slightly touched Nicole's face as she slowly opened he eyes.

"Sorry...I didn't mean to wake you love...I was truly mesmerize by your beauty when you slept. I guess I interfered with that." Charles gave a work smile to her as she placed her hand over his reassuring that him that it was okay.

"It is fine Charles I only wanted to close my eyes for a little bit but-"

The door suddenly flew open as Charles immediately got up form the bed telling Nicole to stay there. A dark figure came into the room. Charles eyes turned red as he spotted the figure pouncing towards her as Charles was able to save her on time an and slam the figure to ground. It groaned in agony as Charles tried his best not to rip its head off as he ripped the cloak off reveling it to be...Jasper.

Nicole covered her mouth in disbelief, she thought Jasper died how was it possible that he was still alive. Did he kill Charles parents? Did he plan on her killing on too? Nicole had so many questions that was unanswered. Charles eyes grew wide with a mixture of anger and sorrow that developed in his soul. Charles saw Jasper as a friend for many centuries it was as if Jasper had planned this to accrue from the start. Is he controlled by the Court to do such acts such as this.

" friend I watch you are you...alive..." Charles took his foot from off Jasper's chest as he extended his hand to him; Jasper got up from his position as he wiped the the dust from his shoulder.

"I am sorry prince Charles..I faked my death yes but..I wanted to be free from this burden ...I just wanted space. It felt like a whole other world when I actually had gotten a chance to spend time with this lovely women that is by your side. Indeed I did try to snatch Nicole from you...I wanted her. I love. her as much as you did majesty. The way you treated her was cruel but you managed to pick yourself up from your demons and replace them with love for her. Sir, was she a pawn from the start or did you truly see something special in her. All the women you claimed to love made them feel miserable. There were days when your father treated me like a nobody I became depressed like a dog that was abandoned by its owner by its best friend and left to die out in the wilderness somewhere....Prince Charles I am highly depressed; Free me from this agony!!!"

Jasper eyes turned into dark shade of purple that reflected his feelings of sorrow that grew inside him over time. Jasper hide his feelings away when he was around Nicole. Deep down inside they were both depressed, Charles always got what he wanted because he was rich and royal. Jasper was just a normal farmer boy struggling to make ends meet with food an what he had left. He never considers himself one of those people with money and fame he considered himself s decent guy with class.

Jasper's human life never consisted of such things he cared more about family & education. It was forever changed when he was attacked by werewolves, he was nearly a wreck once they finished with him. Charles saved him from death so he decided it was best to turn him into a vampire. Jasper never wanted to be a vampire but if it would help him to keep on living then then that was only option. Jasper decided to serve by Charles side.

Nicole got up from the bed an slowly walk up to Jasper as he looked up at her with tears that was falling down like a stream down his cheek. She embraced him trying her best to convert him. Jasper hugged her back placing a sweet kiss on her forehead as Charles separated them both immediately.

"Charles what are you doing ? I was trying to support him through this hard time."

"Nicole it is best if you get out from this room..."

"But Charles-"

" I said Leave women!!! Just follow one simple command! Do you want me to place where the peasants is girl!!"

Jasper gripped Charles shoulder tightly. The way he talks to her sometimes make him sick. No lady should be treated with such low treatment from the prince himself. Nicole face dropped with sorrow as she headed out the door.

"Prince Charles how dare you speak to her like that!! Apologize!"

"I don't need to apologize you should be the one to do that for me...Jasper. your my little companion."

Jasper lets go of Charles shoulder as he clenched his fist letting all the anger that consume him into a punch on the face. Charles was surprised by his sudden attack as he fell to the floor. Believe it or not Charles had two personalities that was very much frightening. A murderous devil that killed people only for fun an torment. A different personality were he is a sweet calm gentle man. Jasper had noticed that a witch or some spirit cursed him to act this way, he just couldn't figure out who it was at this point leaving his case to come out cold. It might the Court members controlling his body to do these acts of rage.

Nicole sat in the frighten by everything that us happening. She felt like her life is coming to end, just when things where getting better it turns our to be worse.

"You dare hit your future king...shall I punish you...Jasper..."

"Sir you are not, this is not the person I know over the years. You have changed you just don't know it yet. Sir you have been cursed, I don't know who it is I've been-"

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