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001 - Prolog - Late Spring

Despite the few grey clouds a full moon illuminated the beachfront of a small Ontario town.  A straight line on the horizon separated the dark royal blue of the sky from the nearly black surface of Lake Huron.  Two very long piers of poured concrete, edged with thick, square-corrugated iron sheets, plunged out into the lake.

Between the piers that separated the North and South beaches, a river flowed, its estuary trapped between the piers forming a canal wide enough for yachts to pass each other by. A small harbour formed behind the beach south of the twin wharfs and several dozen boats were docked there in the darkness.

On the Northern pier, nearly half a mile out, was a tall, illuminated, nautical marker, quietly blinking, red and green, into the night.  A few hundred meters further out in the deep water was a breakwater running parallel to the beach, mostly running North.  It was actually at a slight angle to the shore.  Its job being to protect the harbour-way from the bulk of harsher North Westerly waves.

At times the storms would pummel the car sized stones that piled around the breakwater. It was normally a haven for sea birds though almost none were apparent on this warm summer night.

On one of the larger flat stones almost at water level sat a lone gull, perched close to the edge a few inches from the lakes surface, head tucked under its wing.

In the distance there was a disturbance in the water between the North pier and the breakwater. It hinted of movement, heading in the general direction of the lone bird.

It noticed.

As the water flattened and became calm in the lee side of the barrier, a vague submerged form trailed two pale luminescent orbs.  Glowing, they moved steadily towards the perching gull.

Nearer to the gull they began to slow down. The gull watching them with mild, predatory interest.  Potential food?

The orbs floated just below the dark surface, darker still as a cloud passed in front of the moon.  The gull cocked its head to the side, assessing this potential target with one watchful eye.

Then as the clouds shadow moved away, the full illumination of moonlight gave a clear impression of a broad face with needle-like teeth.

The gull straightened its head; a threat.  It quickly checked around as it moved to take flight.

Too late.

A large webbed, 3 fingered hand with long scythe like claws erupted from the water, snatching the gull mid-leap as it desperately took to the sky.

The hand clutching the gull swung down, nails striking flat stone as it crushed the bird.  Bloody scratches left behind as the screeching mass was dragged into the water.

A few moments later the surface was placid, one tiny down feather swirled away in the breeze.  Only blood dripping from the grooves in the rock to indicate anything had happened.


Edited: 08.08.2019

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