Volleyball and Death Games

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Chapter 15

Tom gripped his hands. He almost bit his lips without him noticing. All of his team mates started to walk away from the gym door. Only he and Toby were left inside.

"I have something to do." he said so fast then he ran away. He didn't hear Toby's yell as he get farther.

He ran through until he reached the gate of the school. All of the things he thought just a dream came back. It was then the only time he remembered he felt confused when seeing the year on Only Acerspire University. It was year 2119, exactly eight years since he first entered Crowfire High. While he ran, he didn't notice he easily coped with the place and that his mind conformed with it. He didn't have the chance to think back those things because the excitement he felt earlier immediately clouded his mind.

He had forgotten things down. He thought while he was on his way back to somewhere that until now he didn't—remember. He was Tom Dylan, the little giant back in his days in High School. That is the only thing to serve him very well. And now he remembered things flashing on his mind. It seems he has to keep it guarded, that his memories won't slip away. Why did I forget? What is happening to me? He asked himself again.

Tom suddenly stopped from running. He was in the middle of the walking crowd, right exactly he was almost hit by that bus. And that thing wasn't very clear to him. He felt the place was so significant but there's nothing to tell him why. He wobbled his head, looking at people at diverse directions. It seems everything is spinning in his point of view.

That's the magazine bookstore, right exactly few meters away from him. He took steps until he found himself inside. He gazed down the piled books on the shelves. Two different old books caught his attention. He grabbed the first one and read the title, "Greek Mythology" published the year 1908. The cover was very old brown leather.

A voice struck his head, "You could also see me in books. I am more known as, Psyche."

Tom immediately grabbed the magazine from the floor and held it tight. His eyes caught the manager, Grandpop Emberbright almost approach him for that. Then he got a grip on the other old book titled, "Myths and Legends of the Ancient Greek". A fading shadow of a yellow-haired boy was behind that young man. Then he traveled his eyes across the entire pile of books in the shelves to look for another.

"Do you mind if I help you?" Tom heard. It was the manager.

Tom gulped.

"Your coach is my grandson, Tom. So don't be scared if I know much about you. By the way, I am Grandpop Emberbright." the old man offered his hand for a shake.

Despite his trembling, Tom grabbed the old man's hand and shook a few moments.

“My, it seems something bothers you my boy. School work?” the old man asked then darted his eyes on the books in Tom’s grip. He continued, “Myths. Assignment?”

What is happening? He asked himself. He knows, Grandpop Emberbright was his original coach back then. Did this man know he had gone back in time? He felt there's no time left for him to think. He thought just needed to know what is going on to him.

“I-I was j-just interested, perhaps you could say, that.” He answered stammering.

“Well, I think I should tell you a horrible secret the myths had been messing with those books, you know.”  The old man replied.

“What secret?” Tom asked. He stepped forward and his eyes bulged out.

The old man led Tom to the bench and made him sit.

“They change their history, and they can. Perhaps the books you are holding right now may not hold what had been written before, or a character you may read there may not exist in another world. Maybe, if this time I am talking to you, if it rewrites, maybe I don’t exist, or just erased. You see, mythical beings had their powers to rule their kingdom, and they battle for power to rule. Because they are invincible, a weakness was found, the power of the core.” The old man said.

“Do you know Psyche?” Tom asked.

“Ah, the beautiful mortal girl. Her passion is impressive. She earned her place in Mount Olympus, when she proved herself worthy and become a being herself.” He added. He continued, “Silly me, those are just stories. You know, I’ll give you those books for free.”

“Wow. Thanks.” Tom said.

He paid the magazines he bought and immediately left the store.

The old man watched him walk away and smiled. He whispered, “We will meet again, Tom Dylan, very, very soon.”

Tom ran through the coffee shop and started reading the books he bought. There's the feeling spreading on his mind that made him so attracted in handing those books. He seemed there's the way he could understand things or at least to bring his memory back.

“Zeus, the king of Mount Olympus and Hera his wife” Tom’s eyes read as his eyes scans the brown pages. He realized each section of the books tells about information on a certain Olympian.


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