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032 - The Campground

"The park rangers called it in."  the young constable was guiding the detective through the 'DANGER!: Site Work in Progress' barriers.  His was only one cruiser and it was the low signature type.  Probably requested to keep the campers from taking too much notice.  "They were checking expired permits and got to this one well after lunch."

The vehicle was registered to a Professor Davis.  Ther was a missing persons reported for him and his wife filed weeks ago in the Provincal database.  There'd be a BOLO in the neighboring States as well.  This was going to get complicated.

"Good thing.  We might get a chance to get on top of this before a media shit show."

"Yes sir.", the constable handed him some booties and gloves.  He thanked him and donned them, booties first.  The site would need forensics.  A double homicide.  No way they could keep this under wraps.

The site was at least, quite private. The pickup truck with a camper module was tucked into a shady spot that hid it from the camp roadway, still fairly cool considering the late afternoon heat.  Any other day he would have been happy to have the fam camping here.

The sound of buzzing flies was prevalent but grew in volume the closer he got to the door.  The smell hit him next.  He took small tube of balm and rubbed it over his upper lip.  Menthol would help with the gag reflex though the smell was not as bad as full on decay, mostly fecal.
He noted one shell casing outside the door, guess he was not much for conversation. He climbed to see two blood soaked bodies in suits, highlited by the open door.  They'd been hung from the ceiling, deep slashes in their lower abdomen spilled portions of intestine.

Several small satchets of white power were emptied on the sink.  A cutting board beside the pile had few heavy lines of coke left on it.  Clearly they liked big bumps.

The men were executed by a professional.  One in the head two in the chest.  The shooter was very, very good.  The first shot to the chest had a burn mark around it, the rest were at range.  A split tap and yet the heart shots were within inches of each other.

The pointblank shot would've been muffled and with the door closed, the small caliber reports would've gone unnoticed.

The head shots were just for good measure.  They'd been armed assuming their shoulder holsters had not been empty.  They looked like very competent men but were clearly unprepared for this level of savagery.  Blood still dripped from the wounds.

"Fuck me." Jamieson couldn't help himself, this had happened hours ago.  He unconsciously slid his hand to his sidearm.

This type of shit was why he'd left the city.  His kids could  walk home from school and neighbors still looked out for each other out here.  That would change but hopefully not in his lifetime.

Something still bothered him.  He climbed out of the camper.

"Ok.  You did good.  So at first blush, what do you see?" the detective looked at the younger cop.

"Well sir, drug deal gone bad?"

"Yeah, I think that is what they want us to think."

"What do you mean?"

"They look like campers?"

"Buyers meet?"

"That might explain the preemptive nature of the attack but that assumes you know their cash or product is good.  No, I've done a lot of these bad buys and they all happen at that most dangerous moment; when both the cash and product are confirmed good."

"So once the value is confirmed, either the transaction goes smooth or turns bad."

"Exactly.  I'll bet you a coffee the autopsies show they aren't users.  I think something else is going on and we're being played by some assholes that think county cops are a bunch of dolts."

"Well I know a few that are dolts..." the cop chuckled and then caught the detectives look, "Sorry sir."

"It's OK, I get it.  This pisses me off though.  Don't like this shit, we've got kids running around here, could've been really bad. Those assholes were armed."


Jamieson turned to look at the truck, "Still, they had to get here somehow, look at those ruts, this truck has been here for weeks."

"I'll check the open parking lots, might be nearby."

"Good call."

"Look, see who's on patrol and get them to the park entrance.  I want NO news vans given permission to enter. No new campers.  Tape the site too and be hard on anyone trying to sneak in.  Let people know it is a drug investigation.  No details, you hear me.  None.  If this leaks out, let our boys know, heads WILL roll."

"You got it sir."

"Let me see your radio."

He grabbed the mic, "Annabel, it's Jamieson."

"Copy that Chief, you need?"

"Yeah, would you please call my wife and tell her I will late, as in VERY."

"Copy that. How is it?"

"Not clear yet."  Ana was not stupid.  She knew the tone.  Keep it on the down low.

"Another boring day then."

"Loud and clear."

"Over and out."

He handed it back, "I gotta get some CSI's here.  Log our entry.  Get patrol to bring some Timmies here too, we're gonna burn through a lot of coffee tonight."


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